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FIRST SESSION - TWENTY-EIGHTH LEGISLATURE of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan DEBATES and PROCEEDINGS (HANSARD) Published under the authority of The Hon. Corey Tochor Speaker N.S. VOL. 58 NO. 23A
FIRST SESSION - TWENTY-EIGHTH LEGISLATURE of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan DEBATES and PROCEEDINGS (HANSARD) Published under the authority of The Hon. Corey Tochor Speaker N.S. VOL. 58 NO. 23A MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2016, 13:30 MEMBERS OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF SASKATCHEWAN 1st Session 28th Legislature Speaker Hon. Corey Tochor Premier Hon. Brad Wall Leader of the Opposition Trent Wotherspoon Beaudry-Mellor, Tina Regina University (SP) Beck, Carla Regina Lakeview (NDP) Belanger, Buckley Athabasca (NDP) Bonk, Steven Moosomin (SP) Boyd, Hon. Bill Kindersley (SP) Bradshaw, Fred Carrot River Valley (SP) Brkich, Greg Arm River (SP) Buckingham, David Saskatoon Westview (SP) Campeau, Hon. Jennifer Saskatoon Fairview (SP) Carr, Lori Estevan (SP) Chartier, Danielle Saskatoon Riversdale (NDP) Cheveldayoff, Hon. Ken Saskatoon Willowgrove (SP) Cox, Hon. Herb The Battlefords (SP) D Autremont, Dan Cannington (SP) Dennis, Terry Canora-Pelly (SP) Docherty, Hon. Mark Regina Coronation Park (SP) Doherty, Hon. Kevin Regina Northeast (SP) Doke, Larry Cut Knife-Turtleford (SP) Duncan, Hon. Dustin Weyburn-Big Muddy (SP) Eyre, Bronwyn Saskatoon Stonebridge-Dakota (SP) Fiaz, Muhammad Regina Pasqua (SP) Forbes, David Saskatoon Centre (NDP) Hargrave, Joe Prince Albert Carlton (SP) Harpauer, Hon. Donna Humboldt-Watrous (SP) Harrison, Hon. Jeremy Meadow Lake (SP) Hart, Glen Last Mountain-Touchwood (SP) Heppner, Hon. Nancy Martensville-Warman (SP) Kaeding, Warren Melville-Saltcoats (SP) Kirsch, Delbert Batoche (SP) Lambert, Lisa Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood (SP) Lawrence, Greg Moose Jaw Wakamow (SP) Makowsky, Gene Regina Gardiner Park (SP) Marit, David Wood River (SP) McCall, Warren Regina Elphinstone-Centre (NDP) McMorris, Hon. Don Indian Head-Milestone (SP) Merriman, Paul Saskatoon Silverspring-Sutherland (SP) Michelson, Warren Moose Jaw North (SP) Moe, Hon. Scott Rosthern-Shellbrook (SP) Morgan, Hon. Don Saskatoon Southeast (SP) Nerlien, Hugh Kelvington-Wadena (SP) Olauson, Eric Saskatoon University (SP) Ottenbreit, Hon. Greg Yorkton (SP) Parent, Roger Saskatoon Meewasin (SP) Phillips, Kevin Melfort (SP) Rancourt, Nicole Prince Albert Northcote (NDP) Reiter, Hon. Jim Rosetown-Elrose (SP) Ross, Laura Regina Rochdale (SP) Sarauer, Nicole Regina Douglas Park (NDP) Sproule, Cathy Saskatoon Nutana (NDP) Steele, Doug Cypress Hills (SP) Steinley, Warren Regina Walsh Acres (SP) Stewart, Hon. Lyle Lumsden-Morse (SP) Tell, Hon. Christine Regina Wascana Plains (SP) Tochor, Hon. Corey Saskatoon Eastview (SP) Vermette, Doyle Cumberland (NDP) Wall, Hon. Brad Swift Current (SP) Weekes, Randy Biggar-Sask Valley (SP) Wilson, Hon. Nadine Saskatchewan Rivers (SP) Wotherspoon, Trent Regina Rosemont (NDP) Wyant, Hon. Gordon Saskatoon Northwest (SP) Young, Colleen Lloydminster (SP) Party Standings: Saskatchewan Party (SP) 51; New Democratic Party (NDP) 10 Clerks-at-the-Table Clerk Gregory A. Putz Law Clerk & Parliamentary Counsel Kenneth S. Ring, Q.C. Hansard on the Internet Principal Clerk Iris Lang Hansard and other documents of the Clerk Assistant Kathy Burianyk Legislative Assembly are available within hours after each sitting. Sergeant-at-Arms Maurice Riou LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF SASKATCHEWAN 657 June 27, 2016 [The Assembly met at 13:30.] [Prayers] ROUTINE PROCEEDINGS INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS The Speaker: I recognize the Premier. Hon. Mr. Wall: Mr. Speaker, I m seeking leave for an extended introduction. The Speaker: Is leave granted? Some Hon. Members: Agreed. The Speaker: Carried. I recognize the Premier. Hon. Mr. Wall: Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. I want to begin by welcoming all the guests that are in the gallery. But in particular, we re joined by three gentlemen who are involved in a transformational organization and centre in Calgary and are here for meetings. They met earlier with the mayor of Regina, and they ve been meeting with the University of Regina. Later this day they ll meet with the Minister of Justice and officials from government. Mr. Speaker, we re always, it seems, joined by special guests, but on some occasions we re joined by bona fide heroes. And it s my pleasure to introduce to you and all members of the Assembly today, Sheldon Kennedy, who s seated in your gallery. Sheldon is joined by Wayne McNeil and Brad Blaisdell. Mr. Speaker, Sheldon now for some years has been on the vanguard, a courageous vanguard of leadership in terms of speaking out on the issue of sexual abuse and abuse of especially young people right across this country. Mr. Speaker, he has pioneered the Respect Group programming that I referenced just a bit earlier and is meeting with NGOs [non-governmental organization] and government organizations from across the country to see if what s been working very well in Alberta and Calgary can be replicated elsewhere across the country. I can share with members of the House that one element of the program, called safe places, is currently being used in the city of Swift Current in terms of ensuring that anyone that is working with young people in capacities involving that community go through very specific training and are certified with respect to something called Respect in Sport. Mr. Speaker, in the late 80s and the early 90s, horrific things happened in my hometown of Swift Current to a number of young men. The villain was Graham James. And I would say this, Mr. Speaker, that I m sure people in our community at that time, people from across this province and this country and even more importantly, the victims would have probably been hard pressed to identify anything good that could possibly have come from those horrific acts. Mr. Speaker, I am very happy to report to the House today that in principle, not exclusively but in principle, because of Sheldon s courage, good things are coming from those horrific acts today. And I would ask all members to welcome him to this Legislative Assembly, and in so doing, saluting him for his courage that has now been on display across this country and internationally. Who knows how many young people have been helped and protected because he had the courage to speak up and because he is continuing with the courage to act? So we want to join with him, not just in welcoming him to the legislature, but we also want to assure him that in Saskatchewan, communities and the government proper are going to work with him to make sure that, indeed young people are safe in the province of Saskatchewan. I welcome him and I ask you, Mr. Speaker, and all members to welcome Sheldon Kennedy to the Legislative Assembly today. The Speaker: I recognize the Leader of the Opposition. Mr. Wotherspoon: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. It s my honour to join with the Premier to welcome Mr. Sheldon Kennedy to the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. The words of the Premier couldn t be more true. Often in sports, we toss around the term champion in a rather loose way. Sheldon Kennedy is the epitome of a champion within not just sport but within life, and a courage that he carries himself with, to speak up, to stand up, and to bring forward change that we all respect and something that s important to so many. You know, you think of a young player on a WHL [Western Hockey League] team, the Swift Current Broncos, with lots of scrutiny and people observing players in action and having their opinions on the team. There s a lot of stress just as it stands for any young player on any one of these teams as communities scrutinize their play. If only the rest of the community and all of us would have known the terrible actions, the horrifying abuse, the victimization that was occurring to Mr. Kennedy and to others at that period of time, and to others across our province as well. It just helps put into perspective what a champion and what strength and what grit and what perseverance Mr. Kennedy has. So it s my honour to welcome Mr. Kennedy to his Assembly. It was my honour to meet with him a short while ago, a few months ago as he was providing leadership within our province at that point in time as well. I wish him well with all of his leadership. I welcome and encourage partnerships that can be meaningful to assist those that of course have been victimized, but importantly as well to provide protection to all young people and all people across our province. So it s my pleasure to welcome this true champion to the Saskatchewan legislature along with Brad and Wayne, part of the delegation here today. Also join with the Premier in recognizing the actions, the apology in Swift Current, and the actions to protect young people. This is something that every single member of this Assembly is committed to addressing. Thank you so much, Mr. Kennedy. The Speaker: I recognize the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport. Hon. Mr. Docherty: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I request 658 Saskatchewan Hansard June 27, 2016 leave for an extended introduction. The Speaker: Is leave granted? Some Hon. Members: Agreed. The Speaker: Carried. I recognize the minister. Hon. Mr. Docherty: Well thanks, Mr. Speaker. To you and through you, it is my pleasure to introduce some special guests to the Legislative Assembly today. Seated in your gallery, Mr. Speaker and give us a wave when I say your name Bruce McKay a.k.a. Mr. Amédée Forget, the first lieutenant governor of Saskatchewan; Angel Genereux a.k.a. Sarah Ramsland, the first female Saskatchewan MLA [Member of the Legislative Assembly], Kaleb Schwarz a.k.a. Walter Scott, the first premier of Saskatchewan; our fourth actor, Jaron Francis, was unable to be here today. They are this year s actors for the History Alive! vignettes taking place at both Government House and the Saskatchewan Legislative Building this summer. They re joined by Mark Claxton, artistic director; and Melanie Vovchuk, stage manager for the vignettes. Also with them are the partners that have developed this unique project: Ingrid Cazakoff, Olivia Shumski, Michelle Brownridge, Jan Morier from Heritage Saskatchewan, Carrie Ross and Amanda Girardin from Government House, Lorraine demontigny from the Legislative Assembly visitor s branch, Nancy Cherney from the Provincial Capital Commission. These innovative, educational, and engaging performances give visitors a look into the past in our province. It is great to be able to share the history of how our province was formed with those who are new to our province as well as those who have been here for some time. The vignettes will take place July 3rd to September 7th at Government House and the Legislative Building. Please join me in welcoming these guests to their Legislative Assembly. And while I m on my feet, Mr. Speaker, seated again in your gallery are participants of the Saskatchewan Parks learn to camp program. With us today, and perhaps you can give a little wave when I introduce you, are Jaclyn Cheng; her husband, C.K. Tan, and their son, Justin; Jean Chen; Anastassia Manuilova and her son, Dmitry Omorogbe; Juny Fan and her daughter, Aliya Liu; Roland Luo and his son, Hao Luo; Janette Hamilton, manager of visitor experiences. Last year Saskatchewan Parks launched learn to camp. The goal of the program is to introduce people who are new to nature and to provincial parks and give them some instruction on how to get started camping. Saskatchewan Parks provides all the camping gear including tents, camp stoves, lanterns, etc. All participants need to bring is food, clothes, and bedding. Park staff teach the participants how to set up a campsite, how to start a fire, how to cook outside, and much more, including camping and fire safety. It is an opportunity to welcome and encourage those who have never had a chance to go summer camping to experience a great provincial park system. Mr. Speaker, I ask that all members join me in welcoming our guests to their Legislative Assembly. Thank you. The Speaker: I recognize the Opposition House Leader. Mr. McCall: Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. I d just like to join with the minister in welcoming these special guests to our legislature. Certainly the folks from History Alive! if all the world is indeed a stage, it s a tremendous act that they re putting on. And it would also be interesting to get any sort of feedback that they have for the act that we re putting on here Monday to Thursday, Mr. Speaker, if they have any tips or insights on how that might get punched up. But certainly to Mark and Melanie and Heritage Saskatchewan, and all the folks at the Capital Commission, the Government House, and certainly here at the Legislative Assembly, thank you very much for indeed making our very rich history come alive in such a powerful way. So break a leg. And then secondly, Mr. Speaker, to the folks with the learn to camp program, certainly I ve got some familiarity with the kind of work that Jean Chen can bring to bear. I m sure it s going to be the accelerated course in terms of the kind of work that they take to learn about camping. And certainly, Mr. Speaker, as I was preparing... As I was doing some work on my canoe this weekend, we ve got such a wonderful great outdoors here in the province, and again, that you can connect like that is such a gift. And that we ve got people that are so committed to the proposition that they re taking the course to do it is also pretty commendable. And I guess I d ask of them after, if they can figure out how to make the s mores on the campfire and then not get them all over themself after, if they could figure that out for me, Mr. Speaker, I d certainly welcome that. But again to join with the Minister in welcoming these important guests to their Legislative Assembly. The Speaker: I recognize the member from Regina University. Ms. Beaudry-Mellor: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Very quickly I d like to introduce you to two very special people to me who are seated up in the west gallery, my kids Kayman and Montana who have skipped school today so they could come. They did. They skipped a school excursion because they would rather come to QP [question period] and have lunch with their mom than go on a field trip. So this is kind of a field trip some days. But I m really happy to have them here, and please help me, join me in welcoming them to their Legislative Assembly. The Speaker: I recognize the member from Regina Douglas Park. Ms. Sarauer: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. To you and through you and to all members of this Assembly, I d like to introduce two individuals seated in your gallery, Joe and Karen Leier. They are the parents of one of our illustrious Pages, Sabra Leier. Feel free to give a wave. They are originally from Regina, Mr. Speaker, but they moved to Guatemala about 14 years ago to do some missionary work. And they re in town today and for a little while here to visit Sabra. You should be very proud of her. She s been doing some amazing work here June 27, 2016 Saskatchewan Hansard 659 so far. I m excited to see where her career will take her in the future. I m very pleased to have you here. I m sure Sabra is even more pleased to have you here. I ask that all members join me in welcoming them to this Assembly. The Speaker: I recognize the Minister of Rural and Remote Health. Hon. Mr. Ottenbreit: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. To all members of the Assembly, it s my pleasure to introduce a great group of grade 8 students from St. Mary s School in the west gallery. With them is their teachers, Mr. Lucien Bissonnette and Mrs. Michelle Kennedy. I ask all members to welcome them to their Legislative Assembly. The Speaker: I recognize the member from Regina Lakeview. Ms. Beck: Mr. Speaker, I request leave for an extended introduction. The Speaker: Is leave granted? Some Hon. Members: Agreed. The Speaker: Carried. I recognize the member from Regina Lakeview. Ms. Beck: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, it is my great pleasure today to welcome Debbie Ross, seated in your gallery. Debbie is the executive director of the Regina region of the early childhood intervention program. And I had the chance, I think a couple years ago, to get to know Debbie a little bit when we were enrolled in a leadership course at the United Way together. She s here on behalf of the 14 regional offices of ECIP [early childhood intervention program] across the province. And the Saskatchewan early childhood intervention program, they ve been operating as CBOs [community-based organization] in this province since the early 1980s. And they provide some very important programs to young people and their families across the province. They provide specialized and collaborative home- and community-based services for families and pre-school aged children, aged zero to six, experiencing or at risk of experiencing delays. Each program has a designated region to provide service so that the referring agencies and parents are able to identify which program would provide service to their family I know over the course of my work with families that they do some very important work, and I d like to welcome her today on behalf of ECIP and commend them for the great work that they do for families and children in this province. The Speaker: I recognize the Minister of Education. Hon. Mr. Morgan: Thank you. I d like to join with the member opposite and welcome these people to the Chamber today. The ECIP program is something that s been established and provides great services to families and to children in our province, and the work that s done is something that s immeasurable. The need for that type of programming was there. We addressed the problem with the programs, and we re exceptionally pleased with the results that are coming. And I want to thank everybody that works in these programs across the province, Mr. Speaker. So thank you very much. [13:45] The Speaker: I recognize the member from Regina Walsh Acres. Mr. Steinley: Thank you very much, Mr. Deputy Speaker. While I m up, Mr. Speaker, while I m on my feet I d like to join with the member from Regina Rosemont and the Premier and welcome Sheldon Kennedy to the Assembly. I had grown up in Rush Lake. He was a hero of mine on the ice, and it was amazing watching him with the Broncos. And I admire him even more now for the work that he s doing right now. So welcome to the Legislative Assembly. And, Mr. Speaker, I d like to welcome my constituency assistant, Heather Howell-Shiplack. She s been with me for four years now, so we re able to have lunch and get a four-year award which many people think it probably felt like eight than four, but she does an amazing job keeping me organized. And one thing I really appreciate about Heather is she always makes sure that I have time for my family and... [inaudible]... bigger family, she made sure... she s like, all right, Warren, you re going to be home tonight. And I appreciate her keeping me on task with a lot of things, and her organizational skills are second to none. I just want to say thank you very much for all the work you do, Heather. I really appreciate it. You do an amazing job. And after QP, get back to work. Thank you. PRESENTING PETITIONS The Speaker: I recognize the member from Saskatoon Riversdale. Ms. Chartier: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I m pleased to rise again today to present a petition to improve PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] coverage for Saskatchewan workers. This petition supports the private member s bill I brought forward last week. The petitioners point out that post-traumatic stress disorder can severely impact the lives of workers, and that delaying both diagnosis and treatment of PTSD can be detrimental to recovery. Mr. Speaker, the petitioners simply want the minister to recognize that if you re exposed to traumatic events on the job and then get a diagnosis of PTSD, that the PTSD should be presumed to be caused by the traumatic events, Mr. Speaker. I d like to read the prayer: We, in the prayer that reads as follows, respectfully request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan take the following action: to cause the Saskatc
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