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Conjunctions (Presentation)

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  CONJUNCTIONS   Definition: ã is a word or word groups used to connect sentence parts . E.g. 1. Either  apples or  bananas are his liking. 2. Jogging along the neighborhood and playing  badminton are his usual daily habits. 3. She reviewed a lot  because she wanted to  pass the test.    Kinds : 1. Coordinating Conjunctions 2. Subordinating Conjunctions 3. Correlative Conjunctions  Coordinating Conjunctions ã conjunctions used to join parts that are of equal importance 1. FOR-  means because (cause-effect). She had a lot of friends for  she was a friendly girl. 2. AND-  adds information. Jim can boil eggs and Sally can make toast. 3. NOR   removes alternatives. I don’t want to argue with you nor do I want to give in.
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