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  Ngµy so¹n: 7/10/2012 Buæi 1  Tobe ë th× hiÖn t¹i thêng A-Môc ®Ých – yªu cÇu: -Gióp HS bit ! !h s# $%ng tobe ë th× hiÖn t¹i thêng&-'()i bµi* HS !+ th, p $%ng phn . th(yt , .µ ! ! bµi tp& B-Néi dung bµi d¹y:I-Graar: 1-Tobe ®i kÌm c¸c ®¹i tõ nh©n x ng: Ng!i h#$¹i %nh&n 'ng()b*Ngh   +a i,ngi. /0 Ý /0nhiu Nh2 3ngêi n+i4 56Ti* ×nh89e6e'hóng ti8 3ai 3Ngêi nghe4 yo(6e;¹n8yo(6e' ! b¹n8 Ba 3Ngêi <! nh=!n4 it5sN+ 3!h> 8t4 8She5s' ?y 3!on g i4 8He5s6nh ?y 3!on t@i4 8 They6eHA* !hóng n+8 45!ng h#c c6a )b*:7 / 7 )b* 7 ªn8 Ýnh %9- / 7 )b* 7 n) 7 ªn8 Ýnh %9 ()b* 7 / 7 ªn8 Ýnh % -;*<= / 7 )b*9 -N)= / 7 )b* 7 n) 945>ch ?i, @ c6a )b*: 5 @ B 5CShe is B sheCsHe is B heCs5t is B itCs They @e B theyCe Do( @e B yo(Ce5s not B isnCt @e not B @enCt @ not B @ not 2-§¹i tõ nh©n x ng vµ tÝnh tõ së h÷: -E¹i tF nhn ng .µ !hI ngJ tong !(& N+ Kng tL! Mng tF thêng ho! Mng tF tobe&-Tnh tF së hJ( Kng tL! 1 $@nh tF& OMt ×nh n+ Phng th, .µ !hI ngJ <!& $¹i % nh&n '-ng   (Ýnh % <hu Ngh+a i,ng ?i. c6a ((/3 5Oy'I@ ti* !I@ tL* !I@ ×nh9eQ('I@ !hóng ti* !I@ !hóng tL yo(yo('I@ b¹n 1  yo(yo('I@ ! ! b¹nitits'I@ n+Shehe'I@ ! ?y* !I@ !hR ?y* !I@ b ?yHehis'I@ @nh ?y* !I@ !hó ?y* !I@ b ! ?y Theythei'I@ hA* !I@ !hóng n+ II-Crac ic*: !µi 1: h#$n c¸c c© s% s%ng &¹ng 'h( ®)nh vµ nghi v*n: 1&5t is @ pen&2&N@ @n$ ;@ @e ne&&They @e tUenty&V&5 @ Th(&W&9e @e eighteen&X&She is Y@n& !µi 2: +,' x' c¸c c© s% thµnh c© c. ngh/%: 1&n@e/ yo(/ Uh@t/ isZ2&@/ Y@n/ 5&&[hong/ is/ thisZV&to$@y/ hoU/ yo(/ @eZW&th@nP/ @e/ yo(/ ne/*/ Ue&X&is/ Y@n/ Ho@/ @n$/ @/ this/ 5&7&6nn/ @/ he..o/ 5&\&this/ O@i/ he/ is/ n@e/ is/ y/ o&]&eighteen/ they/ o.$/ ye@s/ @e&10&not/ he/ is/ to$@y/ ne& !µi 0: i c© c. 1 3i s%i4 t5m vµ s6% 3i: 1& HoU o.$ yo( @eZ2&5C 8eteen ye@s o.$&&Oy n@e @e Yinh&V&9e @ ne * th@nP yo(&W&5C H@nh @n$ 5 @ is ne&X&5C ne* th@nPs yo(&7&she is e.e8en ye@ o.$&\&N@ @e ne&]&5 @ Th@nh* @n$ This [hong is&10&Ho@ @n$ O@i is e.e8en& !µi 7   :  Chia động từ trong ngoặc cho phù hợp thì. 1&This 3be4 y ^ien$ * Y@n &2&She 3be4 ni!e Z&They 3not be4 st($ents&V&He 3be4 ne to$@y&W&Oy bothe 3not be 4 @ $o!to&X&Do( 3be4 Ng@ Z Des* 5 3be47&The !hi.$en 3be4 in thei !.@ss noU&\&They 3be4 UoPes Z _ No* They 3not be4]&He n@e 3be4 Yinh&10&HoU yo( 3be4 Z _ 9e 3be4 ne* th@nPs& !µi 8   : Dùng từ gợi ý sau để viết thành câu hoàn chỉnh. 1&onin/ 5/ T@/ this/ Y@n2&Hi/5 /H@i/ this/ `@n&&@^tenoon/ n@e/ H(ng/ this/ Ho@ng&V&He..o/ Yong/ 5/ Ho@/this/ N@/ @n$/ this/ Ng@W&HoU/ yo(/ Z _ 5/ ne/ th@nPs&X&oning/ Oiss H@/ n@e/ ;@/ this/ [hong&7&@^te noon/ !hi.$en/ n@e/ Ng(yen `@n 6n/ HoU/ yo(/ Z\&@^tenoon/ te@!he/ Ue/ ne/ th@nPs&]&Hi/ ;@o/ hoU/ yo(/ Z/ 2  10& He..o/ Y(ong/ this/ Y@n* y^ien$/ she/ @ neU st($ent/ y !.@ss& !µi 9: ;ite the nmbe;s   1 B one* 2 * * V* W* X* 7* \* ]* 10* 11* 12* 1* 1V* 1W* 1X* 17* 1\* 1]* 20 !µi <   . rans!at th s s nt nc s into #ng!ish. 1.Chào các cậu. Hôm nay các cậu có khoẻ không?2.Chúng mình khoẻ, cảm ơn bạn. Th c!n bạn hì #ao?$.%ình &'n khoẻ. Cảm ơn các cậu.(. Chào ch).T*n +m à Hoa. -m nm nay 12 u/0..Con chào b m3. 4 m3 có khoẻ không ạ?5.-m chào anh. 67y à 8ga . Cô 9y à bạn c:a +m. Cô 9y h;c <= 5.>.Tô0 à hong c!n @7y à A0nh. Ngµy so¹n: a1V/10/2012aaa Buæi D   n tp Tobe ë th× hiÖn t¹i thêng A-Môc ®Ých – yªu cÇu: -Gióp HS .(yÖn tp thc 8d tobe ë th× hiÖn t¹i thêng&-'()i bµi* HS !+ th, .µ ! ! bµi tp t)t& B-Néi dung bµi d¹y: !µi 1 : T;= 3>i c¸c c© h?i s%: 1&6e they yo( notebooPsZ Des* aaaa&2&5s th@t he !.o!P Z No* aaa&6e yo( @ st($entZ Des* aaa V&6e the te@!hes in the ooZ No* aaaW&5s he ^@the ^oty ye@s o.$Z Des*aaaX&5s H(ng @ goo$ st($entZ No* aaa7&5s she Y@nZ Des* aa\&6e those !h@isZ No* aaa]&6e he bothes N@ @n$ (ongZ Des* aaa10&6e yo( Yo@nZ No* aaa !µi 2@ Ai33 in the sentences Bith is4 %m4 %;e@ 1& 5 aaa @ te@!he&2& aaa th@t yo( st($entZ& This aaa y !.@ssoo&V& 9ea& aa&ne&W& 9h@taaa& thisZX& 9hoaa atheyZ7& Oy n@ea aa&&fohn\& HoU o.$aa&& yo( bothesZ]& aa a&yo( tUe.8e ye@s o.$Z10& aaa these yo( pensZ11& aaa&Y@n @n$ N@ in the !.@ssooZ12& Theyaaaa&& he st($ents&1& His siste @n$ y bothe &&&&&&&& !.@ss@tes&1V& Those s!hoo.b@gs aaaa&neU&   !µi 0 : ThCc hiDn c¸c 'hE' tÝnh s% bFng ting Gnh: 1  2 B   V B\ : 2 B 20 _ 17 B]  W B2  V B ] _ 2 B   BV  W BX   B10 : 2 B1W :  B20 _ V B W 7 B1  2 B 1V   B1  1 B1X  2 B 10  2 B 10 _ 2 B20 _ 1 B12  X B20 _ X B17  2 B !µi 7: Hm hI# ghE' tõ vµ cJm tõ ë cKt G vLi tõ vµ cJm tõ ë cKt !: AB 1&Goo$2&HoU @e&Oy n@eV&5CW&neX&9hee $o7&5C tUe.8e\&Uh@t is ]&9e @e10&5 .i8e @&ye@s o.$&b&is Y@n!&ne ye@s o.$$&nighte&yo( to$@yZ^&Th@nPs&g&in Y@ 'oth&yo( .i8eZi&ne& &he n@eZ !µi 8: §Mt c© h?i thÝch hN' ®$ hoµn thµnh ®o¹n hKi tho¹i s%:  Te@!he: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa&& ZYo@n: 5C ne* th@nP yo(& Te@!he: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa&& ZYo@n: 5C Yo@n& Te@!he: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa&& ZYo@n: Y-Q-6-N* Yo@n& Te@!he: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa&& ZYo@n: on Th@ng .ong steet& Te@!he: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa&& ZYo@n: 5C e.e8en ye@s o.$& !µi 9: Hm hI# chOn 1 ®¸' ¸n ®Png nh*t: 1& HoU @e yo(Z aaaaaa 6& 5C ne;& 5C [ete'& 5C 8e 2& !.ose aaaaaa booP&6& yo(;& yo('& Ue &aaaaaa $o yo( .i8eZ6& 9h@t;& HoU'& 9hee V& 5C aaaaaa ye@s o.$&6& thiteen;& theeteen'& tenthee W&  This is aaaaaa ho(se& V
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