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ME3190 Machining & Metrology Machining: Dr. Sushanta Kumar Panigrahi Metrology: Dr. G.L. Samuel Machining: Dr. Sushanta Kumar Panigrahi Metrology: Dr. G.L. Samuel Machining: Dr. L. Vijayaraghavan Metrology: Dr. N. Arunachalam Principles of Metal cutting – orthogonal and oblique cutting; Shaping, turning, drilling, milling – Machine Tools and their working – Process variables; Cutting tools – Nomenclature, Tool life; Abrasive machining processes – grinding, honing,
  ME3190 Machining & Metrology Machining: Dr. Sushanta Kumar Panigrahi . . .Machining: Dr. L. VijayaraghavanMetrology: Dr. N. Arunachalam  Principles of Metal cutting  –   orthogonal and oblique cutting; Shaping, turning, drilling,milling  –   Machine Tools and their working  –   Process variables; Cutting tools  –  Nomenclature, Tool life;Abrasive machining processes  –   grinding, honing, lapping, burnishing and superfinishing  –   Equipment, process variables and surface features; Surface integrityconcepts. Course OutlineME3190 Machining & Metrology Introduction to NC and CNC  –   Concepts and programming  –   Constructional features of various machine tools: Introduction to CIM.Fundamentals of Measurement, Errors, Length Standards, Gauging, Comparators, Fitsand Tolerances; Role of metrology in quality assurance; Linear and angularmeasurements; Optical metrology and laser interferometry; Slip gauges; Formmeasurements  –   Flatness, Straightness, Form errors; Surface finishmeasurements; Coordinate measuring machines; Vision applications inMetrology; Nano measurements.  Machining ã  Introduction  (1 classes) ã  Principle of metal cutting  (5 classes approx.) -  Mechanism of machining- Mechanics of machining ã  Machine tool drives  (5 classes aprox.) ã  Conventional machine tools  (20 classes) References: 1. Production Technology, HMT, Tata McGraw Hill.2. S.K. Hajra Choudhury, A.K. Hajra Choudhury and N. Roy, Elements of WorkshopTechnology (Machine Tools), Volume-II,Media Promoters and Publishers Pvt. Ltd.3. J.T. Black, R.A. Kohser, Degarmo’s Materials and Processes in Manufacturing, John Wiley& Sons, 2011.4. A.B. Chattopadhyay,Machining and Machine Tools, John Wiley & Sons.5. G.C. Sen and A. Bhattacharya, Principles of Machine Tools, New central Book AgencyPvt. Ltd.6. S. Kalpakjian and S.R. Schmid, Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials,Pearson.  SYLABUS Sl. No. Title 1Introduction to Machining (1 Class)2Mechanisms of Machining (3 Classes)3Mechanics of Machining (2 Classes)4Machine Tool Drives (4 Classes) 6Milling (6 Classes)7Grinding (6 Classes)8Shaping & Planning (2 Class)9Drilling (2 Class)
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