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  THE ADVANTAGES OF VIDEO GAMES 1) Good for health a) Help children who are ill or have injuries why :- distracts the mind from pain and discomfort Testimony :- Games help children who are ill or have injuries. Absorption in a game distracts the mind from pain and discomfort. Many hospitals are encouraging children and others undergoing painful treatments to play games. b) Help children with attention deficit disorders Why :- allow children to test out different social scenarios, they can learn how to handle the kinds of conflicts Testimony :- Griffiths a professor at Nottingham University wrote in a medical journal that playing games could help children with attention deficit disorders. Research indicates that the children could gain social skills. c) Form of physiotherapy Why :- Computer games can enjoy ourselves from depression and boring Testimony :- Many medical departments are using computer games as a form of physiotherapy. Games help people who are recovery from physical injuries gain motor skills and coordination too. 2) Motivation a) boost self-esteem and help children learn the value of persistence Why :- They will be more motivated after they manage to handle the task. Testimony :-  By setting specific tasks and allowing young people to work through obstacles to achieve those tasks, video games can help boost self-esteem and help children learn the value of persistence. By providing immediate feedback as video game players solve problems and achieve greater expertise. b) having skills and intelligence Why :- The more they play computer games, the more skills they will get because every level have different new skill. Testimony :- players can learn to see themselves as having skills and intelligence they might not otherwise realize they possess. Gaming helps young people realize that intelligence is incremental  , i.e., something that can increase with time and effort rather than being fixed. c) zone of proximal development Why :- Their thinking skill have developed because every level have different task that they need to solve. Testimony :- Immediate feedback also keeps players in the zone of proximal development which allows them to solve problems on their own while working towards specific goals. Since difficulty level rises as players advance, the skills they gain from gaming continue to improve with time. Games also provide intermittent reinforcement to encourage players not to give up despite growing challenges. 3) Cognitive development a) Improve problem-solving skills Why :- They need to solve every task to go to next level Testimony :- Open-ended video games and other interactive media available online allow young people to improve problem-solving skills by learning to solve puzzles through trial-and-error. Interactive games also appear to improve creativity as well. Although it is still not clear how well the skills learned from video games generalize to real-world situations, early research results seem promising. b) Improve language and math skills and enhance creativity Why :-  - Games are known to enhance creativity and inculcate a taste for graphics, design and technology. Players have to move at a great speed along with the heroes of the game. Some of games have their chat room so that it can improve language skills Testimony :- More recently, brain researchers examining play fighting in rats have found that play fighting releases chemical growth factors in regions of the brain coordinated for social activiities. This includes the orbital frontal complex which becomes stimulated and more developed as a result. Since there are strong similarites between some forms of human and animal play, Granic and her colleagues suggest that play can provide the same sort of brain stimulation in human children as well. c) Open up the mind set or thinking skill. Why :- Our neural processing always move efficiency to solve every task in every levels Testimony :- Cognitive advantages from video games also appear to produce greater neural processing and efficiency, improve attention functioning, and help with pattern recognition. The best results appear to come from shooter video games as opposed to puzzle-solving or role-playing games though modern games tend to be too complex to make easy conclusions about the kind of cognitive benefits they can produce. REFERENCE WEB ARTICLE : 
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