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EPSON EBS02 User Manual

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Have you ever wondered why most of the gadgets that people purchase take a time shorter than they were really meant to live for? Usually, it is because they do not take time to read the user manual. Here, I attach one such an important document just to remind people never to forget the good habit of reading manuals.
  User’s Guide  Notations Used in This Guide ã Safety indications The documentation and the projector use graphical symbols to show how to use the projector safely.Please understand and respect these caution symbols in order to avoid injury to persons or property.  Warning This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in personal injury or even death due to incorrect handling.  Caution This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in personal injury or physical damage due to incorrect handling. ã General information indications Attention Indicates procedures which may result in damage or injury if sufficient care is not taken. a Indicates additional information and points which may be useful to know regarding a topic. s Indicates a page where detailed information regarding a topic can be found. g Indicates that an explanation of the underlined word or words in front of this symbol appears in the glossary of terms. See the Glossary section of the Appendix . s   Glossary p.99[Name]Indicates the name of the buttons on the remote control or the control panel.Example: [Esc] button Menu Name Indicates Configuration menu items.Example:Select Brightness  from Image . Image  - Brightness
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