General Conditions Freight Forwarder Revision February 2013

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Revision February 2013 1 Article 1:DEFINITIONS 1*1* T+e ,-ll-.i/0 .-r .+e/ e i/ t+e C-/trct +ll +6e t+e ,-ll-.i/0 7e/i/0 e8ce9t .+ere t+e c-/te8t -t+er.ie i/icte -r reire: BAF: CAF:Confdentil In!or tion:Contrct:Contrct Doc# ent$: Contrct Price:ETD:  ETS:ETA:ATA:Finl De$tintion: Finl Client:  +ll 7e/ B/;er A<t7e/t Fct-r ,-r -il rc+r0e*+ll 7e/ Crre/c= A<t7e/t Fct-r*+ll i/cle >t +ll /-t >e li7ite t- ll i/,-r7ti-/ .+et+er .ritte/ -r -rl / i/ /= ,-r7 i/cli/0 .it+-t li7itti-/ -c7e/t t ;/-.?+-. relt r.i/0 ei0/ 9l/ 9r-cee 9eci@cti-/ 7et+- c-79ter c-e -r i/trcti-/ c-/ce9t >i/e tie 9rice lit 7r;eti/0 / le t ter7-, c-/trct / 0ree7e/t .it+ ALSTOM GRID e/?ct-7er c-/trct-r / 99lier* Filre t- 7r; /= -, t+e C-/@e/til I/,-r7ti-/  c-/@e/til -r 9r-9rietr= +ll /-t ect it tt  C-/@e/til I/,-r7ti-/ /er t+e ter7 -, t+e C-/trct*+ll 7e/ t+e C-/trct e/tere i/t- > ALSTOM GRID / t+e F-r.rer c-/titte >= t+e C-/trct D-c7e/t lite i/ t+e F-r7 -, C-/trct*+ll 7e/ t+e -c7e/t lite i/ t+e F-r7 -, C-/trct*+ll 7e/ t+e re7/erti-/ e@/e i/ A99e/i8 Price T>le t- >e 9i >= ALSTOM GRID t- t+e F-r.rer i/ c-/ierti-/ -, t+e 9er,-r7/ce -, t+e Ser6ice*+ll 7e/ t+e eti7te ti7e -, e9rtre ,r-7 t+e 9-i/t -, 9ic;?9 -, t+e G-- >= t+e F-r.rer -r ,r-7 t+e F-r.rer 9lce -, recei9t -, t+e G--  i/trcte>=ALSTOM GRID*+ll 7e/ t+e eti7te ti7e -, +i97e/t ,r-7 t+e 9-rt -, l-i/0*+ll 7e/ t+e eti7te ti7e -, rri6l t t+e 9lce -, Fi/l Deti/ti-/*+ll 7e/ t+e ctl ti7e -, rri6l ie t+e te i/icte i/ eli6er= +i99i/0 -c7e/t i0/e >= t+e Fi/l Clie/t t t+e Fi/l Deti/ti-/*+ll 7e/ t+e 9lce .+ere t+e G-- +6e t- >e eli6ere  i/icte i/ t+e S9ecil C-/iti-/*+ll 7e/ t+e c-79/= i/icte >= ALSTOM GRID  @/l clie/t i/ t+e S9ecil C-/iti-/* General Conditions for Freight Forwarder. Revision February 2013 2 For o! 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Revision February 2013 3 1*2*I/ t+i C-/trct /le t+e c-/te8t -t+er.ie i/icte -r reire:-r i79-rti/0 t+e i/0lr +ll i/cle t+e 9lrl / 6ice 6erHei/0 / /= /erli/i/0 re ,-r c-/6e/ie/ce -/l= / - /-t ect t+ei/ter9retti-/ -, t+i C-/trct* Article 2: SCOPE OF T&E CONTRACT 2*1   U/le -t+er.ie e89rel= 9r-6ie i/ t+e S9ecil C-/iti-/ t+e F-r.rer /ert;e t- 9er,-r7 t+e Ser6ice .+ic+ 7= i/cle t- c-llect t;e cre -, / 9r-cre /-r -r0/iJe t+e tr/9-rt -, t+e G-- -r/ t- 9er,-r7 t+e crri0e +/li/0 -r t-r0e -, t+e G-- t- t+e Fi/l Deti/ti-/ 9r/t / i/ cc-r/ce .it+ t+e ter7 / c-/iti-/ -, t+e C-/trct / i/  it>le .= / r-te -, tr/9-rt .it+ /- i/terr9ti-/ > t+e iere/t 7e/ -, tr/9-rt*2*2    T+e F-r.rer +ere/ce t- t+e 0ree Tr/it Ti7e i -, t+e ee/ce i/ t+e C-/trct* A/= i/0le ,ilre t- 7eet t+e Tr/it Ti7e +ll >e ee7e t- >e  7teril >rec+ -, t+e C-/trct / ALSTOM GRID +ll >e e/title t- ter7i/te t+e C-/trct  9r-6ie i/ rticle 22 TERMINATION* Article 0: CONTRACTAL DOC)ENTS  T+e C-/trct i c-/titte -, t+e -c7e/t lite i/ t+e F-r7 -, C-/trct* Article : OBLIGATION OF T&E FOR3ARDER 4*1    T+e F-r.rer .+ile 9er,-r7i/0 t+e Ser6ice + / ->li0ti-/ t- c+ie6e relt*4*2    T+e F-r.rer +ll +6e ,ll li>ert=  t- t+e 7e/ r-te / 9r-cere t- >e  ,-ll-.e i/ t+e 9er,-r7/ce -, t+e Ser6ice* Acc-ri/0l= t+e F-r.rer +ll +6e ,ll li>ert= t- 9er,-r7 t+e Ser6ice >= +i -./ 7e/ -r t- >c-/trct ll -r 9rt -, t+e Ser6ice*4*3* T+e F-r.rer /ert;e t- 9r-6ie ALSTOM GRID /= i/,-r7ti-/ tec+/icl / l-0itic 6ice relte t- t+e 9er,-r7/ce -, t+e C-/trct*4*4 U9-/ e8ecti-/ -, t+e C-/trct t+e F-r.rer i ee7e t- +6e recei6e ,r-7 ALSTOM GRID ll i/icti-/ / i/,-r7ti-/ /ecer= t- e8ecte t+e Ser6ice* S+-l /= i/,-r7ti-/ 9r-6ie >= ALSTOM GRID >e 7>i0- i/c-79lete -r 99re/tl= c-/trict-r= t+e F-r.rer +ll i77eitel= i/,-r7 ALSTOM GRID /; ,-r clri@cti-/* I, t+e F-r.rer ,il t- reet t- iti-/l i/,-r7ti-/ -r clri@cti-/ t+e F-r.rer +ll >e ee7e t- +6e recei6e ll /ecer= i/,-r7ti-/ t- e/re t+e ,ll / c-rrect 9er,-r7/ce -, t+e Ser6ice*4*5* T+e F-r.rer .rr/t t+t +e i ,ll= e89erie/ce 9r-9erl= li@e ei99e -r0/ie / @//ce t- 9er,-r7 t+e Ser6ice / i i/ 9-ei-/ -, /ecer= ;/-.le0e -, t+e le0l reire7e/t / ,7ilir .it+ t+e >i/e 9rctice t- >e ->er6e -r ,-ll-.e i/ t+e c-re -, 9er,-r7/ce -, t+e C-/trct / ,rt+er General Conditions for Freight Forwarder. Revision February 2013 4 c-/@r7 t+t +e i t+ere,-re c9>le -, 9er,-r7i/0 t+e Ser6ice i/ cc-r/ce .it+ t+e C-/trct / t- t+e ti,cti-/ -, ALSTOM GRID*4*!* T+e F-r.rer c-/@r7 t+t 9ri-r t- rec+i/0 / 0ree7e/t  t- t+e 9rice / t+e c-/iti-/ -, t+e C-/trct +e +:K   Cre,ll= / t+-r-0+l= tie / e87i/e ll C-/trct D-c7e/tK    T;e/ i/t- e c-/ierti-/ / cc-/t ll c+ c-/iti-/ / 9ect .+ic+ 7= i/ /= .= ect t+e Ser6ice t+eir c-t / t+e Tr/it Ti7e* T+e F-r.rer /ert;e t- c-79lete t+e Ser6ice t t+e ti7e 9eci@e cc-ri/0t- t+e 9r-6ii-/ -, t+i C-/trct* T+e F-r.rer /ert;e / i t+e -le re9-/i>le ,-r e/ri/0 t+t t+e G-- rri6e -/ t+e c+ele ti7e i/ t+e 9lce -, Fi/l Deti/ti-/  e@/e i/ S9ecil C-/iti-/* T+e F-r.rer /ert;e t- 9r-tect t+e i/teret -, ALSTOM GRID i/  ili0e/t 7//er* T+e F-r.rer +ll 9r-6ie t+e Ser6ice >= c-79l=i/0 .it+ ll t/r / 9rctice -, t+e tre .+et+er +e crrie t+e7 -t >= +i7el, -r ,-r .+-7 +e ire9-/i>le i/cli/0 it >c-/trct-r* T+e F-r.rer c;/-.le0e / 0ree cti/0 i/ lit= -, c-77ii-/ire e tr/9-rt  e@/e >= Fre/c+ l.* T+e F-r.rer /ert;e t- trictl= c-79l= .it+ ll ALSTOM EHS rle  etile i/ t+e ,-r7 Alt-7 EHS i/trcti-/ t- te/erer .+ic+ t+e F-r.rer c;/-.le0e +6i/0 recei6e  c-9=*All tr/9-rt / +/li/0 ei97e/t e ri/0 t+e c-re -, t+e Ser6ice +/le >= t+e F-r.rer -r +i >c-/trct-r i/cli/0 >t /-t li7ite t- +i9 li0+ter trc; triler 0irer cr/e ,-r;li,t <c;i/0 =te7 t--l / >e7 9reer li/0 c+i/ +c;le 0/trie 9lle= r-ller +ll +6e 6lii/9ecti-/ certi@cte / tet certi@cte* All t+ee ei97e/t +ll >e -9erte >= -9ert-r .it+ 6li lice/e ie >= 99r-9rite re0lt-r=ttt-r= t+-ritie* E79l-=ee -r e79l-=ee -, t+ir 9rtie 99-i/te >= t+e F-r.rer -r +i >c-/trct-r +ll .er 9r-9er PPE Per-/l Pr-tecti-/ Ei97e/t t /=

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Jul 23, 2017
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