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  Dimaporo v. MitraFACTS: Dimaporo was elected as a representative for the second legislative district of Lanao del Sur during the 1987 congressional elections.Dimaporo filed a certificate of candidacy for the position of governor of AR. Secretary and Spea!er of the ouse e#cluded the name of Dimaporo from the Roll of em$ers of R %nder Art &' of Sec (7 of the )mni$us *lection +ode. Dimaporo lost the election wrote a letter intending toresume performing his duties and functions as an elected mem$er of the +ongress. %nfortunately, he was not a$le to regain his seat in the +ongress.Dimaporo contended that he did not lose his seat as a +ongressman $ecause Art. &' Sec. (7 of - 881 is not operative in the presentconstitution, and therefore not applica$le to the mem$ers of +ongress./rounds may $e termed to $e shortened01. olding any officer or employment in the government or ant su$division, agency, or instrumentality thereof..*#pulsion as a disciplinary action for a disorderly $ehavior 2.Dis3ualification as determined $y a resolution of the electoral tri$unal in an election contest4.5oluntary renunciation of office ISSUE:  6 Dimaporo can still $e considered as a mem$er of +ongress even after he has filed for another government position HELD:  o.&n the constitution there is a new chapter on the accounta$ility of pu$lic officers. &n the 192 +onstitution, it was provided that pu$lic office isa pu$lic trust. u$lic officers should serve with the highest degree of responsi$ility and integrity. &f you allow a -atasan or a governor or a mayor who has mandated to serve for ( years to file for an office other than the one he was electedto, then that clearly shows that he did not intend to serve the mandate of the people which was placed upon him and therefore he should $e consideredipso facto resigned.:he filling of a certificate shall $e considered as an overt act or a$andoning or relin3uishing his mandate to the people and he shouldtherefore resign if he want to see! another position which he feels he could $e of $etter service. Farinas, et al. v. Executive Secretar ! in view with Section 26(1), Article VI  /.R. o. 147287, Decem$er 1;, ;;2 FACTS: :he petition $efore the court see!s to declare Section 14 of RA no. 9;;( <:he =air *lection Act> unconstitutional as it e#pressly repeals Section (7 of -atas am$ansa -lg. 881 <:he )mni$us *lection +ode ? <not ver$atim> any elective official running for office e#cept for pres or vp shall $e consideredresigned from his office upon the filing of his certificate of candidacy>.%nconstitutional for violating section (, article ( of the constitution for re3uiring every law to have only one su$@ect which should $e e#pressed in its title.Section 14 of RA no. 9;;( primarily deals with the lifting of the $an on the use of media as election propaganda and the elimination of unfair electionpractices. 6hile Section (7 deals with any elective official running for office e#cept for pres or vp shall $e considered resigned from his office upon thefiling of his certificate of candidacy.:he repeal of Section (7 of the )mni$us *lection +ode is thus not em$raced in the title, nor germane to the su$@ect matter of RA no. 9;;(. Other facts though not essential for Sec. 26, Art. IV of the constitution: RA no. 9;;( violates the e3ual protection clause $ecause it repeals only section (7 and not section (( which states that appointive official shall $econsidered resigned from his office upon filing of +o+. :hus RA no. 9;;( discriminates appointive officials $ecause elective officials can still hold officewhile campaigning with RA no. 9;;(s repeal.RA no. 9;;( in its entirety is null and void $ecause irregularities attended to its enactment into lawB Section 1( states0 CtEhis Act shall ta!e effect upon itsapprovalF is a violation of the due process clause.Sec. (7 is a good lawB hence, it should not have $een repealed. ISSUE  ? in view with Section 26(1), Article VI  06) sec. 14 of RA o. 9;;( is a riderG ULI#$:#%&  Sec (<1>, Article &5 provides0C*very $ill passed $y the +ongress shall em$race only one su$@ect which shall $e e#pressed in the title thereof.F  Constitutional rovisions relating to the su! ect #atter an$ titles of statutes shoul$ not !e so narrowl% construe$ as to crile or i#e$e the ower of legislation. It is sufficient if the title !e co#rehensive enough reasona!l% to inclu$e the general o! ect which a statute see&s to effect, without e'ressing each an$ ever% en$ an$ #eans necessar% or convenient for the acco#lishing of that o! ect. :he title of RA no. 9;;( reads0 CAn Act to *nhance the olding of =ree, )rderly, onest, eaceful and +redi$le elections through =air *lection ractices.FSection  provides the principles and o$@ectives thereof0 he State shall, $uring the election erio$, suervise or regulate the en o%#ent or utiliation of all franchises or er#its for the oeration of #e$ia of co##unication or infor#ation to guarantee or ensure e*ual oortunit% for u!lic service, inclu$ing access to #e$ia ti#e an$ sace, an$ the e*uita!le right to rel%, for u!lic infor#ation ca#aigns an$ for a#ong can$i$ates an$ assure free, or$erl%,honest, eaceful an$ cre$i!le elections.he State shall ensure that !ona fi$e can$i$ates for an% u!lic office shall !e free fro# an% for# of harass#ent an$ $iscri#ination. :he +ourt is convinced that the title and o$@ectives of RA no. 9;;( are comprehensive enough to include the repeal of Sec. (7 within its contemplation.RA no. 9;;( does not violate the Cone su$@ectHone titleF rule. An act having a single general su$@ect , indicated in the title, may contain any num$er of provisions as long as they are not inconsistent or foreign to the general su$@ect, and may $e considered furtherance of such su$@ect $y providing for themethod and means of carrying out the general su$@ect.
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