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   Episode 111 Page 1  of 9  Episode 111 Notes TS-403283 David Clarence Time 39:00 CRIS Court Registry Investment System, Report 2003 of CRIS, CUSIP Numbers attached to cases… (old report for 2003), Amount of bonding as well as profits. The CRIS as of 2003 had a balance of over 2 trillion dollars… no wonder everybody is in jail… They hav e hidden the estate from us… and they appear to have the right to administer and raid the estate. Talking with Sam Davis, he got it right away… When the lawyer is caught it is “Practice is over… “ 44:18 Mortgages Johns case I Washington where he has pro perty there… the lender is trying  to foreclose on property there, the lending company was getting tired of it and kept transferring the deed over to the mortgage holder and Raymond Leo and John kept transferring the deed back to John… then this new court action was filed as a foreclosure, and now it was the title company. They don’t have the standing to do such a thing… they also issue the title insurance… these deeds to real estate isn’t worth the paper they are written on, they never have been and no bank can loan any money mortgage real estate based upon the integrity of the deed because there is no integrity it is worthless so what they do is that if you go to an lender and put in an application they require you to do a title search and obtain title insurance before they consider the application so I submit to you what is really going on is the mortgages are being issued against the value of the title insurance… and not the deeds. As long as the title insurance company is solvent and the bank is reasonably guaranteed that the so called loan will be backed up by the title insurance… they don’t really care if you make the payments because they have the signature on the note to trade they have the signature on the application and they are trading that, then they want to get paid a third time by payments for a loan that you created the credit for in the first place… and the bank didn’t loan you nothing. What a racket… See why lawyers are singled out and condemned in scripture? So Here is a title company suing John, how did they get standing to do that? They are like any other insurance company they have to pay out a claim before they have standing… They had to have a claim and pay out the claim… and the only claim had to be against the title insurance and they had to claim it so the bank got paid, and the title company is now coming in and not explaining anything about this they are just trying to do a foreclosure against John. And they have already been paid too because they got the premiums… So they aren’t  really out anything and besides with an insurance company when you file a claim they automatically take that claim and they take it out of their cash on hand account and put it in an escrow account… they do that so they don’t have to pay any taxes on it. And not it becomes a debt, and they can claim it as a loss… they didn’t lose anything just transferred it to a different column in the accounting. They won’t pay the full amount on it anyway because they are going to sick these claim adjusters to jew you d own and stall you off and you have to hire another lawyer… and it is the insurance lawyers delaying you while they have the funds in the escrow account that they are trading… and using the funds making profits off of that. The amount or the excess stays in that claim account forever… they just keep investing it… <snip> 51:00 John completed an executor letter properly and served it on the court administrator properly and the case is over… as soon as the  judge got that, by sending it to the court administrator you are writing to all the judges, that is why we tell you to do that, to the office of the court administrator, Attention the Occupant of the office … as soon as the  judge got that there was a mandatory default hearing scheduled the same day… that t hey received that letter, the judge went in and struck that hearing from the record and posted the pdf file of the doc on a google group and then it looks like the barfly judge called up the lying lawyers two brothers (in crime) who brought up this foreclosure and dumped it in   Episode 111 Page 2  of 9   their lap and washed his hands of it… and he knows that they have been running a fraud on the estate, so he wants to wipe his hands of that he dumped it in the lawyers lap, that’s a hot potato. Now the Lawyers practice of law attorney at law licenses are at state and his bond… is now up for grabs. That is why the judge did that… the oddest thing you see on that is another entry, where another hearing is scheduled. But this one is not verified and it says the hearing is scheduled by the lawyer and the lawyer’s name is there… I have never heard of a lawyer scheduling anything… in a court case; they have to pray to the court. They don’t schedule hearings, but that’s what the docket said… I can’t imagine a clerk of the court would allow tha t … but they were obviously told by the judge to do that. It doesn’t really matter because the judge cam in behind him and struck that proceeding from the docket. So it’s not going to take place… so it seems that the judge gave the lawyer 30 days to figure out what he was going to do about this… or he is done. He is looking at disbarment. Practice is over… In each instance where the executor letter has been completed properly and even in some instances where it isn’t really perfect, they are still doing what they are supposed to do… you are notifying these barflies that the jig is up. You know about the estate and you have entered into the executor office and are performing the duties of the office, and now you are demanding that they produce the written delegated authority from the executors office for what they are trying to do . Whatever the paperwork is it doesn’t matter, it can be a court case it can be, you are paid up on your car loan or credit card, you want to get rid of the balance, you use the executor letter, you might not be able to get another mortgage, will they cancel your credit cards… they might. Will you be able to finance another car? That is an unknown… But unless you are on arrears on your bills it probably isn’t a good idea to use the   executor letter. You won’t ruin your credit, but might not be able to get any more loans… so be aware of that. That is why I warn you to know and own the subject, you have to understand it and make it your own, it is not a silver bullet to use to slay the wolf. You have to understand and own the subject. You have to function in the executor office competently. You risk imprisonment. Fraud on the estate… if you don’t do so. Truly you do. Because yo must act in the fiduciary capacity. Where you treat that office in that state with complete honesty. Or you are going to pay for that if you don’t; the worst crime in the  world is breach of fiduciary responsibility where there is a trust relationship. It is more serious in the barfly realm than murder, that is why the punishment for treason is hanging. Trust Law is the highest Law… Estate Law… <snip> 1:01:00 Just got sk yped and email just before the broadcast tonight… out in Utah, he submitted the executor letter to the IRS criminal prosecution… the case is now gone, I think it is missing, but in either case it isn’t proceeding forward. He gets a call from the public pretender, and he is yelling at him, what are you doing what have you done, you filed a lien against the US attorney you know you can go to prison for that? You have to withdraw that letter, it is a letter but it is also a type of lien as well… They know thei r bond is on the line… practice is over. The prosecutor and the defense attorney’s work together all the time. It doesn’t take 500 hundred sheets of paper of pleading s and briefs, claims, etc… just to generate billable hours… if you look at the CRIS repor t, it has those scales right on there, the scales are not balanced, and that is a symbol of the bar association… you aren’t getting a fair deal from them. These bastards have ruined people and families… death suicides… 1:05:50 Reports are coming in as pe ople are employing the executor letter… of successes as well as where it is not working because people are not following directions… We put a third revision in the google group (defunct) and I will answer your email (Not any more) Call   Episode 111 Page 3  of 9  with Washington-Alaskan Assembly   group out there which is working with John… that is about 7.5 hrs long. Don’t use the older revisions of the executor letters, they are not fatally flawed, but it does have defects, we are revising as we see things that need to be changed… one   item is on the signing line the “ by: executor” is all lower case  then you sign after that because that is how they do it in the world. What will stop them is where it involves the estate, these barfly courts cannot get the two things they have to have and that is subject matter and In- Personam jurisdiction they can’t get either one of them. And even if they could they can only bring the estate into the probate courts… and the probate court doesn’t have subject matter of those things… <snip> this will not protect an injury to another person and property. Everything has a law as it’s foundation… Natural laws… etc. Do not ever sign any worldly documents as executor… Don’t do that, traffic tickets, license applications, anything, don’t you dare breach this trust and intermingle it with the world system… just sign them normally… and if things go array you can fall back on the executive office and deal with it. That is your ace in the hole. DO NOT INTERMINGLE THESE… IN the court system they want you to have an attorney because you are an incompetent… They want to take control of the estate and strip it clean, they will take the hide off of your back… for the enrichment   of their pockets. Yes, you are not really married, you don’t really have a drivers license, yes, you don’t really have to report for the draft, yes, you didn’t really have to go off to war, because you are an incompetent… they can’t make you do that. But don’t worry about those things… Once you are intimate you are married… <snip> 1:18:00 Rome did not fall, we are still dealing with Roman Law… without the legions Rome was nothing… after the destruction of the Rome Republic and the reign of the Creasers,  that is now what we have… the police, the military, the guard… they are all part of the Legion of Rome. Your estate has more resources than anything in the world… (the problem is accessing that estate resource.) you have the ability to buy out Bill Gates (in theory) <snip> … your labor is in this estate… going back generation after generation… back to Adam(?) 1:22:00 Questions Clarification:   DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING AS THE EXECUTOR EXCEPT THE EXECUTOR POSITION EVER!!! DO NOT INTER- MINGLE COMMERCE STUFF… IT IS ALL BEING DONE IN PUBLIC, NOT THE PRIVATE. ALL UCC, A4V, REDEMPTION IS ALL COMMERCE AND PUBLIC. THAT WILL BE A FATAL DEFECT TO YOU AND COST YOU DEARLY! YOU CAN GO TO PRISON. Where can I find my Master Account Number? <laughing> right in front of your eyes… just like the estate being there… hiding in clear sight… Is there any problem in applying for a DOT number while still having a Driver license… No it is an incompetent act ivity, it can’t harm you. I would like to have you in consideration of your letter; we need to understand what you are talking about office to office… It is the power that animates the estate, it is a fiction it is the company, it is an unincorporated company, and the occupant animates the estate. Just like the Office of the President, Office of the Pope, etc… They have applied for the position and it is a person a dead thing that office… a dead person. The executor letter is Office to Office … You are telling or asking them what in the hell are you doing and   Episode 111 Page 4  of 9  Wanted Proof that you are the executor demanding their written delegated authority to bring a claim against the trust, the estate, and that claim is a trust Pass, a false claim… trespass… they can’t come against the estate… executor signs   attention the occupant of the worldly office… whatever it is… CFO bank, Court administrator, even if it is a local county court… so you do send it locally in a court case. She is afraid that the person is not allowed to act as the executor… the estate is already there… you are the only one that can get a srcinal certified copy of the BC… you are the occupant of the estate, they sent the srcinal to the first occupant of the office… be it the baby. This is thinking form the programmed side… this is not about a man or a woman, it is executor. <snip> Do not ever represent yourself as Grantor… ever!!! Never call it “ MY ESTATE ” Because it isn’t and if you call yourself the Grantor you have nothing but Liability, as the executor you are not liable. The gran tor is out of the picture now… the estate is created and the Grantor is no more… but you don’t want to operate in that capacity, that takes you down to commerce and the IRS is cracking common law trusts right and left… people are going to  jail. Never admit that you are the Grantor… ever! If you are asked to prove that you are the executor just provide a birth certificate or a drivers license… the executor of the estate is the one that signed the license for the estate… didn’t sign as executor but he is the only one that can sign it. 1:40:10 Executor … vs trustee, & beneficiary Foreclosed house Ticket Can you be the executor and the trustee both? No (but at a later time he does mention signing as trustee on the registered mail letter… but I think finally decided to go with executor on the green card. Forget trustee… No… you are not a beneficiary forget that … these are commerce concepts… so forget all that nonsense… The executor appoints trustees… so who is above, who is in charge and who has the liability… You don’t explain anything to them; you are above that in status… Mark these words you use this executor office the estate to deal with the situation in the world and the first time you mess up these barflies will come down on you with a vengeance to make an example out of you. They have tried to kill me several times since 1994… they did break my neck in a prison cell, turned the heat off and the water froze in the dead of winter… it’s the letter it stops the immediate situation… you can go back in time because there is not a statute of limitations on fraud… you might n ot get the home back but you will get the money back… send the court administrator wherever the foreclosure was referencing the case docket the foreclosure docket and sit back and shut up and see what happens, you will get a communication, then contact me and see what it is… but people that want to get access to the assets that is not up to me… they just want to get the money not the sovereignty. The beneficiary is actually the estate name on the insurance. If you get a ticket, take the ticket and sign it normally using “by:”  (do not use any UCC stuff or reservation of rights etc… that is all barfly commerce.) When you do it that way, it is by an agent where there is no liability… because of the word “by:” be polite and go home and do an executor letter. If you want to go to war with them… fine… that is what they want. 2:52:00 Questions: If somebody has changed their name what name should they use… the srcinal name is used… the name change does not replace the cert of birth. For a person held in
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