Costing and Control-Dabur

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Costing and Control-Dabur
  Costing and Control- Dabur India Limited Date of submission: 30 th  Sept,2014 Faculty Name: Latha Ramesh Submitted by, Abey John Jacob-1421201(LO 4,5) Debanuj Mandal-1421211(LO 2,3) Punit Kumar Singh-1421225(LO 1) Swati Katyal-1421257(Introduction)  DABUR INDIA LIMITED Introduction Brief profile of the company Dabur is a leading FMCG player with a wide portfolio of brands, a robust distribution of network. With a deep-rooted understanding of consumer preferences and behaviour dabur is ahead of other companies even in the face of challenging economic environment.To fulfil the changing needs and aspirations of their consumer’s dabur take proactive measures to adjust their profile and portfolios. They are creating newer channels of growth to optimise their distributed network. With a portfolio of over 400 products, Dabur is today’s India’s largest Natural Health & Personal Care Company. Innovation has always been the lifeline of our business and Dabur has, over the past one year, introduced around 30 new products and variants across the globe, straddling a variety of consumer segments. These new introductions, like their existing range, are aimed at meeting a single goal  –   Dedicated to the Health & Well-Being of every Household. Main products -Master Brands of Dabur    DABUR CHYAWANPRASH    VATIKA    FEM    REAL    HAJMOLA -Major Products i.   Personal Care:   Dabur presents a range of Herbal & Ayurvedic Personal Care products , created to make you look and feel good . Bringing together the gentle touch of nature and Ayurveda's wisdom, the range covers categories like Hair Care, Skin Care and Baby Care , and is backed by the unfailing quality stamp of Dabur.   ii.   Health Care  : Dabur's Health Care range brings for you a wide selection of Ayurvedic and natural products that offer complete care for varying individual needs. Products are derived from the time-tested heritage of Ayurveda , and  backed by the most modern scientific test & trials  that ensure unfailing quality and safety in anything you pick. iii.   Food Home Care  : Dabur India Ltd has a portfolio of superior products that help take care of home . The range of Home Care products have been carefully developed to ensure that your living space not only looks good, but also smells good, all day long. And more importantly,  they help keep your family healthy. Odonil keeps your home fresh and smelling great. Odomos protects your family from disease causing mosquitoes while Odopic leaves your dishes clean and smelling fresh. Sanifresh Shine keeps your toilet sparkling clean and free from germs while our latest innovation Dazzl gives a mirror like shine to your floors, kitchen and glass surfaces, while keeping them germ-free. iv.   Consumer Health-Ethical  : For over 125 years, Dabur has mastered the art of  producing Ayurvedic preparations, blending traditional knowledge of drug manufacturing with scientific update. Today, Dabur's Consumer Health Division -- which looks after marketing of Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic Over-The-Counter products -- has redefined the Ayurvedic market and healthcare promotion activities involving leading Ayurvedic practitioners across the globe. At Dabur, has more than 350 Shastriya (Classical) Ayurvedic preparations, which form an important part of every Ayurvedic practitioner’s daily practice.   v.   Professional Range  : Dabur is India’s largest natural beauty products company. Leveraging its expertise in Ayurveda and its over 127 years of natural heritage, Dabur has now developed a range of highly differentiated and efficacious products specially for the professional . These products would be available exclusively to the parlours and salons across India through our 180-member strong & dedicated parlour professional team. vi.   Guar Gum  : Dabur India  is one of the foremost companies who started manufacturing  guar gum and other natural gums products  in India. The manufacturing facility was christened as Natural Gums Division . With over 30 years rich experience, Dabur India  is supplying its natural gums products under   brand name DABISCO . DABISCO  products are well accepted and appreciated  by customers globally for consistent premium quality and rich properties. Industry Group Household and Personal Products The household and personal products industry consists of total revenues generated through the sales of household and personal products. The household products segment includes air fresheners, bleach, dishwashing products, furniture & floor polish, general purpose cleaners, insecticides, paper products, scouring products, shoe polish, textile washing products, toilet care products and others. The personal products segment includes baby personal care, feminine care, fragrances, hair care, make-up, male toiletries, oral hygiene, OTC healthcare,  personal hygiene, skincare and others. Dabur india sells these kinds of products and so it falls under this category of Industry group.   Table 1:Installed and utilized capacity for the last two years Product Name Product Code Units Installed Production Utilised % Year End 2011-03 Others 33059019 0 0 0 Hair Oils 33059010 Kilo Ltrs. 108419 31075 28.66195 Tooth Powder & Paste 33061010 Tonnes 52882 28276 53.46999 Fruits, Nector & Drinks - Traded 8000000 0 43721 0 Chyawanprash 30049011 Tonnes 59927 17804 29.70948 Others - Traded 33059019 0 0 0 Honey 4090000 Tonnes 9341 6479 69.36088 Fruits, Nector & Drinks 8000000 Kilo Ltrs. 35700 22470 62.94118 Hajmola 30049011 Tonnes 12239 5496 44.90563 Asava-Arishta 30049011 Kilo Ltrs. 11403 8100 71.03394 Tooth Powder & Paste - Traded 33061010 0 2226 0 Hajmola - Traded 30049011 0 2545 0 Vegetable Pastes 20059000 M.T. 4800 1258 26.20833 Vegetable Pastes - Traded 20059000 0 825 0 Hair Oils - Traded 33059010 0 341 0 Year End 2010-03 Others 33059019 0 0 0 Hair Oils 33059010 Kilo Ltrs. 84644 28220 33.33963 Tooth Powder & Paste 33061010 Tonnes 56320 23934 42.49645 Fruits, Nector & Drinks - Traded 8000000 0 36861 0 Chyawanprash 30049011 Tonnes 32700 14898 45.55963
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