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  Travelling Band Screen Products&ServicesScreeningTechnology  Products & Services GeigerTravelling Band Screen Being the last cleaning stage in a cooling water intake,finest screening is of particular importance because thedownstream equipment such as pumps and condensersmust be reliably protected against trouble.Passavant and GeigerTravelling Band Screens have fordecades been operating successfully in water intakesof power stations,petrochemical and sea water desali-nation plants,steel works and other industrial plantsall over the world. Among their outstanding featuresare high throughput and small machine size. Travelling Band Screen – in-to-out flow pattern ã Finest screening by mesh sizes of 0.2–10mmã Intense cleaning of the mesh panelsã Efficient removal of even coarse screeningsã No stubborn deposits on the channel invertã Screenings removal according to demandã Smaller specific machine size due to roof-shapedor halfround-shaped mesh panelsã Highly efficient sealing between mesh panels andchain guidingãWear-resistant chain guiding on the clean water sideã Maintenance-free steel side bar chainsã Individually replaceable mesh panels Function The in-to-out Travelling Band Screen is installed alongthe water’s flow direction with the open machine sideshowing to the river.The dirty water flows through themesh panels on both sides of the machine,leaving it intwo streams.The screenings sticking on the inside of the ascending mesh panels are transported up to thecollecting trough on operating floor level.Coarse screenings are directly thrown into the trough.The mesh panels are completely cleaned by means of awashwater system.Even the most stubborn screenings remain insidetheTravelling Band Screen.After having passed by thewashwater device several times, they will finally beremoved by the water jet.Large sediments,rolling mat-ter and floating substances also get inside the ma-chine from where they are removed.Thus,deposits onthe channel invert and the carry-over effect,whichcan often be observed at machines with other flow pat-terns, do not appear. Modules ã Drive unit,single speed or two speed polechange or infinitely variable,acting directly onthe main shaft,with optional creep speedã Overload protection mechanical/electricalã Chain guides with lower deflection arcsã Side bar chains in maintenance-free design withretensioning deviceã Mesh panels optionally with larger dirt pocketsor fish elevator pocketsã Efficient spray wash equipment,including aprotective hood and waste water collecting trough,with two wash water pipes and electricallycontrolled wash water pressureVarious Applications Spray wash equipmentMesh panelsWaste water collectingInside to outside flow  Optional ã Cleaning device for the nozzlesã Chain tension monitoring device Design features The Travelling Band Screen with in-to-out flow pat-tern – developed by Passavant Geiger – is the well provendesign variant of the Travelling Band Screen. Depen-ding on site requirements, the mesh panels are eitherflat or roof/halfround-shaped.With roof or halfround-shaped mesh panels a considerable reduction of the ma-chine size can be achieved.Special features are the maintenance-free side barchains to guide the mesh panels,a highly efficient,scale-like sealing between the screening elements,chainand curved guidings as well as the chain track on theclean water side.The adjustable band speed allowsoptimum adaptation of the flow rate and screen was-hing. Excellent cleaning of the mesh panels is achievedby means of an intense washing;the wash water systemis adjustable and controllable via local/remote control.A nozzle cleaning device with automatic control isavailable as an option.The chain tension can be adjustedfrom the operating floor level.For sea water applica-tions, the chains and chain guidings should be protec-ted against corrosion by means of efficient specialanodes forming part of a cathodic corrosion protectionsystem. Design data ã Length of machine (in flow direction):1.0–4.5mã Chamber width (across flow direction):2.5–7.0mã Chamber depth: ≤ 20mã Height above floor level:1.6–2.2mã Mesh size:0.2–10mmãThroughput:up to 100,000m 3 /h Material ã Mild Steel with high-quality surface coatingã Stainless steelã Screening mesh made of polyamide,polyester orstainless steel Control ã Double automatic system with differentialpressure control and operating timer,and,optionally,PLC control Options ã Gentle fish transportation by special devicesã Cathodic corrosion protection systems for chainsand chain guidings Outside to inside flow  Through flow  Passavant-Geiger GmbHBusiness Unit GeigerHardeckstrasse 376185 Karlsruhe,GermanyPhone: +49 721 5001-0Telefax: +49 721 5001-213info @
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