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ES Parent Bulletin Vol#6 2014 Oct 23

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ES Parent Bulletin Vol#6 2014 Oct 23
  23 October 2014 Volume 6 ES PARENT BULLETIN International School Manila IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER  OCT 27-31 NO CLASSES, Semester Break NOV 5, 12, 19, 26 Wednesday Morning Student Late Start , 8.30AM 10 - 14 PTA New Book Fair 11 K-12 Parent Coffee with Ron Ritchart, 9.30 - 11AM (LT) 18 Parent Coffee, 7.45 - 9AM (LT) 7, 21 Parent Bulletin 28 2nd Quarter Assembly,8-9AM (FAT) AFAC Recitals, 3 - 5pm (LT) DEC 3, 10 Wednesday Morning Student Late Start , 8.30AM 5 Parent Bulletin 11 First Semester Report Card Distribution 12 Early Student Release, @ 12nn Last Day of First Semester From  t   e ES Administ  r   ation From  t   e ES Administ  r   ation   Filipiniana   Today   was   a   special   day   for   ISM.   It   was   a   day   when   we   danced,   we   sang,   we   ate,   we   played   and   we   celebrated.   Most   important   of    all,   it   was   a   day   when   we   came   together   as   a   community   and   had   an   opportunity   to   pay   respect   to   our   host   country,   the   Philippines.   It   is   a   day   which   also   show   cases   why   our   host   country   is   so   special.   The   day   only   took   place   because   of    all   the   people   behind   the   scenes   that   made   it   happen.   It   is   5:15   pm   on   Thursday   evening   as   I   write   this.   I   look   out   my   window   and   the   Middle   School   courtyard   is   full   of    people.   Not   students.   Not   teachers.   It   is   our   service   sta ff who   are   busily   se  ng   up   for   Filipiniana.   Equally,   our   ES   o ffi ce   sta ff  ,   our   teaching   assistants   and   our   educa  onal   assistants   all   play   a   pivotal   role   in   making   the   day   so   successful.   There   is   a   word   which   you   may   on   occasion   hear   in   the   Philippines  ‐ bayanihan.   The   word   is   derived   from   the   word   bayan,   meaning   town,   na  on,   or   community   in   general.   Its   literal   transla  on   is   ‘being   a   bayan’,   and   directly   refers   to   having   a   spirit   of    communal   unity   and   coopera  on.   It   can   also   be   viewed   as   ‘being   a   hero   for   each   other’.   The   spirit   of    bayanihan   is   again,   about   being   a   whole,   rather   a   series   of    parts.   It   connects   people   through   their   commonali  es   rather   than   di ff  erences.   Balance   One   of    our   school ‐ wide   disposi  ons   is   ‘balanced’,   which   we   de fi ne   as:   ‘The   understanding   that   an   individual   has   many   facets   of    his   or   her   personality   that   need   to   be   nurtured   and   developed.’   It   has   a   been   a   long   quarter   of    learning   for   all   our   students   (eleven   weeks)   and   they   are   ready   for   a   rest.   It   is   a   me   for   family   and   friends   and   for   everyone   to   take   the   me   to   pay   a  en  on   to   their   self    and   perhaps   some   of    their   other   needs   which   need   to   ‘nurtured   or   developed’,   from   playing   at   the   beach   to   connec  ng   with   grandparents   or   other   family   members.   Have   a   wonderful   rest   wherever   you   may   be   and   stay   safe.    Adam Campbe  l    Elementary Principal  23 October 2014 Elementary School Parent Bulletin 2  Message f  r   om  t   e Clinic: Sick Day Guidelines Is   Your   Child   Too   Sick   For   School?   Our   goal   as   a   school   clinic   is   to   promote   and   support   the   health   of    the   students   so   that   they   may   fully   par  cipate   in   their   classes   and   all   ac  vi  es   o ff  ered.   We   understand   that   good   a  endance   in   school   is   important   for   a   child’s   success;   however,   there   may   be   occasions   when   parents   are   undecided   whether   their   child   is   fi t   to   a  end   school.   Generally,   if    a   child   is   too   sick   to   be   comfortable   at   school   or   to   par  cipate   in   classroom   ac  vi  es   or   if    they   may   spread   a   contagious   disease   to   other   children,   they   should   remain   at   home.   The   following   guidelines   cannot   cover   every   eventuality   but   may   help   you   decide   whether   your   child   should   stay   at   home   or   come   to   school.   Student   should   remain   at   home   if:    They   have   a   fever   of    37.8°   C   (99.8°   F)   or   above   (please   take   temperature   before   medica  on   is   given)    They   are   vomi  ng    They   have   diarrhea    They   su ff  er   from   frequent   or   persistent   coughing    They   have   persistent   pain   (ear,   stomach,   head,   etc.)    They   have   a   widespread   rash    They   have   a   “pink   eye”   (conjunc  vi  s)   Cough    –   A   student   who   has   a   persistent,   hacking   cough   will   fi nd   it   hard   to   concentrate   and   may   cause   signi fi cant   disrup  on   in   class   and   should   be   kept   at   home.   If    the   cough   is   such   that   it   interferes   with   the   student’s   ability   to   talk   or   func  on   normally,   they   should   stay   at   home.   A   mild,   infrequent,   cough   is   not   generally   too   debilita  ng   and   is   quite   common   but   if    your   child   develops   a   cough   that   is   more   severe   than   you   would   reasonably   expect   with   the   common   cold,   you   should   consider   taking   them   to   their   doc ‐ tor,   par  cularly   if    this   is   associated   with   fever,   abnormal   behavior,   di ffi culty   in   breathing   or   wheezing.   Diarrhea   and   vomi  ng    –   Students   su ff  ering   from   this   should   be   kept   at   home   and   should   visit   their   doctor   if    symptoms   per ‐ sist.   They   should   be   free   of    symptoms   for   24   hours   and   able   to   keep   down   food   and   drink   before   they   return   to   school.   F ever    –   It   is   school   policy   that   a   child   with   a   fever   of    37.8°   C   (99.8°   F)   or   above   should   not   come   to   school   and   cannot   remain   in   school.   Before   returning   to   school   the   student   should   be   free   from   fever   (without   medica  on)   for   24   hours.   Pinkeye   or   Conjunc  vi  s    –   This   can   be   caused   by   a   virus,   bacteria   or   allergy.   There   may   be   redness,   swelling,   itchiness,   discharge   and   pu ffi ness.   A   student   with   these   symptoms   should   not   come   to   school   but   should   visit   their   doctor   to   see   if    an  bio  c   drops   are   necessary.   The   school   requests   a   medical   cer  fi cate   of    clearance   by   their   doctor   before   returning   to   school,   as   this   condi  on   is   extremely   contagious.   Rashes   and   skin   infec  ons    –   They   are   most   o  en   caused   by   bacteria   or   viruses,   which   can   be   passed   to   others   easily.   The   student   should   consult   his/her   doctor   before   returning   to   school   and   present   a   medical   cer  fi cate   of    clearance.   Runny   Nose    –   This   is   o  en   the   fi rst   indica  on   of    a   common   cold   virus   or   a   reac  on   to   allergens   such   as   pollen   or   dust   and   should   not   usually   be   a   reason   to   keep   a   child   at   home.   Only   if    the   child   is   too   uncomfortable   to   be   able   to   par  cipate   in   normal   class ‐ room   ac  vi  es   or   to   complete   their   work   should   this   be   considered   a   reason   to   stay   home.   The   younger   children   par  cularly   may   fi nd   that   they   are   too   uncomfortable   to   come   to   school   as   their   nasal   passages   are   smaller   and   they   fi nd   it   di ffi cult   to   manage   a   constantly   dripping   nose.   Sore   throat    –   The   student   should   stay   at   home   and   consider   visi  ng   his/her   doctor,   par  cularly   if    there   is   signi fi cant   swelling   or   pain   of    the   throat.   If    a   student   is   diagnosed   with   strep   throat,   he/she   should   not   return   to   school   before   they   are   fever   free   and   on   an  bio  cs   for   24    –   48   hours.    23 October 2014 Elementary School Parent Bulletin 3 Professional Development Professional Development Leaving   ISM?   Please   be   reminded   that   parents   are   obliged   to   o ffi cially   inform   the   School   in   wri  ng   through   a   WITHDRAWAL   NOTIFICA ‐ TION   FORM   if    their    children   will    not    be   returning    for    the   2nd    Semester.   Families   are   encouraged    to   submit    the   Withdrawal    No    fi  ‐ ca   on   Form ,   sta  ng   the   student's   fi nal   date   of    a  endance,   immediately.   For   students   who   will   be   withdrawing   at   the   end   of    the   school   year,   forms   must   be   submi  ed   on   or   before   May   8.   Failure   to   submit   the   form   in   a   mely   manner   may   lead   to   a   deduc  on   of    US$   1,000   from   the   Facili  es   Upgrade   Deposit   (FUD),   in   compensa  on   for   having   held   a   space   for   your   child,   preven  ng   the   School   from   o ff  ering   that   space   to   another   candidate   prior   to   the   holiday   break.   The   Withdrawal    No    fi  ca   on   Form   can   be   obtained   from   the   Admissions   O ffi ce   or   directly   from   the   ISM   website   under   Admission   >   Re ‐ Enrollment   &   Withdrawal   >Withdrawals   Please   feel   free   to   contact   the   Admissions   o ffi ce   at   840.8601   for   ques  ons   or   clari fi ca  ons.   Thank   you,   O ffi ce   of    Admissions   and   Advancement   From e Of   ce of dmissions and dvancement  AFAC Announcement  AFAC Announcement     ES   AFAC   2nd   semester   online   registra  on   will   be   held   on   the   second   week   of    November.   Registra  on   will   start   on   6   pm   Sunday,   November   9,2014   and   end   on   6pm   Friday,   November   14,   2014.   For   more   informa  on,   please   visit:   es ‐ afac.ism ‐    23 October 2014 Elementary School Parent Bulletin 4
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