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Tritment for film FORGOTTEN PRINCESS
   Treatment for film   FORGOTTEN PRINCESS By STELA MIŠKOVIĆ  1. ENT. KING NIKOLA’S CASTLE __ NIGHT The year is 1889 . Nada (17) is alone in her room. She’s sitting in front of the mirror in her night-gown, combing her hair and crying. King Nikola (48) enters the room and talks to her about her getting married. He says it’s for the best and that she’d better listen to him, it’s her turn to serve the country just like he does. She accepts, allthough unwillingly. When he leaves the room she falls on the bed and starts sobbing. She’s startled by the devil’s voice which says that there’s a soluton for everything. Nada looks up and sees the devil sitting on a chair where she sat just minutes ago. He looks human, with semi-long black hair, very beautiful, wearing a red tailcoat, a black necktight shirt and a tie of the same color over the tailcoat. His long black tail with a pointy tip in on his lap. Nada jumps terrified from the bed and tries to scream but she can’t make a sound because the devil controls her with his hand. His hand is in position like he closed her lips, allthough he’s not even touching her. On the other hand, she’s acting like he shut her mouth. The devil says that she can only talk to him in a normal tone. Scared and under her breath she asks him who is he. He tells her that she’s well aware about his identity and that she’s the one who called him. He wouldn’t have come any other way. She doesn’t reply but we can see it on her face that she realized who he was, mixed with fear and disbelief. He recommend a contract: she gets married for the painter she’s in love with and she’ll live in opulence in exchange for a soul. She won’t accept claiming that noone of her family ever sinned, nor will she. He says, in that case, there’s a better proposition – she marries who she wants and assuming her offspring, herself included, doesn’t make a sin for the next 100 years, she gets a ’happilly ever after’. But if they do sin, he has a right to claim two souls whenever he wants. Nada, confident and believing that a sin is impossible to make, agrees and signs the contract. The devil remembers two things he forgot to tell her. First, she won’t die during that time unless someone commits a sin, and second – she won’t be a princess and her whole family and everybody else will forget she ever existed. She gets desperate and beggs him to keep at least one memory of her past life, a ring with a sheild of Petrovici and her name engraved „Princess Nada“. It was a ring her father has given to her, and all her sisters, just earlier that day. He lets her, threatening that if anyone ever finds out about the truth about the ring, her whole  offspring will suffer. The devil opens a window and exits the room. 2.ENT ANGELA’S ROOM - NADA’S ROOM DAY   The year is 1989 . Angela (22) is sitting at her desk with history books around her, all related to Montenegro and the Petrovic parentage. One book is open on a page with a picture of King Nikola with his daughters, and on the other page there’s an enlarged picture of a ring with a sheild of Petrovici. Angela is drawing that ring on a piece of paper. She takes the drawing and runs out of the room, into Nada’s room. Nada is already much older and she’s asleep. Angela wakes her up all happy and screams that she had finnished the drawing of the ring and thus completed her graduate exhibition on the Petrovic parentage. She announcing that she’s getting married after that. In that moment, she’s called by Peter (25), her boyfriend and Mirko (25)their best friend. They’re in front of the house, in a car, Peter’s driving. He’s very neat, wearing pants and tucked-in shirt, whilst Mirko is more casual. They tell Angela they had come for her and that they’re going to summer in Orahovac for a fortnight. 3. ENT. RENTED HOUSE BY THE SEA DAY Unpacking. Everybody’s unpacking in their own room. The rooms are modest, each has a big bed, a night stand, a chair between them, on the other side tere’s a huge dresser. Angela enters the room, leaves the suitcase on the floor and throws herself on the bed with spread hands. Mirko drops his suitcase on the floor in front of the chair, sits on it leaning on the chair. He seems satisfied. Peter enters his room, pulls up the chair closer to the bed and puts the suitcase on and opens it. Inside everything’s neatly organised. Angela exits the bathroom with a towel around herself, Mirko with a towel around his waist. Peter puts the last set of well folded shirts in the dresser, he had just finnished unpacking. Angela opens her suitcase and grabs the first thing she sees and it’s a T-shirt. She diggs a little bit through the suitcase and pulls out her jeans. Closes the lid of her suitcase without zipping it. Mirko is shirtless, buttoning his jeans. Angela runs a towel twice through her hair and leaves the room with moist hair, so does he. Neatly folded clothes are on Peter’s bed and he’s obviously in the shower.   4. EXT. THE BEACH NIGHT Somewhat around twenty young people are on the beach. Some of them are in a circle with a guitar, one couple is in the sea, and a small group of three is sitting not far away, talking. Angela, Mirko and Peter are in the circle with the guitar. The guitar is played by a girl, she finnishes a song, leaves the guitar and proposes the truth or dare. Some of them object, but in the end they’re all in. Here we found out the nature of Mirko-Peter-Angela relationship. We find out they’re childhood friends, Peter and Angela are a couple for a year now and they plan on getting married as soon as she graduates, which is in a month and Mirko is, of course, the best man. 5. ENT RENTED HOUSE BY THE SEA DAY While Peter is watching news on the TV, Mirko and Angela are boiling pasta. Angela is setting the table, Mirko comments how the only real pasta is „al dente“ and that he knows the only way to see is it really boiled that way. He puts a fork in the casserole and practicly catapults a piece of pasta from a fork to the wall above the oven. Pasta sticks to the tiles. Angela laughs, Peter gets up madly and tells them not to joke around like that, it’s his aunt’s house and it’s not OK to leave a mess behind. Angela comes up to him, kisses him on the lips briefly and tells him with a big smile not to get mad, she’ll clean up everything. It is visible that Mirko and Angela have a much better relationship. Peter asks her would she ever leave him and she replies „Only if it were a knight on a white horse“. 6. EXT THE BEACH NIGHT Beach party. There’s music from a beach bar. Not much people, again around twenty of them. Peter is pretty drunk, dozzing next to the fire, Mirko and Angela are dancing, laughing, also a bit tipsy. At some point comes up „Hello“ by Lionel Richie. Mirko starts singing and looks at Angela. Suddenly the laughing stops and the attraction between them becomes obvious and they kiss. The kiss is ended by Mirko. They’re both embaressed and confused. He steps away from her, grabs his head with both hands, turns to leave, then comes back, wants to say something, but can’t. Finally leaves. Angela is completely confused but without reaction, just stands there looking after him. She comes up to Peter, who has sobered up a bit, takes him by the hand and asks him to go for a walk fith her. They go away from the party to a bit more private place and she starts kissing him. In
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