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  Probability of dependent eventssee explanation An automobile manufacturing plant produced vehicles today: were sedans, weredo it on papervans, and were trucks. Plant managers are going to choose two of these vehicles forthorough inspection. The first vehicle will be chosen at random, and then the second vehiclewill be chosen at random from the remaining vehicles. What is the probability that two sedanswill be selected?Report your answer as an exact fraction.A business school is preparing an informational booklet for entering graduate students. Part of this material is a report on how various factors influence a student's GPA (grade point average). In particular, the school used a multiple regression model to study the relationship between graduate GPA and several independent variables . If data from current graduate students are used to develop the regression model, what are the degrees of freedom (df) for the regression sum of squares, the error sum of squares, and the total sum of squares?df for the regression sum of squares?df for the error sum of squares?df for the total sum of squares? Identifying degrees of freedom Suppose that we want to estimate the number of holding penalties assessed during a college football game. The sample of games we pick has a mean of 3.3 penalties per game and a standard deviation of  0.8 penalties per game. For each of the following sampling scenarios, determine which test statistic is appropriate to use when making inference statements about the population mean.(In the table, Z refers to a variable having a standard normal distribution, and T refers to avariable having a t distribution.) Selecting a distribution for inferences on the population mean  pactual proportionnnumber of sampleBinary trials distributioncacceptance numberxnumber selected/found in the sample40c3p0.16#NUM!Personal computer manufacturers often buy many of the components in their computers from outside suppliers. company purchases memory chips from a supplier who ships the chips in large lots containing several hundred ch When a lot is received, a random sample of the chips is selected and tested on an automated machine to see if th perform several tasks. If too many of the chips in the sample fail to pass the testing, the company rejects the enti returns it to the supplier.Suppose that the computer company wants to use a sampling plan that has a probability of of rejecting lots that defective or worse. If the company uses an acceptance number of , find the minimum sample size that will give a of at least of rejecting lots that are defective or worse.(If necessary, consult a list of formulas. Also note that the ALEKS calculator allows you to compute binomial prob Acceptance sampling   One such ips each. ey can re lot and consist of probability bilities.)  Bayes theorem p(defective | A0.2p(defective | B0.19P(B)0.75P(A)0.25ANSWER0.260.74p(blind | men6 P(M)100 p(blind | women25 P(F)10,000 0.96male is colorblindCHOOSE O0.04female is colorblindP(desease)0.27In a factory, only two machines, A and B, manufacture washers. Neither machine is perfect: machine A produces defective washers 20% of the time, while machine B produces defectives  17% of the time. Machine B is more efficient than machine A and accounts for  80% of the total output of washers. For purposes of quality control, a sample of washers is taken and examined for defectives. Compute the probability that a randomly chosen washer found to be defective was manufactured by machine A. Round your answer to two decimal places.probability that a randomly chosen washer found t by machine  A Suppose that 6 men in 100 are colorblind, while 24 women in 10,000 are colorblind. Compute the proba Assume that the population contains an equal number of males and females. Round your answer to two d  A certain disease occurs in 47% of the population. A test for the disease is fairly accurate: disease as healthy 4% of the time and reports that a healthy person is diseased just 6% o tests positive for the disease. Compute the probability that the person does indeed have t decimal places. probability that a randomly chosen washer found t by machine  B
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