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  Block 1 : Multiple-choice questions 1 Cambridge O Level Physics © Cambridge University Press 2012 For each question, there are our possible answers: A, B, C and D. Choose the one you consider correct.  1  A student weighs our metal blocks, as shown. Each block is the same size and shape. Which metal has the greatest density? A BC D  2  Te graph represents the journey o a car along a road. In which section o the journey was the car travelling with the greatest speed?       D      i    s     t    a    n    c    e Time ABCD Mul  ple-choice ques  ons Block 1  Block 1: Multiple-choice questions 2 Cambridge O Level Physics © Cambridge University Press 2012  3  Which row in the table shows quantities and their units correctly paired? A weight, Nmass, kg B weight, kgorce, N C orce, Nmass, N D mass, kgweight, kg  4  When a stone is dropped, it alls with the acceleration o ree all. Tis tells us that: A Te stone alls straight downwards. B Te stone alls at a steady speed. C Te stone is unaffected by the Earth’s gravity. D Te stone’s speed changes as it alls.  5  o determine the density o a metal block, a student makes the ollowing observations:   Using a balance, mass o block = 240 g   Volume o liquid in measuring cylinder withoutblock = 80 cm 3   Volume o liquid in measuring cylinder when block is totally immersed = 120 cm 3   Te density o the metal is: A 1.2 g/cm 3 B 2.0 g/cm 3 C 3.0 g/cm 3 D 6.0 g/cm 3  6  An astronaut travels to the Moon, where the strength o gravity is one-sixth o that on Earth. Some students try to explain what he will observe. Which statement is correct? A Te astronaut will 󿬂oat because he is weightless. B Te astronaut’s weight will be less than on Earth but his mass will remain the same. C Because the astronaut weighs less on the Moon, his mass must also have decreased. D Te astronaut’s mass will be less than on Earth but his weight will remain the same.  Block 1 : Multiple-choice questions 3 Cambridge O Level Physics © Cambridge University Press 2012  7  Te diagram shows a beam on a pivot. Four orces act on the beam. Each orce is 10 N. Which orce will have the greatest turning effect about the pivot? DA BC  8  A student hangs a sheet o card rom a pin. Te card hangs reely rom the pin. Which point on the card could be its centre o mass? DBCA  9  Te diagram shows a rectangular object acted on by three horizontal orces.   20   N10   N10   N   Te resultant o these orces is: A 0 N B 20 N to the lef C 20 N to the right D 40 N to the lef  Cambridge O Level Physics © Cambridge University Press 2012 Block 1 : Multiple-choice questions 4 10 A student is measuring the extension o a spring when a orce o 10 N acts on it. Te diagram shows the spring with no orce, and with a orce o 10 N acting on it. 10N 3029282726252423222120191817161514131211109876543210     c    m  3029282726252423222120191817161514131211109876543210     c    m   What extension does the 10 N orce produce? A 6 cm B 8 cm C 10 cm D 14 cm 11 Te diagram shows a manometer used to measure pressure. Te water is replaced by another liquid. Te density o this liquid is hal that o the density o water. Pressure tobe measured h Water    What happens to the value o the height h? A  it becomes   h /2 B it becomes 2 h
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