Credit Card Payments

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Credit Card Payments
  10/20/2014 Document 1357967.1 1/14 Credit Card Payments, Refunds and Chargebacks: Overview and Setup for OracleReceivables Release 12 (Doc ID 1357967.1) In this Document PurposeScopeDetails 1. Overview 2. Setup for Credit Card Payments a. Oracle Payments setup b. Define Remittance banks c. Define a Receipt class and associated Receipt Method d. Document Sequence e. Profile Options f. Customer Setup 3. How to create a Credit Card Payment 4. Setup for Credit Card Refunds a. Receivable Activity b. Lookup Code c. Receipt Class 5. How to Create a Credit Card Refund 6. Credit Card Chargebacks 7. Credit Card / Fund Transfer Errors 8. Credit Card Processing, Known Issues and Patches Still Have Questions?References APPLIES TO: Oracle Receivables - Version 12.0.0 and laterInformation in this document applies to any platform.Checked for Relevance on 25-July-2013 PURPOSE Oracle Receivables (AR): Receipts Workbench Information Center > Note 1357967.1 This document provides an overview and setup requirements to use the Credit Card Feature in R12 OracleReceivables. It includes information on how to use credit cards for payments, creating credit card refunds (Manuallyand Automatically - via the Automated Receipt Handling for Credits), recording credit card chargebacks andcorrecting credit card errors. SCOPE Focus of this setup is Oracle Receivables Release 12. Although most of the content in this note is also applicable in  10/20/2014 Document 1357967.1 2/14 Release 11.5, some features described are only available in Release 12. DETAILS 1. Overview Credit card payments are a mainstream form of payment, and Oracle Receivables supports using Credit Cards forpayment of open debit items. When a credit card number is provided as payment, funds will be transferred by thecredit card issuer to your bank account on behalf of the customer. The method of processing a credit card as a form of payment is similar to the process used for Automatic Receiptsand Remittance. The Automatic Receipts creates a batch of receipts associated to credit card payments. Upon Approval, thesereceipts are authorized and the payment amount is reserved from your customer's cardholder account and thetransaction is marked as closed. During Automatic Remittance, program integrates with Oracle Payments tocapture the payment from the customer's bank account and transfers it to yours on the receipt maturity date.Oracle Payments handles the funds settlement processing as part of the funds capture process request thatReceivables initiates.Following illustrates the process flow:  10/20/2014 Document 1357967.1 3/14 Occasionally, there will be cases wherein the credit card payment you received has to be returned. OracleReceivables supports the following: Credit Card Refunds : The customer has contacted you directly and requested for return of credit cardpayment funds. Credit Card Chargebacks : The customer contacted the Credit Card issuer and requested for return of credit card payment funds. The Credit Card issuer, deducts the amount from your bank account, gives itback to the customer as a refund, then the Credit Card Issuer notifies you that a credit chargeback hasoccurred.These 2 methods are described in more detail below. 2. Setup for Credit Card Payments a. Oracle Payments setup The Oracle Receivables credit card feature is tightly integrated with Oracle Payments. Whenprocessing a Receipt using a Receipt method with Payment Method = Credit Card, Oracle Paymentswill be invoked. You need to perform the minimum setup requirements for Oracle Payments to beused. Please review Note 553614.1, Oracle Payments Minimum/Dummy Setup For Credit Card/PurchaseCard Funds Capture ProcessingCurrently there is no functionality within Oracle Receivables to support an Authorization process otherthan Oracle Payments.  b. Define Remittance banks  A remittance bank is the bank to which your customers will remit their payments to. This is yourcompany's bank. In Release 12, when you create a bank using the navigation path below, you arecreating an Internal Bank. Responsibility : Receivables Manager Navigation : Setup > Receipts > Banks  10/20/2014 Document 1357967.1 4/14  c. Define a Receipt class and associated Receipt Method Define the class and the associate method which you will use in your transactions to indicate thatdebit item will be paid via Credit Card. Responsibility : Receivables Manager Navigation : Setup > Receipts > Receipt Classes You can also define how to handle Fund Transfer errors.
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