Fuel Gas Conditioning

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Fuel Gas Conditioning
  Fuel Gas Conditioning Units Most users of fuel gas require gas that is free of liquids and solids. This is particularly critical in gas turbine applications where severe damage may be caused to the turbine if the gas is not ultra clean and dry. Metered fuel gas is normally required at a steady operating pressure and at a safe margin above dew point.Oil & Gas Systems supply complete modules for the provision of clean, dry, metered gas at the required pressure and temperature from an untreated unregulated gas source. In most instances the gas to be treated is natural from a gas transmission pipeline.Packages are designed to minimise installation time and costs and to maximise ease of operation from our UK based fabrication facility.  A Typical Fuel Gas Conditioning Package GAS SUPPLY TO ENDUSER ESDV SEPARATOR FILTER/SEPARATORS FLOW METER HEATER PRESSUREREDUCING SYSTEMBOOSTERCOMPRESSORCONDENSATERECOVERYFLARE/VENT FQPTPCTT This indicates the typical sequence of some of the major components in our FGC package. SeparatorsProprietary vane, multi-cyclone or wire mesh type internals give high efficiency removal of bulk liquids.Filter SeparatorsThese are proprietary two stage units incorporating first stage cartridge filter elements and second stage vane pack, wire mesh or multi-cyclone mist extractor systems, which offer high efficiency removal of bulk solids and liquids.Flow MetersTurbine, ultrasonic, orifice and vortex type meters, with or without pressure/temperature microprocessor correction facilities, allow for measurement of total or individual end user fuel consumption.HeatersWater bath or electric heaters or heat exchanger/boiler systems provide heating of feed gas to ensure product gas is above dew point temperature.Pressure ReductionThere are numerous options available with varying degrees of complexity including:   Self-acting & Pressure controller actuated   Single & Multi-stage reduction   Active monitor systems   Duty standby systems   Various associated safety slam shut systemsCompressionCompression of low pressure feed gas to the pressure required by the end user. Screw, reciprocating or centrifugal types, oil lubricated or dry systems.  We have designed and supplied packaged systems to Oil, Gas and Power companies worldwide, both directly to end users and through internationally recognised engineering contractors. Our installed systems are conditioning feed gas for all major gas turbine manufacturers including GE, Siemens, Rolls-Royce and ABB. Experience OGSL is a member of the IMS Group Partnership Gemini House, The Business Park, Ely, Cambridge CB7 4EA, United Kingdom Oil & Gas Systems Limited  T +44 (0) 1353 666640 F +44 (0) 1353 666650 E Nexen – BuzzardDONG – Mongstad CHPTotal – YadanaBP – ACG

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Jul 23, 2017
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