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Having a balanced diet and eating balanced meals is the key to a healthy life. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Many people are of the opinion that they could have a healthy life because of their diet. I partially agree with that point of view, however, in order to have a healthy life there are many ways apart from having balanced meals. It is certainly true that eating well plays a maor role in keeping healthy. There are many studies show that many diseases relate to
   Having a balanced diet and eating balanced meals is the key to a healthy life.To what extent do you agree or disagree?Many people are of the opinion that they could have a healthy life because of their diet. I  partially agree with that point of view, however, in order to have a healthy life there are many ways apart from having balanced meals.It is certainly true that eating well plays a maor role in keeping healthy. There are many studies show that many diseases relate to eating too much meat and fatty foods such as obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, gout and high blood cholesterol level. !eople should have more fruits, vegetables and fiber in their meals and have less foods containing fat and high calorie in order to have a balance meal and reduce risk of suffering from diseases related to diet. lthough eating nutritious meals is important, it does not necessary meant that people will always have a healthy life as a result. #ome people still suffer from various diseases even though their diet is very good. $or example, people who work in offices easy suffer from cardiovascular disease, degenerative oint, or neurological diseases. These diseases are often associated with lacking of exercise.In order to have a healthy life people should not only eat balanced meals but also consider combining their diet with doing regular exercise. %xercise helps us have toned  body, increases blood circulation, and our heart, an important muscle in the body, beats faster. &o exercise also help body eliminate excess energies which are causes of many diseases.To conclude, it is important to combine both having scientific meals and doing regular exercise in order to have a long and healthy life.I believe that exercise and healthy eating are needed to improve us as people. 'eglecting to take care of these responsibilities can harm our bodies not only physically but mentallytoo. My most passionate activity is keeping my body in shape. %ating healthy and working out are extremely important to me because it gives me drive, keeps me motivated, and brings me happiness.&epending on your eating habits and your level of exercise you can either mentally  benefit or hinder. Mentally, healthy eating and exercise provides us with more motivation  and drive. Taking care of our bodies can provide us with a higher self(confidence becausewe enoy the way we look and are proud of what one accomplished. )hen I exercise and watch what I put in my mouth I feel more energi*ed, the increased levels of serotonin makes me feel better about myself. Taking care of yourself provides an air of confidence, which makes you more likely to succeed in the workforce and in relationships. +n the other hand poorly taking care of your body can put you in a bad mood because of reflections on our body images and the sluggish gross feeling from not eating well or exercising. $rom personal experience, when I dont exercise or eat healthy I feel sluggish and self(conscious about my figure.%ating healthy and exercising cannot only benefit you mentally but you benefit physicallyas well. !eople who eat healthy and exercise have less health problems and are more active people. )hen going to the hospital, you dont normally see athletes having heart  problems, lung problems or any problem that can be controlled by diet and exercise. I  believe that the small groups of people who go out and exercise everyday whether its riding a bike, running or going to the gym, they lead a more stress free life style. The more active a person is the more attractive they become, they have a better relationship with their spouses physically and mentally and they are more appealing to be around.!eople who choose not to eat well and exercise little will physically pay the conse-uences. The people who you do see at the hospital are the obese patients getting stints put in their hearts. I know from watching my grandfather growing up, what poor diet and exercise decisions can do to you. My grandfathers poor health decisions have caused him to be obese, have type(two diabetes, and have a heart attack. The physical harm of not eating correctly and not exercising are problems with weight, health  problems such as diabetes, heart attacks, blood clots etc.I believe people should cherish their bodies and take care of them by eating correctly and exercising. My passion for taking care of my body has lead me to choose my career in  physical therapy and minor in nutrition. %ating properly is proven to prevent diseases likediabetes and high blood pressure. There is truth to the clich/ you are what you eat. #ome people believe that a vegetarian diet is the best diet for a variety of reasons, but others strongly oppose this view. &iscuss both views and give your opinion.+pting for a healthy diet is an essential part in the pursuance of good health. )hile there are some benefits to eat a vegetarian diet, I would argue that it is better to consume both vegetable and meat.  The option to go on a diet which consists of no products made from animals is attractive for several reasons. Many people want their meals to include vegetables and fruits only. This can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or even cancer. In terms of ethical values, people who stick to a vegetarian diet do n ot have to feel guilty for killing innocent animals or encouraging traumatic treatment of animals in factory farms. They can consume their food satisfactorily and feel peaceful in minds.+n the other hand, I believe that it is more beneficial for people to maintain a balanced diet which provide both fiber and protein. $irstly, humans are omnivores by nature, and we should follow this natural rule in order to be healthy. If there is an imbalance in our diet, we could lack several mandatory nutritions like proteins referred to as %ssential mino cids, which are indispensable for proper physiological development. #econdly, in many countries, meat is the main ingredient in traditional meals. $or example, sticky rice cake in 0ietnam has become famous all over the world for its delicious combination of conventional ingredients like green bean, rice and a piece of pork. This delicate mixture would not exist if everybody turned vegetarian.$or the reasons mentioned above, it seems to me that people are more likely to be  physiologically and mentally healthy if they enoy a balanced diet. There are many types of diets, but not all of them are healthy. &iets serve one of two purposes to eat healthy, such as an athlete training for competition1 and to lose weight. #ome people go on diets to lose weight when they are not obese at all1 this can lead to loss not only of weight, but also of important strength and body tissues.How many types of diets do you think there are? There are many types of diets, but not all of them are healthy. &iets can be interpreted in two ways losing weight, or eating healthy. #ome diets consist of healthy food for athletes who are training for competition, or ust simply want to eat healthy 1 others are used to lose weight. However, some people go on diets such as eating one meal a day to lose weight, when they are not obese at all. There are many ways to go on a diet, and ust how, is up to you.&iets of high carbohydrates support athletes that compete in swimming or physical activities with lots of energy. They eat healthy to improve their performances and  physical abilities, not the way they look. #ome people go on healthy diets that include  protein, carbohydrates, calcium and many other nutrients to get an all(around meal. Manyfamilies have a fixed diet so they can eat healthily, without greasy food or food that isn2t good for the body.#ome people go on diets to lose weight. These people include 3 obese people, and people who are perfectly normal, but think they need to slim down. The diets for obese people are for all genders, but people who aren2t fat but want to slim down even more are generally women. The reason is that women want to look great, without knowing they are beautiful the way they are already. 4y eating one or two meals per day, they not only   become slender, but also lose their body tissues and strength.There are many types of diets, some are for health reasons, but some can do the opposite. Most people eat diets that are healthy, simply because they regard eating as a big part of life and want to live healthily. #ome people are ust paranoid about their weight and  beauty. #ometimes, being natural is beauty, no matter how you look.How to %at Healthy 5$oods That Make 6ou $eel wesome76ou should eat natural, unprocessed foods that humans are genetically adapted to eating. 8esearch shows that such foods are great for health 59:, 99,9;, 9<7. $or healthy people who exercise and dont need to lose weight, there is absolutely no  proven reason to avoid tubers like potatoes and sweet potatoes, or healthier non(gluten grains like oats and rice.If you are overweight or have metabolic issues 5low H&=, high =&= cholesterol, triglycerides, belly fat, etc.7 you should restrict == high(carb foods 59>, 97.  Meat 4eef, lamb, pork, chicken, etc. Humans have eaten meat for hundreds of thousands of years. @nprocessed meat is good for you, especially if the animals ate natural foods 5like  beef from grass(fed cows7.  $ish $ish is great. 0ery healthy, fulfilling and rich in +mega(; fatty acids and other nutrients. 6ou should eat fish 5preferably fatty fish like salmon7 every week.  %ggs %ggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. The yolk is the most nutritious and healthiest part. +mega(; eggs are best.  0egetables Aontain fiber and many nutrients that are essential for the human  body. %at vegetables every day.
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