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    Lifetouch Confidential Page 1 of 8  It’s Time to Focus on Your Roster! Our goal at Lifetouch is to ensure your current photography event and directory program exceedsyour expectations and runs seamlessly! Serving photographic needs since 1936 and directory needssince 1963, we’ve learned a lot.The following information will help you get a jump start on preparing and submitting yourorganization’s roster in a timely manner, avoiding delays and pitfalls. Please provide thisinformation to the Secretary of your organization as well as the individual responsible forsubmitting the materials for the layout of your directory.   How to Proof, Scrub and Purge Your Roster It is critical to the success of your program to update the accuracy of the roster  prior to sending it tothe phone callers for appointment setting or with the layout materials for printing. Purging andproofing your roster on the front end of your program will dramatically reduce the possibility of delays and massive corrections being made on the back end. Consider the following tip toaccomplish this goal:Print a current copy of your roster and post it on the wall near where the photographyappointment sign-ups will be taking place. Attach a red pencil on a string by the postedroster. Announce to your members verbally or in the bulletin, “Please check your entry onthe roster posted in the hallway.” “You’ll find a red pencil on a string by it.” “Please makeany corrections or changes to your entry…otherwise, that is how your entry will appear inthe new directory.”Members will gladly proof and correct any errors appearing in their own entry. For example,Cathy spells her name with a, “K” not a, “C.”    Lifetouch Confidential Page 2 of 8 Keep the roster posted for at least 3 weeks. At the conclusion, remove the altered sheets andprovide them to the secretary to make the noted changes to the master roster. Organizationshave found that engaging members to assist in correcting roster entries is the most efficientway to accomplish the task! How to Prepare Your (Newly Purged) Roster Roster Heading The roster heading will appear on the top of the first page of the directory roster. Suggestedinformation includes the name of your organization, address, phone number and e-mail address anddate. You may submit up to five lines of heading information on a Captions & Headlines form. If your organization does not submit this information, Lifetouch will generate the heading to the best of our ability.  Example of a standard heading to appear on the top of the first roster page: Organization Name & Directory Date (Year)1600 Anywhere StreetAnywhere City, State/Province, Zip/Postal CodePhone Number, Website, E-mail Address Standard Roster Information Includes the Following Lines of Text:    Telephone number (We recommend 10 digits, as area codes are now commonly required todial even local numbers. Phone numbers will appear in bold type in your roster.)    Parent’s last name, parent’s first name(s), semicolon, children’s names (Last name willappear in bold type in your roster.)    Street address    City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code    E-mail addressAny change to the sequence of items or format will result in a custom roster and you will incur anadditional charge.    Lifetouch Confidential Page 3 of 8 Use one of these three acceptable formats in which to submit your roster:1.   Member Record Data Format, LCD Transaction Format:    If you use Shelby Systems, PowerChurch, Parish Data Systems, ACS or RDS as yourchurch management software (CMS), the software supports this export format on disc.This format makes export and import easier and more reliable. Contact your CMSprovider or see your CMS tool manual for export and import instructions.    If a special character or additional information is included in the body of the roster, besure to include a short explanation as a footnote. Example: *Indicates member. (Pleaseuse a separate sheet of paper for this purpose.) Please be aware that adding this characterin the front of names and records could cause sort problems. 2.   Member Record Data Format, Fielded Data:    Your organization can submit your roster on disc in an Excel format. Use the tab key tomove across the rows. The example below illustrates what your Excel file should look like. The columns should be in this order. A semi-colon separates the parents’ (orparent’s) name from the children’s names. A comma is used to separate individualchildren’s names one from another.Note: Additional fields could be added to the roster for an additional charge. 3.   Member Record Data Format, Plain Text:    If you do not have Excel, submit your roster using your word processor in MS Word,MS Access, MS Works or Notepad. Example of how to type your roster on your disc:(SUBMIT IN A SINGLE COLUMN FORMAT). Example 1 — Single Member    Example 2 — Family 216-949-8642 823-9651Olson, Duane Norris, Fred & Karen; Josh Ellis, Jeff 4530 Willow St. 2033 Yucca Loma Rd.Hesperia, CA 02345 Apple Valley, CA    Lifetouch Confidential Page 4 of 8 Submitting Your Roster Rosters will only be accepted on a data storage device (disc, CD-ROM, thumb drive). The roster isformatted only from the information provided to us by the organization. It will not be retyped.Please follow the directions on the following pages for submitting a Roster on a disc. If you cannotsubmit a disc, please call our office. While we make an honest effort to print your roster asaccurately as possible, we CANNOT guarantee that the proof will be error free. Even submission of a roster on a disc does not mean roster will be error free, so please keep this in mind when youreceive your proof book. General Information If you use Shelby Systems, PowerChurch, Parish Data Systems, ACS or RDS as your churchmanagement software (CMS), the software supports this export format on disc. This format makesexport and import easier and more reliable. Contact your CMS provider or see your CMS toolmanual for export and import instructions.    A standard roster includes only the roster information in the order shown as stated above.    You may include everyone on your roster even if they were not photographed.    Verify and update all phone numbers, E-mails, names and addresses prior tosubmitting your roster.    Additions and updates after submission could result in additional charges.    Your roster will be printed based on the data (spelling, punctuation) we receive. However,the format (capitalization, bold) will convert to our standard format. See below for printedexample. Note that the phone numbers and last names are in bold, upper and lower case asshown.    You may add lines such as work phone numbers to your roster at an additional cost. Theselines will appear after the standard roster information. (See Submission Form for costinformation.)    If you rearrange the standard sequence of the information or want special formattingin the roster, it becomes a custom roster incurring an additional charge. Contact yourLifetouch representative for custom roster pricing.    If we cannot process your roster, we will contact you with an explanation of correctionsneeded. Your directory delivery date may be adjusted due to the processing delay    If you find that you are encountering problems extracting the information from yourmembership database, we recommend you contact the technical support related to yourprogram for further assistance. Please have a copy of our roster instructions available whencalling your technical support.
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