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HCI assignment about Nokia Lumia 525
  1 HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION   SCSV2113 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT ZURIAHATI BINTI MOHD YUNOS   NAME : MOHD ALIFF FAIZ BIN JEFFRY MATRIC NO : A13CS0186 IC NO : 941223  –   09  –   5137  2 SMARTPHONE WINDOWS PHONE 8 NOKIA LUMIA 525 For this assignment, I would like to choose our budget smartphone from Nokia (now it is under Microsoft), Nokia Lumia 525, a Windows Phone 8 platform. Nokia Lumia 525 is an upgraded version of Nokia Lumia 520, making it more powerful in terms of performance, durability, and the camera. First Impression : Why I choose Nokia Lumia 525 is because I have it. I have using it for almost 6 month, and I can make a simple conclusion, it is a nice budget Windows phone ever! I had  been using a budget Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, which is a basic Android  phone in 2012 market. Nokia Lumia 525 offers comfortable grip for the user who always using the phone. It has a curve shape at the back of the phone, making it easier for user to hold it. A 4-inch screen size, making it easy to put it in the pocket. At the right side of the  phone, as usual, have a volume keys, a lock key, and a camera key, respectively placed on the right side of the phone. On the left side, it has nothing on it. On top, it has a 3.5mm audio  jack, and at the bottom, a micro USB port. For me, I like this phone, because it offers a small  phone size, lightweight, and offers a powerful performance, in a budget handset environment. Instead of good criteria, it also have a bad side. The first thing to see the bad side is the back cover. The material used is plastic, but it has a soft surface at the outer cover, and it make our fingerprint visible on it. It does not supposed to be like that. Second, the screen resolution is  pretty low, 480 x 800 pixels. It cannot handle some program, which requires a higher pixel to  be processed. When the screen resolution is low, it affect the screen density to. It make the screen hard to see in a bright sunny day (outdoor), and it is a little bit dimmer when used it in a bright room(indoor).  3 Discuss a set of usability and user experience goals that you think will be most relevant in evaluating the device/product. Decide which are the most important ones and explain why. The outer appearance of the Nokia Lumia 525 is fine, good, but for the back cover, I think it like to make some changes there. For me, I want it to be a soft-leather cover, which can  prevent out fingerprint traces to be on the back cover. The most important part to evaluate this product is the Operating System (OS) that runs this  phone. Windows Phone 8, it’s a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI), offers performance and stability. For me, the GUI is very simple, but for the first time user, it will be difficult for them to explore the entire OS. Why? When we compare Windows Phone with Android, Android offers a simple and familiar GUI, that allows the first time user to easily explore and use it. But not for Windows Phone, it is very different from Android and, not to mention, Apple (iPhone). Windows Phone has no notification bar, no desktop, and the menu is very simple, plain- basic coloured menu. For Windows Phone, the full menu is at the right side of the screen, which requires the user to swipe finger from right to the left of the phone to get into the full menu. What I said just now about it has no desktop like Android, the first GUI that user will see after unlockIng the phone is a start menu, just like in Windows 8. The start menu can be configured; the size of the tile (button), configured the live tile. Windows Phone is the most important part to be evaluated because as a smartphone user, we really care about the performance and what can be done and supported by the Operating System. In this case, OS plays a very important role in maintaining satisfaction from the customers.  4 Discuss how the design principles are applied to the product/device. Decide which are the most important ones and explain why The most important part of the design of the smartphone is the shape and the back cover of the phone. Many smartphone manufacturer seems to offer a hand-grip sized phone, and in the same time provide a soft and comfortable back cover, and using a formatted button arrangement. But for this phone, it only satisfy The first one only. The 4-inch screen provides a comfortable grip on one hand, and allow users to operate with the phone by only using on hand. Although it offer a hand-gripped sized phone, it do not make a comfortable back cover.  Nokia Lumia 525 has a plastic cover, with a soft finishing on it. Whats make it a little drawback is the cover reveals our fingerprint traces. For me, it will make the phone looks a little dirty, and it will make you pretty uncomfortable to grip it with your bare hand. For the  button arrangement, I think Nokia should follow the standard architecture of the other phone manufacturer; such as Samsung, because it will make the phone more comfortable to work with if Nokia follows it. Nokia Lumia 525 button arrangement is as below: The button is only at the right side of the phone, which makes the left side nothing on it side. The first button from the top of the right side of the screen, is the volume button; up and down. The second is the lock screen key. And last, is the camera shutter key. It seems to be different from the others, but it also make it a little crowded on that side.
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