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  HR/Manpower   Forecasting & Planning  Manpower Forecasting    Manpower forecasting is assessing the anticipated increased manpower demands in an organization over a specific period .  Manpower forecasting is concerned with the projection of future manpower requirements both in their quantitative and qualitative aspect as necessitated by any changes in technology, methods of production, activities of the organization and thereby changes in organization structure.  Influencing factors in Manpower Forecasting 1)Socio-political environmental changes 2) Changes in all spheres ie.  –  technological, mechanization and automation. 3)General economic conditions and market trends 4)Change in societal values and norms 5)Changes in both  –  internal and external labor market .  Forecasting Needs for Human Resources  This is the first essential ingredient of HRP as it helps in forecasting needs for human resources in an organization over a period of time.  Forecasting does not depend on the scale of operations alone ,but other factors also affect it such as change in machine-man ratio , change in productivity etc.
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