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HS Math & The Fundatin HS Prgram Required Math Curses: Algebra I (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) Gemetry (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) Math Curses WITHOUT an Algebra II Prerequisite: Math Mdels with
HS Math & The Fundatin HS Prgram Required Math Curses: Algebra I (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) Gemetry (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) Math Curses WITHOUT an Algebra II Prerequisite: Math Mdels with Applicatins (aka, MMA) (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) Mathematical Mdels with Applicatins is designed t build n the knwledge and skills fr mathematics in Kindergarten-Grade 8 and Algebra I. This mathematics curse prvides a path fr students t succeed in Algebra II and prepares them fr varius pst-secndary chices. Students learn t apply mathematics thrugh experiences in persnal finance, science, engineering, fine arts, and scial sciences. Students use algebraic, graphical, and gemetric reasning t recgnize patterns and structure, mdel infrmatin, slve prblems, and cmmunicate slutins. Students will select frm tls such as physical bjects; manipulatives; technlgy, including graphing calculatrs, data cllectin devices, and cmputers; and paper and pencil and frm methds such as algebraic techniques, gemetric reasning, patterns, and mental math t slve prblems. Mathematical Applicatins f Fd, Agriculture and Natural Resurces (CTE, Chapter 130) T be prepared fr careers in agriculture, fd, and natural resurces, students must acquire technical knwledge in the discipline as well as apply academic skills in mathematics. Students shuld apply knwledge and skills related t mathematics, including algebra, gemetry, and data analysis in the cntext f agriculture, fd, and natural resurces. T prepare fr success, students are affrded pprtunities t reinfrce, apply, and transfer their knwledge and skills related t mathematics in a variety f cntexts. Rbtics Prgramming and Design (Technlgy Applicatins TEKS Chapter 126) Rbtics Prgramming and Design will fster students' creativity and innvatin by presenting pprtunities t design, implement, and present meaningful rbtic prgrams thrugh a variety f media. Students will cllabrate with ne anther, their instructr, and varius electrnic cmmunities t slve prblems in designing and prgramming rbts. Thrugh data analysis, students will identify task requirements, plan search strategies, and use rbtic cncepts t access, analyze, and evaluate infrmatin needed t slve prblems. By using rbtic knwledge and skills that supprt the wrk f individuals and grups in slving prblems, students will select the technlgy apprpriate fr the task, synthesize knwledge, create slutins, and evaluate the results. Students will learn digital citizenship by researching current laws and regulatins and by practicing integrity and respect. Students will gain an understanding f the principles f rbtics thrugh the study f physics, rbtics, autmatin, and engineering design cncepts /GE Digital Electrnics (CTE, Chapter 130) Digital Electrnics is the study f electrnic circuits that are used t prcess and cntrl digital signals. In cntrast t analg electrnics, where infrmatin is represented by a cntinuusly varying vltage, digital signals are represented by tw discreet vltages r lgic levels. This distinctin allws fr greater signal speed and strage capabilities and has revlutinized the wrld f electrnics. Digital electrnics is the fundatin f mdern electrnic devices such as cellular phnes, MP3 players, laptp cmputers, digital cameras, and high-definitin televisins. The primary fcus f Digital Electrnics is t expse students t the design prcess f cmbinatinal and sequential lgic design, teamwrk, cmmunicatin methds, engineering standards, and technical dcumentatin. Lcally develped math curse r ther activity [pursuant t TEC, (g-1)] Cllege Prep Math Curse [pursuant t TEC, ] Fr SENIORS nly. Under Sectin f the Texas Educatin Cde, each schl district is required t partner with at least ne institutin f higher educatin t develp and prvide cllege preparatry curses in English language arts and mathematics. Hwever, each high schl within the schl district is nt required t ffer these curses Statistics (under develpment) (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) Algebraic Reasning (under develpment) (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) Financial Mathematics (under develpment) (CTE, Chapter 130) Math Curses WITH an Algebra II Prerequisite: Algebra II Recmmended: AP Cmputer Science (Technlgy Applicatins, TEKS Chapter 126) AP Cmputer Science A is equivalent t a first-semester, cllege- level curse in cmputer science. The curse intrduces students t cmputer science with fundamental tpics that include prblem slving, design strategies and methdlgies, rganizatin f data (data structures), appraches t prcessing data (algrithms), analysis f ptential slutins, and the ethical and scial implicatins f cmputing. The curse emphasizes bth bject- riented and imperative prblem slving and design using Java language. These techniques represent prven appraches fr develping slutins that can scale up frm small, simple prblems t large, cmplex prblems. The AP Cmputer Science A curse curriculum is cmpatible with many CS1 curses in clleges and universities. Statistics and Risk Management (CTE, Chapter 130) AP Statistics Intrductin. Students will use a variety f graphical and numerical techniques t analyze patterns and departures frm patterns t identify and manage risk that culd impact an rganizatin. Students will use prbability as a tl fr anticipating and frecasting data within business mdels t make decisins. Students will determine the apprpriateness f methds used t cllect data t ensure cnclusins are valid. The AP Statistics curse is equivalent t a ne-semester, intrductry, nn-calculusbased cllege curse in statistics. The curse intrduces students t the majr cncepts and tls fr cllecting, analyzing, and drawing cnclusins frm data. There are fur themes in the AP Statistics curse: explring data, sampling and experimentatin, anticipating patterns, and statistical inference. Students use technlgy, investigatins, prblem slving, and writing as they build cnceptual understanding /GE Algebra II Required: Pre-Calculus (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) Precalculus is the preparatin fr calculus. The curse appraches tpics frm a functin pint f view, where apprpriate, and is designed t strengthen and enhance cnceptual understanding and mathematical reasning used when mdeling and slving mathematical and real-wrld prblems. Students systematically wrk with functins and their multiple representatins. The study f Precalculus deepens students' mathematical understanding and fluency with algebra and trignmetry and extends their ability t make cnnectins and apply cncepts and prcedures at higher levels. Students investigate and explre mathematical ideas, develp multiple strategies fr analyzing cmplex situatins, and use technlgy t build understanding, make cnnectins between representatins, and prvide supprt in slving prblems. Advanced Quantitative Reasning (aka, AQR) (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) In Advanced Quantitative Reasning, students will develp and apply skills necessary fr cllege, careers, and life. Curse cntent cnsists primarily f applicatins f high schl mathematics cncepts t prepare students t becme well-educated and highly infrmed 21st century citizens. Students will develp and apply reasning, planning, and cmmunicatin t make decisins and slve prblems in applied situatins invlving numerical reasning, prbability, statistical analysis, finance, mathematical selectin, and mdeling with algebra, gemetry, trignmetry, and discrete mathematics. Independent Study in Mathematics (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) In Independent Study in Mathematics, students will extend their mathematical understanding beynd the Algebra II level in a specific area r areas f mathematics such as thery f equatins, number thery, nn-euclidean gemetry, linear algebra, advanced survey f mathematics, r histry f mathematics. Discrete Math fr Prblem Slving (Mathematics, TEKS Chapter 111) In Discrete Mathematics fr Prblem Slving, students are intrduced t the imprved efficiency f mathematical analysis and quantitative techniques ver trial-and-errr appraches t management prblems invlving rganizatin, scheduling, prject planning, strategy, and decisin making. Students will learn hw mathematical tpics such as graph thery, planning and scheduling, grup decisin making, fair divisin, game thery, and thery f mves can be applied t management and decisin making. Students will research mathematicians f the past whse wrk is relevant t these tpics tday and read articles abut current mathematicians wh either teach and cnduct research at majr universities r wrk in business and industry slving realwrld lgistical prblems. Thrugh the study f the applicatins f mathematics t sciety's prblems tday, students will becme better prepared fr and gain an appreciatin fr the value f a career in mathematics. Engineering Mathematics (CTE, Chapter 130) Intrductin. Engineering Mathematics is a curse where students slve and mdel rbtic design prblems. Students use a variety f mathematical methds and mdels t represent and analyze prblems invlving data acquisitin, spatial applicatins, electrical measurement, manufacturing prcesses, materials engineering, mechanical drives, pneumatics, prcess cntrl systems, quality cntrl, and rbtics with cmputer prgramming /GE Discrete Mathematics fr Cmputer Science (Technlgy Applicatins, TEKS Chapter 126) Discrete Mathematics fr Cmputer Science prvides the tls used in mst areas f cmputer science. Expsure t the mathematical cncepts and discrete structures presented in this curse is essential in rder t prvide an adequate fundatin fr further study. Discrete Mathematics fr Cmputer Science is generally listed as a cre requirement fr Cmputer Science majrs. Curse tpics are divided int six areas: sets, functins, and relatins; basic lgic; prf techniques; cunting basics; graphs and trees; and discrete prbability. Mathematical tpics are interwven with cmputer science applicatins t enhance the students' understanding f the intrduced mathematics. Students will develp the ability t see cmputatinal prblems frm a mathematical perspective. Intrduced t a frmal system (prpsitinal and predicate lgic) upn which mathematical reasning is based, students will acquire the necessary knwledge t read and cnstruct mathematical arguments (prfs), understand mathematical statements (therems), and use mathematical prblem-slving tls and strategies. Students will be intrduced t discrete data structures such as sets, discrete functins, and relatins and graphs and trees. Students will als be intrduced t discrete prbability and expectatins. Mathematics Curse Endrsed by an IHE [pursuant t TEC, (b-5)] Example: Dual Credit Cllege Algebra FAQ Is there still a required sequence fr math? Fr example, des a student have t take Algebra I befre taking Math Mdels with Applicatins? N. Hwever, districts shuld pay clse attentin t prerequisite requirements when scheduling students in math curses. Please nte that prerequisites fr sme f the high schl mathematics curses will change when the revised math TEKS are implemented in the schl year. FAQs?? See dcuments n TEAs site: Fundatin High Schl Prgram FAQs--March 2014 (PDF, 549KB) Endrsement FAQs--March 2014 (PDF, 854KB) Other HB 5 FAQs Questins? Kristin Arterbury /GE /GE
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