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Chapter 6 Organic Chemistry, 7 th Edition L. G. Wade, Jr. Alkyl Halides: Nucleophilic Sustitution and Eli!ination © #$#, %rentice Hall Chapter 6 Classes o& Halides ' Alkyl halides: Halo(en, ), is directly onded to sp * caron. ' +inyl halides: ) is onded to sp caron o& alkene. ' Aryl halides: ) is onded to sp caron on en,ene rin(. C C H H H Cl vinyl halide C H H H C H H Br alkyl halide I aryl halide Chapter 6 * %olarity and -eacti.ity ' Halo(ens are !ore electrone(ati.e t
  Chapter 6 Organic Chemistry  , 7 th EditionL. G. Wade, Jr.  Alkyl Halides: Nucleophilic Sustitution and Eli!ination © #$#,%rentice Hall  Chapter 6 Classes o& Halides 'Alkyl halides: Halo(en, ), is directly onded to sp * caron.'+inyl halides: ) is onded to sp caron o& alkene.'Aryl halides: ) is onded to sp caron on enene rin(. C CHHHCl vinyl halide CHHHCHHBr alkyl halide I aryl halide  Chapter 6* %olarity and -eactiity 'Halo(ens are !ore electrone(atie than C.'Caron/halo(en ond is polar, so caron has partial positie char(e.'Caron can e attacked y a nucleophile.'Halo(en can leae 0ith the electron pair.  Chapter 61 23%AC No!enclature 'Na!e as haloalkane. 'Choose the lon(est caron chain, een i&the halo(en is not onded to any o& those C4s.'3se lo0est possile nu!ers &or position. CH * CH CH CHCH CH CH * CH CH 5 31 2 4 chloroutane1 &luoroethyl8heptane 1 2   3   4  5 6 7 1 2 CH * CHCH CH * Cl
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