District BSP Camporal Program 2012

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bsp program
  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The District BSP Ofcers and Memberswish to cone! their who ehearted #ratit$deto a #enero$s %eo% ewho in one wa! or the other he %ed in the rea i&ation and s$ccesso' this actiit!( Miramar Elementary SchoolNovember 8 – 10, 2013  ____________________________________  You are cordially invited.  The Bo! Sco$ts o' the Phi i%%ines is the Nationa Sco$t Association 'or bo!s and !o$n# men o' the Phi i%%ines( )ts mission is to imb$e in the !o$th the oe o' God* co$ntr!* and 'e owmen+ to train !o$n# %eo% e to become res%onsib e eaders+ and to contrib$te in nation,b$i din#( District BSP OicersS! 2013 – 201 President M-( A-NEL,President M-( /A-AL0 /AD1) 2LLE-OSecretar!3Treas$rer M-S( NANC4 -AM)-E5Asst( Secretar!3Treas$rer MS( E-2L)N .)LO-)AA$ditor M-( TEOT)MO -E62)LMAN*  1-(B$siness Mana#ers M-( TELES0O-O CALSADA M-( -2BEN 2-S2A M-( 1OSEP/ OANDASANP-O M-S( M)LAG-OS TACATADistrict BSP Coordinator M-( DANTE 2GE-)OAD.)SE-S7M-( )GNAC)O T( 2B)LAS 8District BSP Commissioner9A Schoo /eads #O$%&N' (OMM&))EESPro*ram+&nvitation Er$ in .i oria3Ma!nard Panod Sta*e Decoration Marites 2bi as3Lad! Troo% Leaders oo- . $ereshment  Conso acion T$bon3Mi a#ros Tacata3Constancia To entino3-owe a-enon (am/ire+Son-s+i*hts Lawrence -obino3-onnie -a&onab e3-e!na do Tab$!o3/ara ' /ad:i2 ero  The Sco$t Oath On my honor,I will do my best,to do my duty to God and my country,the Republic of the Philippines,and to obey the Scout Law,to help other people at all times,to keep myself physically strong,mentally awake and morally straight. The Sco$t Law  Scout is trustworthy Scout is loyal Scout is helpful Scout is friendly Scout is courteous Scout is kind Scout is obedient Scout is cheerful Scout is thrifty Scout is bra!e Scout is clean Scout is re!erent P$O'$MME I.In!ocation . .. #L urea $irtude%II.&olor &eremonya.'ational nthem(Ilocos Sur )ymn .. #L &aroline 'ebridab.Rededication of the Scout Oath and Law *ames &arlo +clos, iramar -S oyscoutIII./-L&O- 00R-SS .. ... r. Lawrence Robino, Institutional )ead, 'amalpalan -S rgy. &aptain  111111111111111  P# President  111111111111111 I$.Presentation of &ampers . r. 0ante +gerio, 0istrict SP &oordinator$.-SSG- .. .. )on. ayor rlyn . 2a!is )onorary &amp &hairman$I. #roop 2lag Raising . ... #roop Leaders 3 Institutional )eads$II.essage 3 2ormal Opening of the 0istrict &amporal .. r. Ignacio #. +bilas, 0istrict &ommissioner$III.Lighting of the -ncampment #orch .. '.-./.S. 4'&S, aratudo, an%ante, 3 S&S5 Masters o' CeremoniesTL -onnie -a&onab eTL Made !n Battad  P$O'$MME I6.In!ocation . .. #L Ronnie Ra%onable6.&olor &eremonya.'ational nthem . ... #L eynard Panodb.Rededication of the Scout Oath and Law Rio 'ico &ostales, '&S oyscout6I./-L&O- 00R-SS .. ... r. Romeo R. Rapisura, Principal II, '&S 6II.Presentation of &ampers . r. 0ante +gerio, 0istrict SP &oordinator6III.-SSG- .. )on. ayor rlyn . 2a!is )onorary &amp &hairman6I$.#roop 2lag Raising . .. #roop Leaders 3 Institutional )eads6$.essage 3 2ormal Opening of the 0istrict &amporal .. r. Ignacio #. +bilas, 0istrict Super!isor
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