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Electronics Syllabus

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Electronics Syllabus
  Electronics 1 of 17 B.Sc (Electronics) – Scheme of instruction S.No.Year PaperHours/weekTotalhours. THE! Y 01First Year  Paper#$ Circuit Analysis and Electronic Devices4hrs/ Week 120 Hours02Second Year  Paper#$$  Analo Circuits and Co!!unications4hrs/ Week120 Hours0 #hird Year Paper –$$$ Diital Electronics and $icro%rocessor& hrs/ Week'0 Hours04#hird Year Paper –$% (Electi&es)  Any one of the following  i) Paper – $% E!(edded Syste!s and A%%lications ii) Paper – $%B Diital Desin usin )HD* hrs/ Week'0 Hours B. P 'T$'S 0+First Year  Paper – $ Circuit Analysis andElectronic Devices *a( hrs/Week'0 Hours, 0Sessions -0.Second Year  Paper – $$ Analo Circuits and Co!!unication *a( hrs/ Week'0 Hours, 0Sessions -0#hird Year  Paper – $$$ Diital Electronics and $icro%rocessor *a(   hrs/ Week'0 Hours, 0 Sessions -0#hird Year  Paper – $% (Electi&es)n* one of the followin+Paper # $% () E!(edded Syste!s and A%%lications *a( Paper # $% (B) Diital desin sin )HD* *a(  hrs/Week'0 Hours, 0 Sessions -  Electronics 2 of 17  ANDHRA UNIVERSITY  ELECTRONICS SYLLABUS ADMITTED BATCH 200!0  B#S$ I Ye%& !Ele$t&oni$' PPE #$   'ircuit nal*sis an, Electronic -e&ices. ,120 hours- N$T#$ , 0 hours-  AC ()n*%+ent%l'  #he Sine ave 3Averae and $S values3#he 5 o%erator 3 6olar andrectanular 7or!s o7 co!%le8 nu!(ers 3 6hasor diara! 3 Co!%le8 i!%edance andad!ittance&  ,%''i-e netwo&.' 9 Conce%t o7 voltae and current sources 3 :)* and :C*; A%%lication tosi!%le circuits ,AC and DC- consistin o7 resistors and sources ,one or to- ; <ode voltaeanalysis and !ethod o7 !esh currents&  Netwo&. theo&e+' (   DC %n* AC   ) 9 Su%er%osition #heore!3#hevenin=s #heore!3 <orton=s#heore!3$a8i!u! %oer trans7er #heore!3$ill!an #heore!; eci%rocity #heore! 3 A%%lication to si!%le netorks& N$T# $$  , 0 hours-  RC %n* RL Ci&$)it'  #ransient res%onse o7 * and C circuits ith ste% in%ut3 ti!econstants& Fre>uency res%onse o7 C and * circuits 3 #y%es o7 Filters9 *o %ass 7ilter 3 Hih %ass 7ilter 3 7re>uency res%onse ; 6assive di77erentiatin and interatin circuits&  Re'on%n$e  Series resonance and %arallel resonance *C circuits 3 esonant 7re>uency 3 ?7actor 3 @and idth 3 Selectivity& N$T#$$$ , 0 hours-  ,N /)n$tion 9 De%letion reion 3 5unction ca%acitance 3 Diode e>uation ,no derivation- 3 E77ect o7 te!%erature on reverse saturation current 3 construction orkin );Bcharacteristics and si!%le a%%lications o7 i- 5unction diode ii- ener diode iii- #unnel diode and iv- )aractor diode&  Biol%& /)n$tion T&%n'i'to& 1B/T3 6<6 and <6< transistors3current co!%onents in @5# 3 @5# static characteristics ,Bn%ut and ut%ut- 3 Early e77ect; C@ CCCE con7iurations ,cuto77 active and saturation reions- CE con7iuration as to %ort netork 3 h;%ara!eters 3 h;%ara!eter e>uivalent circuit& E8%eri!ental arrane!ent to study in%ut and out%utcharacteristics o7 @5# in CE con7iuration& Deter!ination o7 h;%ara!eters 7ro! thecharacteristics& @iasin and load line analysis 3 Fi8ed (ias and sel7 (ias arrane!ent&  Electronics 3 of 17 N$T#$% , 0 hours- (iel* Effe$t T&%n'i'to& 1(ET3 Structure and orkin o7 5FE# and $SFE# 3 out%ut andtrans7er characteristics 3 E8%eri!ental arrane!ent 7or studyin the characteristics and todeter!ine FE# %ara!eters& A%%lication o7 FE# as voltae varia(le resistor and $SFE# asa sitch 3 Advantaes o7 FE# over transistor& Uni /)n$tion T&%n'i'to& 1U/T 9 Structure and orkin o7 5#; Characteristics& A%%licationo7 5# as a rela8ation oscillator&  Sili$on Cont&olle* Re$tifie& 1SCR3 Structure and orkin o7 SC& #o transistor re%resentation Characteristics o7 SC& E8%eri!ental set u% to study the SC characteristics&A%%lication o7 SC 7or %oer control&  ,hoto Ele$t&i$ De-i$e'3 Structure and o%eration o7 *D 6hoto voltaic cell 6hoto diode6hoto transistors and *ED&, N!TE    Sol-ing &el%te* &o4le+' in %ll the Unit' - e7erence @ooks9 1&ro(=s @asic Electronics ; $itchel E&Schult 10 th  Edn& #ata $cra Hill ,#$H-2&<etork lines and 7ields; yder; 6rentice Hall o7 Bndia ,6HB- &Circuit analysis ; 6&nanasiva!; 6earson Education 4&Circuits and <etorks ; A&Sudhaksr G Shya!!ohan S& 6alli ; #$H+&<etork #heory ; S!arait hosh ; 6HB.&Electronic Devices and Circuits;$ill!an and Halkias ; #$H&Electronic Devices and Circuits;Allen $ottershead ; 6HB&6rinci%les o7 Electronics; )&:& $ehta and ohit $ehta ; S Chand GCo'&Electronic Devices and Circuit #heory; &*&@oylestad and *&<ashelsky; 6earson Education&10&6ulse diital sitchin ave7or!s ;$ill!an G#au( ; #$H&11&A%%lied Electronics; &S&Sedha ; S Chand GCo 12&A First course in Electronics; AA :han G :: Day; 6HB1 &6rinci%les o7 Electronic circuits; Stanely &@urns and 6aul & @ond; alotia&14&Electronic 6rinci%les and A%%lications 3 A&@& @hattacharya; <e Central @ook Aency 6vt&   Electronics 4 of 17  B#S$ I Ye%& ! Ele$t&oni$' P 'T$'S PPE #$  ,'0 hours; 0 Sessions- Circuit Analysis and Electronic devices Lab 1&$easure!ent o7 %eak voltae 7re>uency and %hase usin C& 2&#hevenin=s theore! 3 veri7ication& &<orton=s theore! 3 veri7ication&4&$a8i!u! %oer trans7er theore! 3 veri7ication& +&C and *circuits; Fre>uency res%onse; ,*o %ass and Hih %ass-&.&C and * circuits ; Di77erentiation and interation ; tracin o7 ave7or!s& &*C3Series resonance circuit3Fre>uency res%onse3Deter!ination o7 7  o  ? and (andidth&&#o dra volt;a!%ere characteristics o7 5unction diode and deter!ine the cut;involtae 7orard and reverse resistances& '&ener diode );B Characteristics3 Deter!ination o7 ener (reakdon voltae&10&)oltae reulator usin ener diode11&@5# in%ut and out%ut characteristics ,CE con7iuration- and deter!ination o7 Ih= %ara!eters&12& FE# 3Characteristics and deter!ination o7 FE# %ara!eters&1 &5# as rela8ation oscillator&14&*D; characteristics&1+&SC )olt;a!%ere characteristics&  Note3 St)*ent h%' to e&fo&+ %ny 52 e6e&i+ent'#   
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