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Elmwood Park, Illinois recycling program
  Village of Elmwood Park Go Greener Programs      Residential Recycling  –   FREE Toters Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills; conserves natural resources, prevents pollution, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps sustain the environment for future generations. The Village encourages residents to join them in the community-wide effort to recycle every chance they get! Call to have a FREE 65-gallon recycling toter delivered to your home today! Residents may still use the traditional, smaller recycling bins available at the Public Works Department at 7330 West Fullerton Avenue.    E-Waste Recycling Program Electronic waste is the fastest growing portion of the country’s solid waste, and the number of laws banning the disposal of electronics is growing in every municipality across the country. Discarding electronic waste with regular waste is banned in Elmwood Park; instead, the Village  provides a convenient and free E-Waste Recycle Drop-Off location at the Public Works Building at 7330 W. Fullerton during normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.    Prescription Drug Drop Off Box The prescription drug drop off box is located in the lobby of the Public Safety building (7420 Fullerton Avenue). This box is available to residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Prescription and over the counter drugs can be disposed of, no liquid medications are allowed. The Village then disposes the drugs through the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). Do not flush old medications down the toilet. They can kill helpful bacteria in septic systems and pass largely untouched through sewage treatment plans. Unfortunately, they can end up in our streams, rivers and lakes. Furthermore, children and animals can get into drugs discarded in the trash and once in landfills, drugs can trickle into the groundwater.    Electronic Online Bill Pay Residents and business owners are now able to pay water bills via the Internet, and can also renew annual vehicle stickers through the Village ’s new Online Bill -Pay System. Of course, if preferred, water bill and vehicle renewal payments can still be mailed or dropped-off at Village hall. Not only is on-line bill pay convenient, but it also helps conserve natural resources, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and keeps landfill space free for other types of trash that can't be recycled.    Shredding and Tire Disposal The Village holds an event once a year so that residents can drop off documents for destruction and tires that are no longer needed/used. Tires will not be picked up with regular refuse pick up. It is also encouraged that residents shred important documents to prevent identity theft and fraud.    Spring Clean Up Week The Village designates one week annually for unlimited refuse pick up to all residential units in Elmwood Park. Residents do not need to purchase additional refuse stickers for any items/bags that will not fit in their refuse toter. Remember, paint, tires and electronics are not included in this annual unlimited pick up.    Leaf Program/Yard Waste       The Village asks residents to rake their leaves into the street gutters on their designated street cleaning day for pick up every Fall. This encourages residents to dispose of leaves properly and at no additional cost to the resident. Residents are also encouraged to place yard waste in the brown paper yard waste bags and Groot, our waste collector, will pick up the brown bags free of charge on the residents designated garbage day.    Green Alleys in Elmwood Park In 2011, the Elmwood Park Green Alley Project was one of only 14 projects in the State to be chosen to receive funding through the Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant (IGIG) Program. Completed in 2012, the  project entailed the repaving of three alleys with materials which are both permeable and environmentally friendly. The brick pavers allow for rainwater to soak into the ground, reducing water flow into the sewer system, limiting backyard flooding and reducing the run-off of pollutants associated with rain and snowmelt. With rave reviews from all, the Village is pursuing additional grant opportunities.    EV (Electric Vehicle)Charging Stations Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular every day and Elmwood Park is doing its part to encourage the move toward electric automobile usage as a way to reduce dependence on dwindling fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gases. Additionally, the Village has joined communities across the state to help make Illinois “EV Ready”  through the installation of public EV Charging Stations. For a list of EV charging stations locations and to learn more about the basics, the benefits, and the buying and operating an electric vehicle, visit the Village website at Additional consumer resources can be found at     Solar Powered Waste & Recycling Compacting Stations Whether you’re at home or on the go, the opportunities to recycle in Elmwood Park are growing! As part of the economic development and beautification efforts throughout the Grand and Harlem corridor, Elmwood Park’s plans for installation of solar-powered waste compactor/recycling stations will introduce and encourage “  public space ” recycling by pedestrians. One side of each waste station accepts and  provides on-site compaction of trash, while the other side is reserved for recycling. Each holds five times the capacity of a traditional waste container and because the garbage is compacted fewer pickups are required, saving time, fuel and money  —  at the same time, reducing the community’s carbon footprint!      Energy Efficiency in Public Facilities The Village was awarded grants totaling $78,850.00 from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) and the Illinois Clean Energy Foundation to further advance ongoing energy efficiency efforts throughout public-owned facilities. The grants helped finance interior lighting upgrades in all Elmwood Park municipal buildings reducing energy consumption and resulting in immediate cost savings to taxpayers.    New Open Space  –   Centennial Park Late in 2012, deconstruction and demolition of the old Elmwood Park Presbyterian Church  began and it became the future site of Centennial Park at Armitage and 76 th  Avenue. Though, when Centennial Park is finished, reminders of the Church that occupied the site for years will remain. The village re- used some of the building’s architectural features such as the church’s stone monument and door archway throughout the park facility. The Centennial Park Project is a  great example of planning for the future  –    it’s green and sustainable and it incorporates many elements that residents of all ages will enjoy.    Roll Out the (RAIN) Barrel! This campaign to encourage water conservation and reuse kicked-off with the Village partnering with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) in a rain barrel ‘ giveaway event ’  at The Taste of Elmwood Park. Rain barrels can be placed under gutter downspouts to collect rain water from the roof then reused in many ways including to wash cars and to water outdoor flowers, shrubs and trees as well as indoor houseplants. Saving water not only helps protect the environment, it saves homeowners money and energy by decreasing the demand for treated tap water. Residents can purchase rain barrels from the MWRD either online at, by calling 312-751-6633 or by calling the Village at 708-452-3900.    Com Ed and Nicor Energy Efficiency Cash-Back Incentive Programs When you reduce your energy consumption, you save money on your energy costs and contribute to the quality of life in Elmwood Park, our country, and the world. Smart Ideas® from ComEd can help you do  just that. Discover which ideas you can put into action, and begin saving today. For residential customer rebates and incentives, and to learn more about reducing your energy consumption and your energy bills, visit or call 1-888-806-2273. Cash rebates are available to residential Nicor Gas customers for the purchase and installation of high-efficiency gas furnaces, boilers, water heaters and energy-efficient improvements. The Nicor Gas Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program offers cash rebates and energy efficiency tools to help Illinois residents in the Nicor Gas territory save energy and money. Efficiency is now more affordable through the help of the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program! For details, visit or call 877-886-4239. You may also email questions to    Energy Impact Illinois Energy Impact Illinois can assist Elmwood Park homeowners increase the comfort of their homes by taking advantage of a $49.00 whole home energy analysis. For a limited time, homeowners can save 70%, up to $1,750.00 off the most cost effective and permanent energy efficiency improvements for insulation and air sealing. Residents can contact Matt Elmore at 503-333-5578   for more information.      Elmwood Park Joins Keep America Beautiful Program In tandem with the “Go GREEN(ER) Today!” Initiative , Elmwood Park Village became an affiliate of the Keep America Beautiful (KAB) last August. Keep America Beautiful follows a practical approach that unites citizens, businesses and government to find solutions that advance our core issues of   preventing litter, reducing waste, and beautifying communities. Becoming an affiliate of KAB, the Village has created the committee Keep Elmwood Park Beautiful to help schedule events and to help make the community more knowledgeable about recycling and becoming a “go Green(er) Village.   Elmwood Park continues to develop and implement Go Green(er) initiatives and will continue to schedule events to better the community. The Village will continue to engage residents about green initiatives, to further our goals to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
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