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A presentation of the build up as to how I created my final outcomes.
  INVISIBLE CITIES RESEARCH Chelsea Butler   EXPLORING THE CITY So, to kick start my research, what better place to look than the anthology of my chosen city.When I first read the text, my initial thought was that this city seemed rather “romantic” and rural, so I decided to play on that aspect and hoped to create a warm, cosy atmosphere. The keywords that I mainly considered from the text were:Sixty silver domesBronze statues of all the godsMulticoloured lamps  INITIAL IDEAS It all had to start somewhere. Below are my initial thumbnail sketches. It was advised to work in black and white as it  would aid us in deciphering tone and form, as well as depth and distance.  OGR   As part of my initial research, I had to create influence maps. These basically “map out” my ideas on how I want to take this project forward. I considered creating an adventurous fairytale setting, so I looked into the concept of steampunk and pirates.But I got a little carried away and ended up completely derailing into a messy outcome. My ideas were too “all over the place”, so to speak. Thankfully Phil guided me to a more clear path, and although it ended up  with me heading back to the drawing board, it really helped me to clear my thoughts and not get too ahead of myself.
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