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Name : Date of Birth : Class Teacher : Year Group : Eva PETRASOVA 5 2nd February 2004 Mr. M. JENKINS Interim Report December 2013 The British International School, Moscow Sometimes P P P P P P P P P P P P P Attendance (between 2/09/13 - 13/12/2013) Comment Number of sessions attended 126 Maximum possible attendance 138 Attendance 91% Signature Headteacher (Andrew Short) Signature Teacher (Mr. Jenkins) Listens carefully and follows instructions Per
  Name : Date of Birth :Class Teacher :Year Group : Eva PETRASOVA52nd February 2004 Mr. M. JENKINS Interim Report December 2013 The British International School, Moscow  Sometimes PPPPPPPPPPPPP Attendance  (between 2/09/13 - 13/12/2013)  Comment Number of sessions attended 126Maximum possible attendance 138Attendance 91%Signature Headteacher (Andrew Short) Signature Teacher (Mr. Jenkins) Listens carefully and follows instructions Personal, Social and Learning Skills  Rarely Often Always Settles quickly to tasksShows a positive attitude to learningMakes the most of learning opportunitiesWorks independentlyCooperates well in a groupTakes care with presentation of work Pastoral comment: Respects self and othersUses initiative Chloe has had good attendance this term and she is usuallypunctual. Well done Chloe! Is confidentIs polite and well-mannered Eva is a creative girl and has worked well to continue to improve in all subjects. Her passion lies in art, andwill take any opportunity to draw or to use such skills to help explain her ideas. In class, she is keen tosuggest answers to questions, and also is keen to speculate or suggest reasons for why something hashappened - showing that she is confident and not afraid of giving a wrong answer. At times, Eva has beentoo talkative in lessons; through always focusing on the task, Eva will be able to make more progress. Herhomework is always of a very high standard, the support that she is getting at home with this is helpingher to improve, particularly in English. Strives for personal bestCompletes homework tasks on time  Codes for Achievement EVGGSIN English  Taught by : Mr. Jenkins E VG G S IN E VG G S IN P PP PP PP PP P CommentTarget E VG G S IN E VG G S IN P PP PP PP PP PP P CommentTarget Improvement NeededNot consistently meeting expectations AchievementSpeaking & ListeningReadingWriting Meeting expectationsSatisfactorySometimes meeting expectations SpellingHandwritingTo always try to use the correct past tense verb in her writing by February 2013. E.g. instead of writing they did go , putting they went .Data HandlingProblem SolvingMental MathsEffort Shown AchievementNumberTo be able to convert between units of measurement more consistently by February 2013.Eva makes a real effort in English lessons. She has worked hard since the start of term and has definitelyproved that she deserves to be in the main group and not ESL. She concentrates very well and asks aboutwords that she has not encountered before, quickly trying to use such words in her writing. Sheunderstands most of what she reads, particularly with a little bit of support. Her writing is still a littlebasic in context, but I have been really impressed with the amount of ideas that she develops and writesdown. Spelling is challenging for Eva, but I expect this to improve with more practice.Eva enjoys mathematics lessons and has a good number sense - this is shown with her confidence in thebasic operations. In shape topics, Eva has been determined to use the correct mathematical terminology,and can describe what is in her head very well to the rest of the class. With data handling, she uses herart ability to create very neat and clear graphs. I expect Eva's ability to independently solve wordedproblems to improve as her English ability also improves.Shape & Space Measure Mathematics  Taught by: Mr. Jenkins ExcellentConsistently achieving above expectationsVery GoodSometimes achieving above expectationsGood Effort Shown  Academic Summary E VG G S IN E VG G S IN P PP PP PP PP PP PP P CommentRussian Taught by: Miss DaryaE VG G S IN E VG G S IN P P PP PP PP PP P Comment Art & DesignPE   Other abbreviations PSHEMusicHomeworkEva is always interested in the subject and willing to learn. Despite the fact Russian is a bit difficult toher and dictations are not an easy tasks for her she improves greatly and her effort is shown in each ofher work. She  doesn’t  hesitate to ask questions and catches quickly the very essence of the task whichencourages her to be independent and self-motivated. Eva is a great example to follow for those childrenwho are almost new to the Russian language. ScienceICT History/GeographySpelling / GrammarEffort Shown Achievement ICTInformation Communication TechnologyPEPhysical EducationPSHEPersonal, Social, Health Education Effort Shown AchievementSpeaking & ListeningReading / LiteratureWritingEva's most passionate in art lessons. She can very quickly visualise how she wants her work to look like andthen can create it using a range of media. Such honed skills have also supported other subjects. Inscience, Eva finds it difficult to understand all the concepts, particularly in the Sun, Earth and Moonmodule. Eva has shown a very good effort in PSHE lessons and is always keen to share her ideas andexperiences with the rest of the class.
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