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How to Build Tyrion Lannister in The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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Let's Begin at The Beginning, Shall We?
  How to Build Tyrion Lannister in The Pathfinder RoleplayingGame Let's Begin at The Beginning, Shall We?Credit: Wikimedia Commons Image  Tyrion Lannister is the trickster in his purest form; a character who uses what he has to performoften-heroic actions despite all those who refuse to see him as anything but a monster. Despite beingborn a dwarf however he manages to outwit his foes at nearly every turn, and to pull warriors, spies,and even common men and women to his cause with his compelling charisma. Whether you're a fanof the Song of Ice and Fire book series, or just of Peter Dinklage's performance as Tyrion, thefollowing suggestions are meant to help you bring the Imp to your tabletop game.If you're interested in other great character builds check out the character conversion page onImproved Initiative in the Bibliography section below!Step OneDetermine Race, Traits, and AttributesTyrion, like the rest of the main characters in the Song of Ice and Fire series, is human. That saidplaying a small-sized human comes with definite negatives (lower strength, truncated movementspeed, etc.), but those who want to be true to the character may wish to simply play a human who issmall-sized. For those who want to capture the devil-may-care personality and strange appearance of book-Tyrion (the heterochromia of his eyes is something that just doesn't show up in the show) agnome might be more fitting. For those who want to avoid the magical nature of these diminutive faeoffshoots though, halflings fit the quick-witted and crafty Tyrion just as well. Regardless of your race you're going to want a high charisma, intelligence, and dexterity.Once you've settled on your race (whichever one you find most fitting), the next step is to choose twotraits. As always it's imperative to choose traits whose bonuses you're going to use often, but alsowhich fit your concept's background. As a quick for instance, Tyrion is always bedding harlots and drinking with thieves. Friends in LowPlaces (Bastards of Golarion 25) allows you to gather information more quickly, and it means thosewho are impoverished start one step closer to friendly regarding you. Tyrion's high birth and time asHand of the King might also mean that Friends in High Places, which gives you a +1 to diplomacyand intimidate checks in a place where you've recently gathered information (+2 againstgovernment officials), is an equally useful trait. Traits like Gregarious and Calculated Bribe allow you to re-roll diplomacy checks once per day, and traits like Convincing Liar (+1 to bluff checks)and Civilized (+1 to knowledge [nobility] and knowledge [local] checks) are also useful.Keep in mind that you can't have two traits from the same umbrella either. So once you've chosen your social trait you might want to think about a magic trait like Scholar of the Great Beyond (Tyrionloves his old books), which gives you a +1 on knowledge (history) and knowledge (planes) checks.Or, if you're stuck for a decision, Reactionary gives you a +2 on initiative checks; that's nevergoing to go out of style.  You'll Get There in Time...How Hard Could it Be?  Credit: Wikimedia Commons ImageClasses Yes, it's plural.Tyrion Lannister is a man of great guile, low cunning, and who has a tendency of inspiring loyalty inthe strangest places by making (and somehow keeping) occasionally-outlandish vows. Since he hasno magic, isn't particularly skilled at violence, and always seems to be one step ahead of theheadsman a rogue is an obvious fit for Tyrion. Not just any rogue though! The Charlatan (UltimateCombat) replaces trapfinding with natural born liar, which gives any creature the Charlatansuccessfully bluffs a -2 on against further bluff checks for 24 hours. Alternatively the Spy (AdvancedPlayer's Guide) provides a bonus equal to 1/2 the Spy's level on bluff checks with convincingliar (also replacing trapfinding). You also gain poison use, which might be something fans of thepurple wedding would snatch up in a heartbeat. You're only going to have 5 levels of rogue though,so choose carefully.So What Do You Take At Level 5? A little-known prestige class called Noble Scion.In order to get in you must take the Noble Scion feat (which gives you a bonus on knowledge[nobility] and makes you an official part of a noble house), or have the Skill Focus feat for a skill inthe Noble Scion's class list. You need to be a member of the aristocracy, and at least 2 ranks of bluff,diplomacy, and sense motive, along with at least 5 ranks of knowledge (nobility). Once you have that,   you're golden!So why take Noble Scion? Well out of the gate you get access to a pool of money from your nobleheritage with the ability Affluent. It starts at a bonus 750 gp and every time you gain a level thisbonus is multiplied by your new class level. When combined with Prestigious Influence (whichgives you an invisible, floating pool of gold for buying impermanent things like food, entertainment,services of experts, etc.) you might say that a Noble Scion is one who always pays his debts.Now that you're all done groaning, the other attractive feature of the Noble Scion is that he canattract a cohort equal to his own character level (because what's Tyrion without Bronn?), as well asa Servitor (a bonus cohort that has to have NPC levels and generally just runs errands... someonelike Podrick Payne). In addition to followers and money though Noble Scions gain access to bonusfeats, additional training in the form of dilettante studies (bonus sneak attack damage is one thatcan help keep Tyrion alive when he does have to take the field) and bonuses on knowledge (local)and knowledge (nobility) checks. Combine that with the ability to re-roll bluff, diplomacy, intimidate,sense motive, and knowledge (nobility) at 10th level, and you have someone who will play (and win)the Game of Thrones.SkillsTyrion is not a warrior, but he is a man of a great many skills. Bluff, diplomacy, knowledge (nobility),knowledge (history), acrobatics (if the book is your source material), and intimidate are all skills wesee him use. Sense Business Electricity Comparison motive is a necessity for swimming with thesharks in the courts of the world, and knowledge (local) is quite useful for knowing what threats andadvantages are available in a given place. Use magic device might not be in the core of thecharacter, but it is a valuable skill to possess so you can make the most of what's available i theworld. While he has other skills available surely, these are the ones that are both core to thecharacter, and which will be of the most use.FeatsIn order to follow this progression you're going to need either Skill Focus in one of the NobleScion's skills, or the Noble Scion feat (Inner Sea World Guide). You should probably take boththough, since Tyrion is going to be using bluff, diplomacy, sense motive, and intimidate the most,closely followed by his knowledge skills. You even get Leadership as a bonus feat, so you don'tneed to worry about adding it into your feat progression. As far as combat skills Tyrion is more of a come up with a plan and give orders sort of guy. Thatsaid skills like Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot (Core Rule Book) will always come in handy forsomeone who prefer to throw things at his assailants (or to use a crossbow whennecessary). Dodge and Mobility ( Core Rule Book) are great for those who want to be as mobile

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