Few RFID security solutions concepts..

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  • 1. RFID Based SecuritySolution for Societies / Office Complex
  • 2. Few RFID based Security Solutions 1. Access to Secure Locations 2. Vehicle Convoy tracking & identification 3. Vehicle Identification & Tracking 4. Person Movement Tracking
  • 3. Fully AutomaticVehicle Entry / Exit tracking solution
  • 4. VIP Access Control to Secure Locations RFID Security in keychain RFID Security behind Vehicle ID sticker
  • 5. How will the complete system look?
  • 6. System Verify ID while in motion• 99.9% Correct visibility of Vehicle as it is in motion• Approx. distance form the gate can vary from 10 Meters to 30 meters depending upon the availability of the space near to the Complex Entry / Exit point.• Issued tags are secured & tamper proof and destroyed once tried to be removed from the authorized vehicle hence minimize the chances of any fraudulent practice.• Tags can be customized by printing the Logo and Name etc. for visual inspection too.• System can also work in automatic & offline mode without any human intervention required & store up-to 3000 records on its memory.
  • 7. Semi Automatic System forVehicle Tracking
  • 8. Semi Automatic Vehicle Control System Print RFID visitor pass and pickup in advance Upon expiry of ID/Pass, Security office can remotely disable / Hold the tagfrom any misuse. Can Generate reports on Daily / Weekly / Monthly basis in case of OnlineApplication Track misuse and wrongful entry attempts with Vehicle registration No. withthe help on integrated security camera on the server. In case of correct Vehicle all details are shown on the screen The Guard just clicks “Pass” or RFID reader can take Automatic decision on it’s own on the basis of Registered Vehicle Database in even Offline Mode. In case of incorrect match, manual intervention is required. This increases the safety level.
  • 9. In case of unauthorized vehicle? Safety is critical• Boom-barrier gate will remain closed if vehicle detected without any Authorized tags or with Expired Tags• Boom Barrier gate can be opened manually from inside guardhouse on push button activation for any emergency action or Approved Transection• Automatic recording of Date / Time / Security Staff who opens manually
  • 10. Managing High vs. Low Security zones Maximum Security Zone Normal Security Zone Visitor Area Regular Security Zone – Owners Area / Secured Compound Outside area – Regular Traffic on Road
  • 11. Person Movement Tracking inResidential block / Office block
  • 12. Location Tracking How does the system look?Regular staff are trained to always wear their ID Card. This is a must.Contractors / Visitors can be given temporary ID’s on a returnable basisData is captured automatically with date / time / location as personmoves in or out
  • 13. How does it work?• RFID Card is tracked as people Move through the RFID gate way.• Portal will be located at each Entry / exit and areas connecting various building blocks.• Portal is mounted on the side of gates or on ceiling.• Camouflaged to be part of décor.
  • 14. Equipment Options Tag Type Reader Type Display Type• Active ID Card • Active Bluetooth• Active Key-chain • Mobile/PDA • Active Fixed Device• Active Tamper Reader Proof Tags • Wall Mounted PC • Touch – Screen• Passive ID Card PC • Passive Mobile• Passive Tamper Reader • PC + Boom- Proof Tags with Barrier • Passive Fixed Logo Reader
  • 15. Reporting Generation Custom reporting & status on Real Time / Offline basis Get Online / Offline Reports Get Reports per Employee Assets Get Reports by Date / Duration Get Reports by Vehicle Movement / IN / OUTAny other custom reports available Get Exception information by Email / SMS with local Audio – Visual Aides
  • 16. House Hold Stafftracking in GroupHousing Societies
  • 17. Can you tell if any one is a reliable person?Or a person with Mal intention in guise of Maid / Delivery Boy / Courier Guy/ Repair Man / Maintenance Staff etc.How to Control Such things1. Register all casual / regular staff’s Biometric data for future reference with all details at Security Office.2. Capture entry & exit details for such person on regular basis.3. Generate the reports & monitor the same for any deviation from regular practice.
  • 18. What it Do In case of any incident data will be available on the click ofmouse about the Contact Details of such staff along with theirvisit pattern and Biometric Information. It’ll create a pressure on the house hold staff for avoiding anyremote idea of getting involved in such acts by any mean. It’ll assure that re-entry of the such staff in smooth andpaperless mode and enables the immediate monitoring. Even in case of the staff leaves the job it doesnt mean heforgets all the details of the previous employer and any existinglapse in manual system. In case of any unwarranted behaviors by staff, one canpermanently barred for entry to the premises if desired.
  • 19. How it’ll work Biometric devises with Display will be placed at Security gate On the registration of the new staff, data can be passed viaconnected PC or USB drive to the devices.In case of the Barred staff, staff will be barred on applicationand records will be updated to the devices and warningmessages can be displayed to the security staff on duty. When ever staff approaches to the premises, he puts hisFinger on the Reader and on identification a relevant audiovisual message given to the security staff. Even an application running on PC can generate a warningmessage etc. for any deviations.
  • 20. Hi-Fi FrequentVisitor Tracking Solution
  • 21. Hi-Fi Frequent Visitor Tracking Solution Turbo-charged Visitor Service – Track & Alert immediately when clients walk into premises Get real-time Metrics and Usage data – Measure time spent by people via different entry / exit gates or office or facilities in waste area and at single or multi location environment. No Queue Management – Use as replacement for token-numbering system Use for employee time and attendance No need to punch-in or get it queue to record timing Security-guard friendly identification Super fast ID as people walk in-and-out. Empower low-level employees & pamper high profile people.
  • 22. High Level Visitor Tracking Solution Online Application – High Cost• Visitor Tracking software allows for the Security / Manager / Supervisor to view the visitor details the moment the person enters the building.• A simple popup message flashes on the computer screen with the visitor’s name, photo, last visit time, etc.• This allows the staff to greet the visitor without having to wait for the person to identify himself/herself.• The visitor does not need to stand in line and waste his time.
  • 23. Project Phases
  • 24. Project Phases OngoingHardware R&D Hardware Testing Client Site Testing Support Product LIVE Ongoing Software & Firmware Development S/W Training Training Upon Order Receipt Hardware Developed Components Post Tested Development 4 to 6 Weeks 2 to 3 Weeks
  • 25. Simple, Error-Free, Reliable Easy for everyone to use Touch-Screen for fast usage – no need to learn new software Display in English or local language All Details are shown in simple and clear format Equipment is rugged and can be used for special occasions or regular checking
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