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  EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT / FSA This Employment Contract is made and entered into force on this ……….. day of ………, 2005 by and between M/S. (Malaysian Company) ( Company No ), Head fficesit!ated at ……… ………… alaysia (hereinafter called the Employer) on the one part and# r.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, the lawf!l citi%en of the &slamic 'ep!blicof aistan, holdin* assport +o. $$$$$$$$$$$$ (hereinafter called the Employee) on theother part#&n the presence of the witnesses, both the Employer and the Employee herebyol!ntarily a*ree to bind themseles to the followin* terms and conditions of theContract-  BASIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT  1.EMPLOYER’S RESPONSIBILITY The employer (or his attorney in aistan) shall brief and eplain to the employeewith re*ard to the terms and conditions of employment, which incl!de type of wor, salary/wa*e, facilities proided and the standard re*!lations of theemployer company, before commencement of employment. .!OB CATE ORY   a) Employ##’s $o% &i&l# o' posi&ion .%) Na&*'# o+ ,o'- (B'i#+ly)Cons&'*&ion In*s&'y) A0# +'om 1 &o 2 y#a's.) S#3 Mal#.4.SALARY a) Basi Sala'y ' 0.00per day1.ayment of salary shall be made at the end of each calendar month and notlater than 3 th  day of the followin* month.The minim!m *!aranteed salary wo!ld be ' 350.00 per month.  Note : the overtime clause (item 3.2 has been taken out) .,OR5IN 6O7RS .The employee shall perform 4 ho!rs wor in a day (4 ho!rs or si days per wee).  .2ny additional wor done beyond the normal worin* ho!rs (oertime)shall be rewarded in accordance with the rate proided in the alaysianEmployment ct. ertime rate for 6ee 7ays will be paid based on ho!r  .5 ho!rs, ertime rate for 'est 7ays will be paid based on  ho!r  2.0 ho!rs and ertime rate that is for !blic Holidays will be paid based on  ho!r  1.0 ho!rs. .1ny oertime shall be performed as d!ly a!thori%ed by the 8ite ana*er or any other a!thori%ed personnel of the Company. 2.87RATION OF EMPLOYMENT 5.The employment contract shall be for a period of Three (01) years fromthe date of arrial of worer.5.2This Contract may be etended for another two (02) years by m!t!ala*reement of both parties and s!b9ect to the approal of releanta!thorities.5.1The employee shall sere a probation period of three (1) months from thedate of arrial. 9.A8E:7ATE ,OR5  8!b9ect to the proision of the alaysian Employment ct, the Company shall be bo!nd to proide the employee with s!fficient wor s!itable to employee:scapacity for the f!ll d!ration of this Contract. ;.ACCOMMO8ATION 3.The employer shall proide the employee free accommodation withnecessary amenities incl!din* water and electric s!pply and necessaryitchen items. 3.2 The employee shall be ho!sed in a decent and s!itable accommodationshared with a reasonable n!mber of employees. 3.1 The employer will proide to worers, free of cost, necessary constr!ctionsite safety e;!ipments. 3. The employee will be strictly forbidden to brin* his friends or relaties tostay oerni*ht in the accommodation, proided by the Employer.  <.MEAL / FOO8 AN8 LA7N8RY The cost will be born by the Employee. =.ME8ICAL BENEFIT edical treatment for 8ite in9!ries will be proided free by the Employer, eceptfor self<inflicted in9!ries s!ch as se!ally transmitted diseases or any other chronic diseases that carry by the Employee from his own co!ntry. 1>.YEARLY ME8ICAL C6EC57P The employer will arran*e and bear cost of the yearly medical eamination of theemployee, as re;!ired by the &mmi*ration 7epartment of alaysia. 11.ANN7AL LEA?E@ SIC5 LEA?E AN8 P7BLIC 6OLI8AYS . There will be at least 4 days of ann!al leae for the  st  and 2 nd  years# 0days for the 1 rd  and  th  years# and 2 days for 5 th  year onward. TheEmployee shall be entitled for paid ann!al leae in accordance with the alaysian Employment ct =55. .2ny employee who wishes to tae leae m!st obtain prior writtenapproal of the employer at least three (3) days in adance and ens!re toreport for d!ty on time..1Employee will be entitled for paid medical leae as per the entitlementstip!lated in Employment ct =55.The employee shall be entitled for the !blic Holidays as per theentitlement stip!lated in Employment ct =55 1.INS7RANCE CO?ERA E AN8 SEC7RITY BON8 2. The employer shall proide f!ll ins!rance coera*e (free for theemployee) s!ch as 6ormen Compensation 8cheme for >orei*n 6orersor ersonal ccident olicy a*ainst accident d!rin* the co!rse of employment. &n case of an accident the employer shall be responsible tohelp the concerned employee to s!bmit claim for the compensation. Thiscoera*e inoles both disability (all types) ca!sed by in9!ry and death.  14. O?ERNMENT LE?Y AN8 IMMI RATION FEES 1. The security bond, government levy and employment pass fee will be paid bythe employee. 1.TRANSPORTATION .The employer shall be responsible to proide s!itable transport to theemployee / worer for d!ty from and to / between the wor site and theworer:s hostel..2&n other cases, wheneer necessary the employer shall proide frees!itable transportation to and between wor site and hostel. 12.INCREMENT@ BON7S AN8 OT6ER ALLO,ANCES ny increment, bon!s and/or allowances shall be *ien at the sole discretion of the employer. The employer shall reiew the salary and will hae the solediscretion to decide for any increment, bon!s and allowances after si (?) monthsof the employment period. 19.TRANSPORTATION OF T6E 8EA8 BO8Y &n case the employee dies in the co!rse of his employment, the employer shall beresponsible to arran*e for repatriation of the dead body of the deceased to his netof in in aistan and necessary repatriation cost shall be borne by the Employer. 1;.TRA?ELIN EPENSES 3.ir ticet for employee from aistan to alaysia shall be borne by theemployee, and !pon completion of the Employment contract the traelin*epenses, incl!din* air ticet, from wor place to aistan shall be borne by the employer.3.2&n case of pre<mat!re / early termination of employment d!e to reasons asstated in the articles 4 and = below, the employee will be responsible for the pay for his own ret!rn air ticet from alaysia to aistan.

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