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Jaffna Temples - FYP - Sathyabaman

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FYP- Jaffna temples android application Research.
    Jaffna Temples Android Location Bases Application GF1371 COM Kanasalingam Sathyabaman (CB004114) A project submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelors of Science in Computing (Hons) Supervisor Mr. Balachandran Gnanasekaraiyer Staffordshire University 6 th  March 2014, Colombo  i Approval from Project Manager …………………………………………… Project Manager (Mr. Gamindu Hemachandra) I certify that this thesis satisfies the requirements as a thesis for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computing. ………………………………………… Advisor/Assessor (Mr. Thangavel Saravanan) I certify that I have read this thesis and that in my opinion it is fully adequate in scope and quality as a thesis for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computing. ………………………………………… Supervisor (Mr. Balachandran Gnanasekaraiyer)    ii Abstract There are about 1500 Hindu temples in Jaffna District, therefore it is hard for a human to remember all the temples or keep a note on each temple. When people wanted to know the temples located nearest to their location. They will have to search on internet or have to ask the people in that location, most of the time they end up with the wrong or limited information. To solve this issue the Author have decided to develop a mobile application that will help the users to find the nearest temples in their location and also can get the direction, details of those temples. The application will also help the users to get the direction and the shortest  path to visit those temples. The goal of this project is to develop a Mobile application for which will help the uses to locate the nearest temples from their location in Jaffna. This application will also have functionalizes to get the information, direction and the shortest path to visit those temples. To achieve the goal of this project Author will be using technologies such as Geo fencing, Map Collaboration, Location-based services, GPS, Google API v2, Web Mapping. In this project Author have done a lot of research on Location based services (LBS) and how they are used in the today’s world with the use of smart phones and tablets. This project also gives a clear picture of how LBS were stared and how that improved to match the requirements of today’s world.  This project will also discuss technologies like Geo  –   Fencing and Map Celebration, which will help to create virtual boundaries in the map and also to draw some interactive diagrams on the map. This project also discusses on the GPS technology and how those are used in the smart phone and mobile devices, how locations are tracked and how the distance between two locations are calculated. This project also discuss in detail about the Mobile platforms, its architecture and also how the location servers can be embedded into Mobile devices using API’s. Most of   all the entire project will give a good idea on mobile app development using the location based services.  iii Acknowledgement I am greatly thankful to my supervisor Mr. Balachandran Gnanasekaraiyer for assisting and guiding me since the beginning of this project. I would also like to thank Mr.Gamindu Hemachandra my project manager for valuable advice and guidelines during Idea generation sessions and advisory meetings which were helpful for me to focus on the development of a suitable software solution relevant to a timely problem area. I would also like to thank my all lectures from APIIT for their encouragement, support and continuous & guidance throughout this project. I thank them all for their invaluable guidance and other people who directly or indirectly assisted me in the successful and timely completion of my Mid-point. I am also greatly thankful to my family members and my friends in providing me with immense support and encouragement given during the project activities.
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