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DISC is psychological concept about personality traits of each and every person. Found by William Martson in early 1900s, this concept has evolved through the years. D stands dor Dominance;I stands for Influential;S stands for Steadiness;C stands for conscientiousness.
   You’ve Got Style!   DISC Personality Workshop  Life Purpose Pyramid   Development of gifts, abilities & strengths Relationship with God Relationship with others; generally where character is worked out What happens when these are aligned with God’s divine (“karios”) opportunities  Unique individual calling based upon gifting, etc. Christlikeness (How do you make yourself choice?)   Review of Life Purpose Elements  Life Purpose Target Life Purpose   Patterns   Themes   Life Purpose Clues   Life Purpose Clues   Convergence Experiences Convergence Experiences  Discerning the Fingerprints of God Personality Temperament Gift Cluster Fruit Confirmation Passions Motivations Causes Dreams Desires Goals Fulfillment Delight Needs/ People Drawn To Life Shaping History Divine Revelation Life Purpose Clues


Jul 23, 2017
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