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HANNE VIBEKE MOLTKE Senior Consultant, Partner, New Stories Hanne V. Moltke has ample experience working with public as well as private sector organisations. Hanne is a skilled trainer who has trained
HANNE VIBEKE MOLTKE Senior Consultant, Partner, New Stories Hanne V. Moltke has ample experience working with public as well as private sector organisations. Hanne is a skilled trainer who has trained leaders at all levels, consultants, project managers and employees in communication skills, management- and leadership skills, and cooperation and relational skills. She has worked with the implementation of strategy, the lowering of sickness absenteeism, and has coached management teams on cooperation and enhanced performance. She is the co-editor and coauthor of several books, Social capital, leadership, communication and cooperation () and Systemic Coaching a book on how to enhance professional conversations and conversation skills in organisations. She has experience within conflict handling and change management in a variety of organisations. She has also taught coaching and communication courses, among other courses Certified systemic coaching accredited by EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) on senior practitioner level. As a former head of an information department, Hanne knows about information and communication in a strategic context. CAREER Partner in New Stories Consulting ApS Consultant and coach, writer, speaker within the fields of communication, conflict, cooperation, social capital and relational coordination as a method in organizational and leadership development. Since 2015 affiliated to Copenhagen Business School as an external lecturer in the subject Business coaching CONTACT INFORMATION Hanne Vibeke Moltke New Stories Consulting ApS St. Kongengade 62A 1264 Copenhagen K Manager in Rambøll Management Consulting/Attractor with responsibility for the firms certified coaching education (21 days), courses in conflict management, development of social capital and relational coordination in public and private organisations Affiliated teacher of health and safety management: Organisational culture and organisational theory at University College Metropol in Copenhagen. 1 CV HANNE V. MOLTKE UPDATED 2015/8 Network manager and business consultant, Center for Ledelse/Centre for Leadership Facilitator of multiple networks of CEOs, CIOs, HR-directors and managers External evaluator in the Danish Ministry of Energy on how solar projects were implemented and communicated Communications officer ( ) and Head of Communication department ( ), Håndværksrådet/Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 1987 Trainer in Information Technology, Hafnia Forsikring/Hafnia Insurance EDUCATION Master of English and History University of Copenhagen Diploma in Information Journalism Danish Journalist s College/DJE COURSES/CERTIFICATIONS Venire certificeringen - procesuddannelse for erfarne ledere og konsulenter, Certificering som systemisk coach, EMCC akkrediteret, 2007 Uddannelse som systemisk proceskonsulent, Attractor, MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Emotional Intelligence in MBTI JTI Jungian Type Index LANGUAGE SKILLS English, German, French Conversational level Danish (Native speaker), Spanish, Russian (Dinner/tourist level) PUBLICATIONS Coaching in perspective, Hans Reitzels publishing house, chapter with Kim Martin Nielsen (in Danish) Engagement and creation of value relational coordination and social capital, article in the review Relational coordination. With Heidi Graff (in Danish) Co-author of Book: Social capital in organisations, - leadership, communication and cooperation, Dansk Psykologisk forlag, with Heidi Graff (Danish) 2010 Trille Lykke & Hanne V. Moltke: Difficult conversations in: Strategic Conversations of Heads of School, Finn Borch (ed.), Dafolo, Denmark (Danish) 2 CV HANNE V. MOLTKE UPDATED 2015/8 2009 Co-editor and co-author of Book: Systemic Coaching, Dansk Psykologisk Forlag, Copenhagen (Has been translated and can be made available in English) Book 2008 Fogginess and Lighthouses creating clarity in the fog of modern working life. With Thorkild Olsen. In the review: Erhvervspsykologi, Vol. 6, nr. 4 (2008) 1997 The invisible women a study of co-working spouses, Samfundslitteratur, København, Coauthor with Anne Holm Sjøberg and Peter Jayaswal EXPERIENCE IN LEADERSHIP TRAINING AND COMMUNICATION 2015 Brønderslev Kommune/Brønderslev Municipality: Leading the change from service to cocreation How does a municipality go from doing things for citizens to doing things in co-creation with citizens. Presentation and workshop for all leaders in the municipality of Brønderslev Team Coaching and training of Strategic Leadership team in Day Care, Næstved Muncipality Building a leadership team with Competing Values Framework and paradoxes in leadership Strategic leadership Dragør Kommune, Denmark Strategic Leadership training 2013 Coaching for Leaders, Ramboll, Hamburg, Germay Training of leaders and consultants how to lead and manage with coaching and communication tools. In German language Leadership development Coop Danmark A/S, Danmark (Retail chain) Trainer at The Public Leadership Education, modules 5 days plus examination: Personal leadership, Organisation and management, Coaching and Leadership Leadership development Statens Administration, Denmark/Ministry of Finance Leadership and communication for Directors and all managers in the Ministry of Finance, Department of Government Administration MAN DIESEL Global leadership training, Munich 4 modules x 3 days 3 CV HANNE V. MOLTKE UPDATED 2015/8 2010- Being a young leader Danish Association of Youth Organisations Trainer Education for 25 young leaders from different youth organisations (Young Doctors, Muslim youth in Denmark, Danish Scout Organisations, Danish Youth Red Cross..). Leading with an appreciative angle. Principles and methods Leadership training in the Municipality of Sonderborg Municipality of Sonderborg, Denmark Leadership training in the Municipality of Sonderborg. 12 days for all managers in Sonderborg Municipality: Communication, Coaching, Conflicts 2008- Leadership Seminar KABS Glostrup Municipality s Centre for Drug Abuse, leadership seminars The professional leader 24 day course in leadership and leadership communication The systemic leader 12 day course in systemic leadership OTHER TRAINING EXPERIENCE Certified coach training in systemic coaching 21-day education with examination, that merits as 1 st semester at the Aalborg university Master in Organisational Coaching Learning accredited by EMCC European Mentoring and Coaching Council on senior practitioner level. Trille has taught multiple training courses Process consultation 14 day course in process consultation: Creating mobilizing and engaging processes with co-creating and involving conversations Conversation training for social workers from the sickenss benefit area Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen, Denmark Conversation training for social workers from the sickness benefit area 2010- Project management training Helsingør Municipality 5 modules of 2 days Training courses at at Centre for Leadership Facilitation of networks Creation of networks, Creating relations, How to Communicate 4 CV HANNE V. MOLTKE UPDATED 2015/8 Training courses at Håndværksrådet/Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Communication Journalism How to Communicate via the Press and the Media OTHER PROJECTS 2015: Danish Courts and the Court in Glostrup: Good Court Room Management How do Judges lead trials in court? Good Court Room Management A development project for Danish Judges with personal feedback, development of a paradigm of Good Court Room Management 2015 Danske Handicaporganisationer Danish Association of Disabled Persons Organisations Project Kickstart: How to develop methods to create communities and networks between local disabled persons orgasations, socio-economic businesses, other NGOs and voluntary organisations and local businesses and SMEs. The purpose is to create more jobs for people who cannot work full time or at full capacity. Facilitation and Communication on methods used in the pilot project Kickstart. Focus group interviews, network meetings, co-creation. Roskilde Kommune/Roskilde Municipality Social capital and relational coordination. How to innovate the core task. Training of all leaders in the areas of children, elderly, social sector in Roskilde Municipality. SOS International Presentation on social capital/relational coordination ArbejdsmiljøNET Conference on health and safety, april 2015 How measurements can be used to enhance relational coordination and not de-motivate. Næstved Kommune, Daginstitutionsområdet Consultancy in Change management: An entirely new leadership structure in the area of day care institutions. Co-creation of new culture, new structures, new relations and team spirit Næstved Kommune: Coaching with Leadership Pipeline How to practice coaching with Leadership Pipeline. Training of coaches and consultants in Næstved Municipality nstitut for Sygepleje, Professionshøjskolen Metropol/Nurses training college Coaching of management team UC-Sjælland Process work: Creating a new culture after a merger of tree teachers training colleges. Danish Ministry of Education Project manager for national conference with participants from University colleges, Journalist s training college on a new labour agreement on working hours 5 CV HANNE V. MOLTKE UPDATED 2015/8 Næstved Kommunes board of directors and strategic management Coaching and councelling and process work on how to implement new policies for sickness absenteeism. Process with relational coordination and the tasks of all managerial levels: duties, needs, and necessary communication in the implementation process. -15 Cooperation and work environment process in municipal employment centre coaching of management/ballerup Jobcenter, 7 days Danish Association of Bankers, Coaching of leader, Conflict solution Finansrådet, Danmark 2011- Glostrup Court, Lowering sickness absenteeism at Glostrup Court 2010- Evaluation that works Danish Association of Youth Organisations Fredericia Kommune Conflict management courses Uddannelsescenter Fredericia 15 courses in conflict management 6 CV HANNE V. MOLTKE UPDATED 2015/8
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