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    Strategic nalysis of Pharmaceutical Industry Assignment Submission By: Varun Ramachandran FT151022   Industry Analysis The Pharmaceutical sector in India is a strong market though it has decelerated in the past five years. Now for the next 10 years the forecast is positive and it is expected to re-accelerate. The large population and the absence of good medical care in India is an opportunity and can help achieve substantial growth in the sector. There are two important issues we need to look at: Patent laws and regulation of clinical trials India has strong patent laws and this has ensured that only entirely new innovations are protected. These patent laws have helped aid the expansion of cheaper generic drugs and are likely to continue to affect this market. There is also a need to ensure the regulation of clinical trials. The table above shows India’s Pharmaceutical market grew by 7.7% in 2013 and reached a value of $11.9 billion. Customers Served The key buyers for the Pharmaceutical manufacturing market include hospitals, pharmacies, health insurance providers and government health care programs. The suppliers would include companies which provide manufacturing/laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical ingredients and clinical trial services. Value delivered  Well-being of the patients is the primary value delivered by the industry. Their secondary aim as in any industry is to generate value for the stakeholders. This would include hospitals, pharmacies, health insurance providers and government. They do this by providing the finest pharmaceutical products. Industry Characteristics Market Share India’s Pharmaceutical Industry is led by Cipla Ltd with 3.8% market share followed by Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd with 3% and Lupin and Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories with 2.7% and 2.3% respectively . The table below shows the market share of the Indian Pharmaceuticals market in percentage values. The figures relate to the values as of 2013.    Size and Year-on-Year Growth India’s Pharmaceutical Industry has grown from $7 billion in 2009 to $12 billion in 2013.  The below table shows the Pharmaceuticals market value in dollars as well as in percentage growth. Year Value in Billion Dollars Percentage Growth (Year on Year) 2009 7.2 2010 8.5 18.05555556 2011 10.2 20
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