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  Verilog Lab MdKhwajaMuinuddinChistichisti09@gmail.comPh:9573412381  ã Verilog HDL description of any circuit you will need to write a module  which is the fundamental descriptive unit in Verilog. ã A module is a set of text describing your circuit and is enclosed by the keywords moduleand endmodule. ã A program describes a physical circuit, for which we need to specify the inputs, the outputs, the behavior of the circuit and how the gates are wired. ã To accomplish this, you need the keywords input, output, and wire to define the inputs, outputs and the wiring between the gates, respectively.  There are multiple ways to model a circuitã gate-level modeling,ã dataflow modeling,ã behavioral modeling,ã or a combination of the above.


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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