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Sample of questions for EST
  SULIT6355/2Questions 1 – 25   are based on the given stimuli. Study the information carefully and choose the best  answer. The skin responds in several different ways. If your body temperature is too high,the skin releases sweat from sweat glands onto its surface. As the sweatevaporates, it drains heat from the body and cools you down. Blood vessels inthe dermis gets wider and act like radiators so that more heat is lost from blood. If your body temperature is too low, these blood vessels get narrower so that youwill not lose heat. The blood vessels under the skin narrow to reduce heat loss,and hairs on the skin are pulled upright (giving you goose bumps) to trap a layer of warm air. In addition, you shiver  your body muscles contract and generateheat. 1 In order for the body to keep warm I the skin contracts II the muscles contract III the blood vessels widen AI & IIBI & IIICII & IIIDI, II & III There!s scientific proof that the greater the music!s intensity the more pleasure itbrings, according to research from the niversity of #anchester. It!s all down tothe vestibular system, which is responsible for balance but also carries vibration$when sound waves set it off, it sends a positive message to the brain. In realitythough, clubs and rock gigs can reach over %&& decibels$ the longer you listen toloud music, the more damage you do. It is considered safe to listen to 'decibels for ' hours, but if it increases to '' decibels, you should halve the lengthof time. 2 Listening to loud music for a longer time can A  be safe B  bring more pleasure C damage your hearing D  balance the sound waves 6355/2SULIT 2  SULIT6355/2 ight materials such as wood and cork float because they are not as dense aswater. *hips can be built from heavy materials such as steel, yet still float. This isbecause the air inside the hull or body of the ship makes the ship lighter than thewater it displaces. 3 The word dense means A full B thick  C heavy D lighter  #atter can e+ist in three distinct states solid, li-uid and gas. The state isdetermined by temperature. A solid is rigid and retains its shape. A li-uid is fluid,has a definite volume, and will take the shape of its container. A gas fills a space,so its volume will be the same as the volume of its container. 4 How does temperature affect matter? A It mould its state B It retains its shape C It changes its shape D It determines its volume airdressers know that /ast Asians have the thickest hair in the world, and nowthe scientists know why. 0eneticists in Thailand, Indonesia and 1apan found Asian hair 2&3 thicker than African and &3 thicker than /uropean. They thenturned to the ap#ap 4ro5ect, where scientists throughout the world comparedgene variations and discovered that ''3 of Asians had a variation or mutation ina gene named /6A7 which is involved in the creation of hair follicles. 5 Which group of people has the least thick hair? A Asian B African C apanese D !uropean 6355/2SULIT   SULIT6355/2 *leep is your body!s way of resting after a day of thinking and moving. 6uringsleep, your muscles rela+, your breathing slows, and your heart rate decreases.If you miss a night!s sleep, your reactions will slow and you!ll feel pretty cranky.8our brain does not turn off completely when you sleep, which is why you dream.   6 Which one of these does not happen when you sleep? A muscles become rela# B  heart beat decreases C  breathing fast D dream *imple tissues are also referred to as ground tissues. They include the tissuesknown as parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma. 4arenchyma tissue iscomposed of parenchyma cells, which are found throughout the plant. They areparticularly abundant in the stems and roots. An important class of parenchymacells makes growth tissues called meristem and cambium. These tissues giverise to all other tissues in the plant body. 7 $round tissues contain A cells B meristem C cambium D simple tissues 0round water is simply water under the ground where the soil is completely filledor saturated with water. This water is also called an a-uifer. 0round water movesunderground from areas where the elevation is high to places that are lowlandareas. 9ater movement is slow and might move anywhere from less than amillimeter up to a mile a day.  An a%uifer moves very slowly because A it is underground B water is saturated C the elevation is high D it moves less than a millimeter  6355/2SULIT &  SULIT6355/2 Below the turbopause at an altitude of about %&& km, the /arth:s atmosphere hasa moreorless uniform composition (apart from water vapour)$ this constitutesthe homosphere. owever, above about %&& km, the /arth:s atmosphere beginsto have a composition which varies with altitude. Thus higher mass constituents,such as o+ygen and nitrogen, fall off more -uickly than lighter constituents suchas helium, molecular hydrogen, and atomic hydrogen. Thus there is a layer, called the heterosphere, in which the earth:s atmosphere has varyingcomposition. As the altitude increases, the atmosphere is dominatedsuccessively by helium, molecular hydrogen, and atomic hydrogen. The precisealtitude of the heterosphere and the layers it contains varies significantly withtemperature. ! 'ne of the composition in the heterosphere is A helium B o#ygen C nitrogen D hydrogen 1 According to the abstract above( A homosphere consists of lighter constituents B o#ygen and nitrogen will dissolve and turned into light constituents C the atmosphere contains constituents that are lighter in higher altitude D the lighter constituents combine with heavy constituents to formheterosphere ;ast food meals may be -uick and easy but they are loaded with fat. According to Australian scientists, we need to restrict the intake of these meals as our arteriesmay stiffen within hours. Though the effect lasted for only a few hours, theybelieve that regularly eating high fat meals could lead to permanent changes andraise the high blood pressure and heart attack. 11 The immediate effect of regularly eating high fat meals is A heart attack  B stiffening of the arteries C increased high blood pressure D  permanent changes of the heart 6355/2SULIT )
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