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    DRIVE UNIT FOR CRANES comprising “DGT” series Wheel Groups in combination with “DGP” series Offset Geared Motors  File: DGT-DGP.07-00 2 IN STEP WITH THE TIMES Safe, reliable and cost efficient  solutions from DONATI SOLLEVAMENTI S.r.l. These drive   units for cranes, comprising “DGT” series wheel groups in combination with “DGP” series Offset geared motors  are “a modern, safe guide handling system on rails” , and the most convenient offer available for today’s global market, handling up to 30.000 kg on each wheel group. Enhancing its range of DRH series electric wire rope hoists  and DMK series chain hoists , trusted by industry professionals worldwide, the drive   units for cranes complete the range of products built by DONATI SOLLEVAMENTI S.r.l. a leading Italian and global manufacturer of lifting systems. DONATI SOLLEVAMENTI S.r.l. Via Roma, 55 - 21020 Daverio (Varese) - Italy - tel. +39 0332 942.611 - fax +39 0332 948.597 E-mail: - DONATI Ltd Unit 40 - Farriers Way Ind. Est. - NETHERTON - LIVERPOOL L30 4XL tel. +44 (0)151 530 1139 - fax +44 (0)151 525 6613 - E-mail: RIGOROUS QUALITY CONTROL DONATI SOLLEVAMENTI S.r.l. engineers and   designs technically innovative, thoroughly reliable, lifting machinery and components, making use of advanced industrialized production processes which ensure low costs for end-users. Continuous attention to quality allows DONATI SOLLEVAMENTI S.r.l. to consistently manufacture highly engineered, meticulously designed products, using quality control measures on materials throughout the production process, right down to the finished product, involving the company’s entire organization, through its certified quality assurance system in accordance with UNI ISO 9001:2000  norms (Certified ICIM N°0114), regulating and controlling the company’s management and production organization since 1993. ISO 9001:2000 Certificate No. 0114   IN HARMONY WITH EUROPE The rigorous attention placed on all phases of the engineering and design process for all products at DONATI  is entirely in line with our diligent consideration for international norms and regulations, a guarantee for our many Customers and end-users, serving as a gateway for the internationalization and diffusion of our products worldwide. The drive   units for cranes comprise the “DGT” series wheel groups in combination with “DGP” series Offset geared motors ,   are designed and manufactured in conformity with legislation in Italy and the following European   Community Directives: ã   Machinery Directive 98/37/CE (re-codified from Directive 89/392/CEE and subsequent revisions 91/368/CEE, 93/44/CEE and 93/68/CEE). ã   Low Voltage Directive 73/23/CEE - 93/68/CEE .   ã   Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/CEE - 92/31/CEE    File: DGT-DGP.07-00 3 DRIVE UNITS FOR CRANES ã  The drive   units for cranes comprise “DGT” series wheel groups in combination with “DGP” series Offset geared motors , are built specifically for handling lifting systems on rails, such as, for example, travelling cranes, gantry cranes, wall-mounted cranes, etc. and/or related running trolleys, guaranteeing the precise alignment for moving structures, control over high shifting speeds, while facilitating installation and maintenance. The “DGT” series wheel groups and “DGP” series Offset geared motors are available in a wide range of capacities and speeds; they are highly reliable modular components capable of responding flexibly and efficiently to the needs for operating safety, cost efficiency and the rapid setup of drive   units for cranes  by manufacturers of machinery and industrial lifting and handling installations. INSTALLATION RESTRICTIONS ã   Drive   units for cranes   are generally designed to be installed on endtrucks, or onto trolleys, travelling cranes, gantry cranes, etc., travelling loads through horizontal handling operations with the drive units installed on runways’ rails. PRODUCT DESIGN, RANGE AND PRODUCTION ã  These drive   units for cranes are designed and engineered based on the principle of modular components which, in addition to the more common versions commercially available, when assembled to one other in relation to the user’s requirements, allow for the fast and economical realization of multiple standard and special configurations. ã   DONATI drive units are configured in 6 sizes , for which the basic components are: ã  6 sizes of “DGT” series wheel groups   (Ø 125, Ø 160, Ø 200, Ø 250, Ø 315 and Ø 400/400 R) ã  4 sizes of “DGP” series reducers   (DGP 0, DGP 1, DGP 2 and DGP 3) ã  4 sizes of self-braking   motors (motor 71, motor 80, motor 100 and motor 112) Composition of drive units based on combinations between “DGT” Wheels and “DGP” Gear Motors “DGP” swinging gear motors “DGT” wheels Ø ( mm ) “DGP” reducers size 0 “DGP” reducers size 1 “DGP” reducers size 2 “DGP” reducers size 3 125 = = 160 Motors size 71 = = 200 = = 250 = Motors size 71 Motors size 80 = 315 = = 400 = = Motors size 80 400 R Motors size 100 Motors size 112 ã  The 6 production sizes for drive units cover the following operating limitations: ã   Capacity of the lifting and/or traversing equipment: from 1000 to 40,000 kg   ã   Running speed : single speed, from 3.2 to  25 m/min ; two-speed, from 12.5/3.2 to  80/20 m/min   ã  The structure’s finishing on the wheel groups and protection from atmospheric and environmental agents (dust, gas, etc.) is guaranteed by the paintwork finish, which features the application of a 40 micron thick base coat of chrome and lead free yellow enamel RAL 1002; surfaces are prepared by grade SA 2 metallic sanding in conformity with SVENSK STANDARD SIS 055900. Oven drying for 40 min. at a temperature of 60-80°C. ã  The special waterproof paintwork adopted for the electrical mechanisms (reducer and self-braking motor), obtained through an electrostatic process, and their completely closed execution, guarantee inalterability over time and consistently high performances even in particularly hostile environments. ã  The modularity of the basic components (wheels, reducers and motor) allows for the composition of drive units for cranes in two configurations: the drive group and the Idler group . ã  The flexibility of the numerous fastening solutions adopted allow for assembly on a variety of mechanical frame types, as well as easy integration with a number of accessories available on the market, such as, for example, guide systems, or collision proof systems, whether mechanical, electrical or electronic, or speed control and crane and trolley stop position systems. ã  In addition, DONATI drive units integrate perfectly with limit switches or cycle counters, whether mechanical (worm screw limit switch), electrical (tachometric dynamo), or electronic (encoders), guaranteeing low cost management. ã  Safety is a top priority for DONATI SOLLEVAMENTI S.r.l.  in its design and manufacturing of all products, aimed at ensuring total reliability during all operative and maintenance phases. For this reason, DONATI drive units are also covered by a 3 year Warranty ,   from the date of delivery.  File: DGT-DGP.07-00 4 CONFORMITY TO NORMS AND REGULATIONS ã   Applicable legislation: ã   The drive units for cranes are designed and manufactured by DONATI SOLLEVAMENTI S.r.l.  in conformity with the “Essential Safety Requirements” outlined in Annex I of the European Community   Machinery Directive 98/37/CE , and stated in Italian legislation under DPR No. 459/96 . ã  In relation to the specifications under Annex II of European Directive 98/37/CE and  DPR No. 459/96 , the DGP   units are introduced into the market as incomplete, since they are designed to be incorporated in other machinery (travelling cranes or trolley cranes, etc.). As such, in accordance with Article 4 - paragraph 2 of European Directive   98/37/CE, the DGP   units are devoid of CE   marking and are supplied accompanied by a Manufacturer’s   Declaration–Annex II B.   ã  In addition, the drive units for cranes conform to the following Directives: ã   Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/CEE , stated in Italian legislation under Legislation No. 791/77 , modified under Legislative Decrees No. 626/96 and No. 277/97 ã   European Community   Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) 89/336/CEE , stated in Italian legislation under Legislative Decree No. 476/92 , modified under Legislative Decree No. 615/96 .   ã   Applicable norms and regulations: ã  The following norms and technical principles have also been taken into consideration in the design and manufacturing of the drive units for cranes :   ã  EN ISO 12100 parts: 1 st  – 2 nd  /2005 “Fundamental concepts on general engineering principles” ã  EN 954-1/96 “System control parts linked to safety” ã  EN 60529/92 “Degrees of protection for casings (IP Codes)” ã  ISO 4301/85 “Classifications for lifting equipment” ã  FEM 1.001/98 “Calculations for lifting equipment” ã  UNI 7670/88 “Mechanisms for lifting equipment” ã  FEM 9.683/95 “Choice of for lifting and traversing motors” ã  FEM 9.755/93 “Safety work periods” ã   Service classification: ã  The structural elements and mechanisms on the drive units for cranes  are classified in various service groups, in conformity with specifications stipulated under norm ISO 4301.   ã   Protection and sheathing of electrical parts:   ã  Drive motors: protection IP55 (motor) - IP23 (brake); class “F” insulation ã  Limit switch: minimum protection IP65; max. insulation voltage 500 V ã  Protections and insulations differing from the standard suppliable on request. ã   Electrical power:   ã  The drive units for cranes  are designed to be powered through three-phase alternating current: 400 V - 50Hz. in accordance with IEC 38-1.   ã  Different voltage and frequency specifications from the standard suppliable on request. ã   Environmental conditions for standard usage:   ã  Operating temperature: minimum - 10°C; maximum + 40°C. ã  Maximum relative humidity: 80% - Maximum altitude 1000 m above sea level. ã  Standard drive units for cranes  must be installed in a well aerated working environment, free of corrosive steams (acidic steams, saline mists, etc.), and are designed to operate in a covered environment, protected from atmospheric elements.   ã  Special machine models designed for non-standard environmental conditions, or for operation outdoors, can be supplied on request. ã   Noise emissions - Vibrations:   ã  Noise emission levels emanating from the drive units for cranes  during traversing operations, whether empty or fully loaded, are in all cases inferior to a value of 80 dB (A) , as measured at a distance of 1 m and 1.6 m from the ground. The incidence of environmental characteristics such as the transmission of sound through metallic structures, reflection caused by combined machinery and surrounding walls, are not taken into consideration in the value indicated. ã  Vibrations produced by the DGP units  during traversing operations are not considered dangerous for the health and wellbeing of personnel operating the lifting equipment on which the units are installed.


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Jul 23, 2017
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