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  Critical and Analytical Thinking Transition Programme  Critical thinking ãWord ‘critical’ has positive and negative meanings ãThe word ‘critical’ in academia describes your attitude when reading an article/chapter ã Being critical means weighing up the arguments for and against a particular point.  How to think critically ã Be persistent  –  consider an issue carefully more than once ã Look at the evidence for a viewpoint  –  evaluate it  –  what are they trying to ‘sell’ me?   ã What are the implications of a view point  –  is it realistic and rational? ã Knowing facts and what is right is not what academics is about ã It is important to identify strengths, satisfactory points and weaknesses when being critical  –  then you must know why   this is so ã You should be critical when reading, writing and listening   Analytical thinking ã Being analytical mean to look deeper into what is being said ãDo not take what you read as ‘given’   ã Evaluate what is being argued  –  do you agree with it? ã To be analytical is to question what you read
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