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  University of San Jose-Recoletos COLLEGE OF COMMERCE  Department of Accountancy and Finance  August 14, 2014 Dear Respondent, We, fourth year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Bachelor of Science in Management  Accounting, are conducting a feasibility study entitled  A Proposed Josenian Mini-Cafe as an Internship Venue for Hospitality Management Students  in partial fulfillment of the requirements of our course. In this regard, we are asking you to answer the following questions with utmost honesty and sincerity. Rest assured that the data you will be providing us will be used solely for academic purposes and will be kept with utmost confidentiality. Thank you for your time and cooperation. God bless! Sincerely, Allan Leo T. Paran Group Leader QUESTIONNAIRE  Instructions: Please answer the following questions honestly. Fill in the line corresponding your chosen answer. Name: (Optional) ________________________________ Course & Year: ________ Contact Information: (Required)___________________________________________ 1. Have you visited any café in Cebu?  ____Yes ___No (   please proceed to question 4) 2. Which of the following cafes have you visited the most? Please choose at most 3 answers.  ___Oppa Café ___Gentleman ’ s Café ___Cafe Maru ___Cafe Namoo  ___Cafe Noriter ___2PM Café ___Noona Café ___Cafe Tiala  ___La Vie Parissiene ___Kofifi  ___Bo’s Coffee  ___Starbucks  ___Coffee Dream ___Chattime ___Moon Café ___Serenitea  ___Others (please specify)____________________________ 3. Would you want that USJ-R will open its own mini-cafe along P.Lopez St.?  ____Yes ____No If yes, how often would you visit the proposed cafe?  ____everyday ____every other day  ____every week ____once a month  ____others (please specify frequency)___________________________________________   5. Please check which of the following items below you would patronize. Proposed Menu I want to buy Quantity of the product I don’t want to buy   I don’t like the product I can’t afford the product Other Reasons (please specify) Coffee (per cup)  Espresso @ 40.00 Café Latte @ 70.00 Mocha @ 65.00  Americano @ 55.00 Cappucino @ 65.00 Macchiato @ 55.00 Blended (per glass) Chocolate Frappe @ 55.00 Iced Latte @ 50.00 Caramel Frappe @ 55.00 Spiced Hot Choco @ 60.00 Bread (per piece) Whole Wheat loaf bread @ 60.00 French Bread @ 30.00 Special ensaymada @ 45.00 Cinnamon roll @ 30.00 Doughnut @ 20.00 Pastry (per piece) Tuna turnover @ 45.00 Danish pastry @ 40.00 Croissant @ 50.00 Cakes (per piece) Layered mousse cake @ 75.00 Lava cake @ 55.00 Cheese cake@ 100.00 Moist chocolate cake @85.00  Apple pie @ 60.00 6. Would you want that USJ-R THMD Students would run the cafe as part of their internship training?  ___Yes  ___No (please specify who you want to manage the cafe) __________________ -end of questionnaire. Thank you !  -
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