HeavyOil Worksheet

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HeavyOil Worksheet
  Heavy Oil Programs Click on Description to get to ProgramTo use programs:Input data in white cells, answers in green cells. ProgramDescription 0Conversion Factors1API - Determines oil API, density and molecular weight at any temperature2Water Properties: Density and thermal properties of water 3Thermal Properties: Heat capacity, thermal conductivity and diffusivity of fluid saturated rocks/and liquids4Viscosity of Liquid Mixtures & Emulsions5PVT: Determine Bo, Bw,Bg, GOR, Pb,compressibility, dead/live oil viscosity at reservoir temperature6Steam Tables 7Heat of Combustion8Heat Conduction: erfc function9Hot Water Injection: Temperature away from injector 10Steam Zone Volume11Steam Conformance12Oil-Steam Ratio13Combustion Parameters14Single Phase Pressure Drop in Pipeline15Wellhead Steam Rates and Pressure Drops16Waterflood Voidage Replacement Ratio17Bottomhole Pressure Determination from Acoustic Shot18Recombination at Separator 19Residual Oil Saturation After Steamflood20Reserves21SAGD22Horizontal Wells23Thermal Casings24Wellbore Heatlosses25Reservoir Properties26Optimum Working Interest27Optimum Number of Drilling Locations and PDV28Success-Fail Model29Original-Gas-In-Place30Refinery Calculations30.1Petroleum Fractions31Relative Permeability32Slurry Viscosity33DST34Volumetrics35Engineering Economics36Sask Royalties37Alta Royalties38Oil Prices39OPEC and World Production40Progressive Cavity Pumps and Pumps (IPR)41Steam Distribution Systems42Minimum Miscibility Pressure & VAPEX43EOR Parameters44EOR Royalties45Tracers - Radioactive46Heavy Fractions47Mining48Production Facilities49Catalyst50Canadian Dollar 51References and Assignments  METRIC TO AIMPERIALCONVERSION Input Here:METRIC UNITS Length 1m1m250km1cm Area 10000m21m21000m21km24143.9ha1ha1ha Volume 7m3Oil Volume60m3Water Volume1m3Butane Volume1m3Propane Volume13m3Ethane Volume1m3Gas volume1m3Gas Volume1e3 m3Liquid Volume14litresLiquid Volume1litresLiquid Volume1litres Mass 1kg1Tonnes1Tonnes454gm150metic tonnes CO2 Pressure 8000kPa1MPa0.2bar G  Pressure Gradient 1kPa/m Force 1Newtons Dynamic Viscosity 1mPa-s Kinematic Viscosity 1m2/s Temperature 13deg C5deg C1K1K Density 1000kg/m31kg/m3 Specific Volume 1m3/kg Flow Rate 0.0008m3/s1m3/s1kg/s546tonne/d Permeability 1m21micro m2 Heat, Enthalpy 1kJ1GJ1J Specific Heat 5kJ/kg-K Volumetric heat Capacity 1kJ/m3-K Specific Enthalpy 1kJ/kg Heat Flow Rate 6kW Thermal Conductivity 1kW/m-K1W/m-K Thermal Diffusivity 1m2/s Heat Transfer Coefficient 1kW/m2-K  Horsepower  1kW Electricity 1 gigawatt hour = 3600 GJ GOR 10m3/m3 Concentration 1mg/kg Geothermal Gradient 1deg C/m Gas Constant R 82.053cm3-atm/(g-mole deg K)8.3143J/(g-mole deg K) Radioactive Amount 1.48E+10Becquerels (Bq) Radioactive Dose 1gray (gy)1rem IMPERIAL BTO METRICCONVERSION Input Here:IMPERIAL UNITS Length 2ft1yd1mile1inches Area 1ft21yard21acres1sections1sections1acres1ft2
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