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  WORLD INDICESChange % (Day) YTD change % MSE - Top20MN15,576.95-0.32-4.45DJIAUS16,677.901.320.61S&P 500US1,950.821.235.54NasdaqUS4,452.791.606.61S&P/TSX compCN14,486.831.226.35FTSE 100UK6,419.150.30-4.89S&P/ASX 200US5,400.200.320.90Hang SengHK23,333.18-0.300.11Bloomberg/asia.pac ASIA170.440.141.37 COMMODITY PRICESChange % (Day) YTD change % Prime Coking Coal /Tianjin140.530.00-26.50Zinc Spot /LME2,257.00-0.049.94Iron Ore 58%/TianjinCopper Spot /LME6,752.000.97-8.46Oil82.091.95-16.59Gold Spot /LME1,230.30-0.132.39Silver Spot /LME17.20-0.01-11.69 MONGOLIAN ECONOMIC INDICATORS DateLast YoY change % RGDP /bln. MNT/2014.079,8575.3NGDP /bln.MNT/2014.076,63514.6Inflation2014.0714.9Foreign reserve /mln. USD/2014.061,317.5-57.6Policy rateJuly 31 ,201412.00 DEBT MARKET Bonds - CouponAmt. issued mln USDLastYield Maturity dateDBM bond - 5.7558097.496.9003/21/2017MMC bond - 8.87560063.0031.9643/29/2017Mongol 2018 - 4.12550095.475.5281/5/2018Mongol 2022 - 5.1251,00089.606.71312/5/2022TDBM 2015 - 8.530099.529.0529/20/2015TDBM 2015 - 12.52597.2515.13411/17/2015TDBM 2017 - 10 dim sum11597.6210.9051/21/2017DBM bond - 1.52 sam.290103.421.11812/25/2023 INDICES CHANGEMSE TOP 5 MOST TRADED Trade value '000 MONGOLIAN RELATED NEWS Mongolia to provide over 100,000 tons of beef to Russia Mongolia is ready to increase beef export to Russia by up to 10 times, making plans to export nearly 110 thousand tons. Currently, the country provides 10 to 11 thousand tons of beef to Russia per year. If Mongolia can provide this amount of beef, it would be the of Russia's main beef providers. Mongolia exported such amounts of meat to Russia in the past, but exports were halted following a ban in response to the spread of infectious animal disease in Mongolia in 2010. Russia believes that Mongolia's meat product exports will fill in the gap for high cost meat exports from Brazil and South  America. If Mongolia can provide 100,000 tons of meat to Russia, it would make up almost 15 to 20 percent of Russia's meat imports. Latin American countries currently dominate 80 percent of Russia's meat market.  GLOBAL NEWS Asian Stocks Extends Weekly Gain on U.S. Earnings, Europe  Asian stocks rose, with the regional benchmark index extending its first weekly gain in seven weeks, after U.S. earnings beat estimates and data signaled stronger European growth. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index (MXAP) advanced 0.5 percent to 137.72 as of 9:01 a.m. in Tokyo. The measure is heading for a 3 percent weekly advance after entering a correction last week. “We are getting good earnings data out of the U.S.,” said Tim Schroeders, a portfolio manager who helps oversee $1 billion in equities at Pengana Capital Ltd. in Melbourne. “The market seems to be moving from one data point to the next data point without conviction and there’s a lot of volatility.” Japan’s Topix (TPX) index rose 1.3 percent, set for the steepest weekly gain since April 2013, after the yen slumped 1 percent yesterday against the dollar. South Korea’s Kospi index and Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 Index added 0.6 percent, while New Zealand’s NZX 50 Index advanced 0.9 percent. Markets in China and Hong Kong are yet to open. Futures on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index were little changed today. The measure rose 1.2 percent yesterday after results from Caterpillar Inc. to 3M Co. exceeded analysts’ estimates. Caterpillar, the largest construction equipment maker, added 5 percent after raising its full-year earnings forecast amid higher sales of construction machinery in North America. 3M climbed 4.4 percent as the maker of Post-it notes boosted sales in all of its businesses.  Firm gets $7m boost to develop ‘click to call’ tech Local tech firm Gnum has received a $7 million investment to develop a technology that lets people make phone calls via a personalised Web address. The funds from local private equity firm Tembusu Partners will be used to expand its market, hire staff and make acquisitions, said Gnum chief executive Alexandre Yokoyama yesterday. Gnum, a subsidiary of local telecom company GlobalRoam, believes its patent-pending click to call technology can bridge online users with mobile subscribers, including those with older mobile phones that cannot surf the Internet, he added. Venture capitalists say that the $7 million investment is one of the largest injected into a tech firm here. Tembusu is also convinced that the technology will transform the communications services , added Mr Chik. Gnum does not require both caller and receiver to be subscribers. Only the receiver needs to be a subscriber. Other Web-based communications services like Skype, Line and WhatsApp work with a phone number and require both caller and receiver to be using the service. These services also run free on top of a telco's infrastructure while Gnum hopes to share revenue with telcos. Each user will get 200 free minutes of calls after which they pay $15 a month. Talks with local telcos are also under way to see how Gnum can be provided as a value-added service. The Brazilian-Japanese Mr Yokoyama is an experienced corporate executive, having worked for IBM in Brazil and Google Brazil and here. Communications services are the rage now after social network Facebook bought WhatsApp for nearly US$19 billion (S$24.2 billion) earlier this year. In August, another Singapore firm Gentay Communications introduced a new free voice service called Nanu, an app which provides all mobile calls at no charge, including those made to non-nanu mobile users. 2014-10-24 24 October 2 14 Daily Report PerformanceLastCountryIndexIndicator PerformanceLastUSDCommodity NEWS ANALYSIS -4.45 0.61 6.61 6.35 -4.89 0.90 0.11 -5.29 -6.12 YTD %-0.32 1.32 1.60 1.22 0.30 0.32 -0.30 1.20 1.02 MSE - Top20DJIANasdaqS&P/TSX compFTSE 100S&P/ASX 200Hang SengDAXNikkei 225Change % (Day) 1,758 9,400 760 316 05,00010,000NEHTCKTTLHSR 0.00% 0.00% -2.00% -3%-2%-1%0% 02,0004,000 6,0008,000 10,00012,00014,000 16,00018,000 20,00002,0004,0006,0008,00010,00012,00014,00016,000      J    a    n    u    a    r    y  -     1     3     F    e     b    r    u    a    r    y  -     1     3     M    a    r    c     h  -     1     3     A    p    r     i     l  -     1     3     M    a    y  -     1     3     J    u    n    e  -     1     3     J    u     l    y  -     1     3     A    u    g    u    s     t  -     1     3     S    e    p     t    e    m     b    e    r  -     1     3     O    c     t    o     b    e    r  -     1     3     N    o    v    e    m     b    e    r  -     1     3     D    e    c    e    m     b    e    r  -     1     3     J    a    n    u    a    r    y  -     1     4     F    e     b    r    u    a    r    y  -     1     4     M    a    r    c     h  -     1     4     A    p    r     i     l  -     1     4     M    a    y  -     1     4     J    u    n    e  -     1     4    T   h  o  u  s  a  n   d  s VolumeMSETOP Index   Daily Report | 2014.10.24  24 October 20142MONGOLIAN RELATED COMPANIESNameSymCurrencyLastChg day % YTD %Trade value 000 USDMarket cap mln USD/52w high52w lowCurrency cross Turquoise HillTRQ US EquityUSD3.180-0.63-3.647,414.86,399.114.363.011.00Centerra GoldCG CN EquityCAD5.580-0.3629.174,126.81,174.626.902.821.12 MMC975 HK EquityHKD1.1400.0010.681,832.8544.491.430.487.76Denison Mines CorpDML CN EquityCAD1.1100.91-13.95580.9499.601.951.031.12 Winsway Coking Coal Holdings Ltd1733 HK EquityHKD0.3550.00-27.5553.1172.680.640.317.76MoEnCo276 HK EquityHKD0.1620.00-33.33233.9141. Resources1878 HK EquityHKD4.1000.00-40.4118.099.019.903.887.76Central Asia Metals PLCCAML LN EquityGBp155.000-1.909.935,038.7276.73190.00134.750.62 Mongolia Investment Group Ltd402 HK EquityHKD0.3550.0022.4111,839.3306.680.400.167.76Mongolia Growth GroupYAK CN EquityCAD1.630-2.98-28.1925.450.513.071.511.12North Asia Resources Holdings Ltd61 HK EquityHKD0.1520.00-16.48129.779.360.210.107.76Guildford Coal LtdGUF AU EquityAUD0.040-6.98-51.737.029.520.110.041.15Origo Partners PLCOPP LN EquityGBp7.3750.000.001,182.642.199.506.630.62Entree Gold IncETG CN EquityCAD0.2700.00-12.901.335.340.530.251.12 Aspire Mining LtdAKM AU EquityAUD0.0440.00-21.43#VALUE! Coal CorpPCY CN EquityCAD0.06518.18-18.7510.214.580.110.041.12 FeOre LtdFEO AU EquityAUD0.0250.00-39.020.611.550.080.031.15Petro Matad LtdMATD LN EquityGBp2.2500.00- Mines LtdXAM AU EquityAUD0.1000.00100. Resources LtdHAR AU EquityAUD0.0180.00-70.972.93.800.090.011.15Wolf Petroleum LtdWOF AU EquityAUD0.048-5.88-31.435.911. Petroleum CorpMNAP US EquityUSD0.091-6.3932.555.515.670.170.041.00 Khan Resources Inc.KRI CN EquityCAD0.4002.5640.3525.924.270.450.171.12Voyager Resources LtdVOR AU EquityAUD0.0020.00- Asia Minerals CorpEAS CN EquityCAD0.0300.00- Resource Development CorpERD CN EquityCAD0.1308.33- Modun Resources LtdMOU AU EquityAUD0.0030.00- Copper LtdKCC CN EquityCAD0.0450.0080.000.512.410.090.021.12General Mining Corp LtdGMM AU EquityAUD0.0050.00-70.590.00.590.020.011.15Draig Resources LtdDRG AU EquityAUD0.0150.00- Resouces LtdNRU AU EquityAUD0.0020.00-66.6733. Minerals NLBDI AU EquityAUD0.0020.00100.007.42.590.000.001.15 Source: Bloomberg  MONGOLIAN STOCK MARKET 23 October 20146JSC's1,047sharesworth14.04mlnMNThavebeentraded.TOP20 indexwas15,576.95-0.32%YTD-4.45% Company nameTrade volumeTrade value '000LastChg dayChg day %Buy volumeBuy priceSell priceSell volume  APU45167370000.00%791370038001180GOV2051,640800000.00%780008060100NEH951,7581850000.00%5185001890050TCK4709,4002000000.00%3195002000050TTL1557604900-100-2.00%1442515000595HSR77316410000.00%234100450010 Change day 30 day graphic  3 0 2013.06 2702.12013.06 759113606.65 3700 24 October 2014   Diclaimer This document has been prepared by the investment banking division of Golomt Bank for information purpose only. The views expressed are the views of the analyst and are subject to change based on market and other conditions and factors. The information provided does not constitute investment advice or other recommendations and should not be relied on as such. It should not be considered a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell a security or to pursue any trading or investment strategy. All material, including information sourced from or attributed to Golomt Bank, has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy is not guaranteed. Past performance is no guarantee for future results. Accordingly you must independently determine, with your own advisors, the appropriateness for you of the securities/transactions before investing or transacting. Investment Banking Division of Golomt Bank The principal activities of Investment Banking Division constitute structuring, sourcing, negotiating and closing debt and equity financings as well as the provision of incisive advisory services for private and public companies as well as institutions, public sector agencies and authorities. Our vision is to fuel the profitable growth of our valued clients by providing the highest-quality investment banking services, and in so doing create an environment which will lead to long term, mutually beneficial relationships. We strive to achieve these lasting relationships by matching each client assignment with the collaborative expertise of the Bank’s team of seasoned banking and investment professionals. Contact Sukhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar 210620A, Mongolia Fax: +976-70117676 /1402/ E-mail: Website:
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