EU Elementary A2 Progress Test 4

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English Unlimited Elementary A2
  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 4 – Changes   1   Progress test 4 – Changes 1 4 (invite / think)  A Why them to your party?  B I they were on holiday. I didn’t realise they came back last week.5 (have / rain)  A Did Kumar and Josie enjoy their holiday?  B Not really. They a very good time because it every day!  VOCABULARY  3 Past time expressionsCircle the correct expression to complete each sentence. (5 marks) Example:  She began working for the company in . a) 1992 b) 10 years ago c) last year 1 Kazuto moved into his flat . a) last month b) a month c) month ago2 I went to Cuba for my holidays ago. a) last year b) in 2005 c) three years 3 Michelle fell off her bicycle and broke her leg last . a) two weeks b) week c) week ago4 Talal joined the company 2006. a) in b) last c) ago5 My wife and I met at university . a) six years ago b) last six years c) in six years GRAMMAR 1 Singular and plural nouns Write the correct form of the word in brackets to complete the sentences. (5 marks) Example:  I went to two at the weekend. (party)  Answer: parties1 The Institute of Technology is one of the two in my city. (university)2 I share my office with three other . (person)3 One of my neighbours is also my at work. (colleague)4 We invited all the local to my daughter’s party. (child)5 A big like Paris or London often has a lot of social problems. (city) 2 Past simpleWrite the correct past form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences. (10 marks) Example:  (do / clean)  A What yesterday? B I my flat. I didn’t want to go out.  Answers:  did you do, cleaned1 (get up / hear)  A What time this morning?  B 8.30. I woke up late because I my alarm clock.2 (feel / stay)  A Did Maria go to school today?  B No, she didn’t. She very well this morning and she at home. 3 (see / know)  A the match on television last night?  B No, I it was on. I watched a film on a different channel.  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 4 – Changes   2 KEYWORD 5   have Choose and circle the correct option to complete the phrase. (5 marks) Example:  have … a) fun b) great night out c) baby1 have … a) lunch b) cat c) lesson2 have … a) shower b) drink c) dinner3 have … a) sandwich b) meal c) something to eat4 have … a) meeting b) lots of fun c) conversation5 have … a) break b) breakfast c) great time EXPLORE WRITING 6 PunctuationRewrite the sentences using capital letters, full stops and question marks. (5 marks) Example:  good morning, john how are you  Answer: Good morning, John. How are you?1 what time is it i don’t have a watch 2 were you and mark friends at school 3 i’d like a ticket to london what time’s the next train 4 what colour is your car is it green 5 did mike and jules enjoy their holiday in mexico  4 Things for a tripLook at the pictures. Then write the word to describe each picture. (10 marks) Example:  m  Answer: map   1 c 2 p 3 m 4 d l 5 a b 6 k 7 s 8 t 9 t 10 m
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