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  #janeaustencovers  Te covers gathered in Jane Austen Cov-er to Cover represent two hundred years of publication, interpretation, marketing, and misapprehensions of Jane Austen’s works, but underneath the variety of images one thing remains the same: the text that left the pen of a woman in Hampshire, England, two cen-turies ago. Austen’s imagination and intellect transcended the fiction of her own time and created the cherished characters and timeless stories for which she is still celebrated today. No matter how beautiful, tacky, infuriating, beguiling, silly, or strange the packaging may be, the story inside never changes. And that, after all, is the most important thing. Follow along on a journey across the  years, from the early 1800s to today, and from handset typography to digital technology, as each generation of Jane Austen fans interprets and experiences her works anew.   #janeaustencovers     1817  January   Begins writing Sanditon ; last works on it in March  May   Goes with Cassandra to Winchester to seek medical care  July 18   Jane Austen dies 1818 December    Northanger Abbey   and Persuasion  published 1832 All six novels reblished as part of Bentley’s Standard Editions 1869 J. E. Austen-Leigh’s MemoirofJaneAusten  published, renewing public interest in her novels 1923 R. W. Chapman publishes the Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen , the first scholarly treatment of Austen’s novels, collated from early editions 1935  Helen Jerome’s stage adaptation of Pride and Prejudice  produced on Broadway 1938  Penguin publishes Pride and Prejudice as part of its Illustrated Classics seriesBBC broadcasts a television play of Pride and Prejudice 1940  MGM releases a big-screen film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice 1980  BBC broadcasts a five-episode series of Pride and Prejudice BBC broadcasts a new, enormously popular five-episode series of Pride and Prejudice  starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth 1995  Columbia Pictures releases a big-screen film adaptation of Sense and Sensibility   starring Emma Thompson and Kate WinsletSony Pictures Classics releases a film adaptation of Persuasion  starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds 1996 A&E broadcasts the hugely popular new series of Pride and Prejudice  in the USMiramax releases Emma  starring Gwyneth PaltrowBBC broadcasts a new adaptation of Emma  starring Kate Beckinsale 1997  A&E broadcasts the Kate Beckinsale adaptation of Emma  in the US 1999 Miramax releases Mansfield Park   2005  Focus Features releases a big-screen adaptation of Pride and Prejudice  starring Keira Knightley and Matthew MacfadyenCambridge University Press begins to publish its new, definitive editions of Austen’s novels and other works  2007 ITV broadcasts three new television films of Mansfield Park  ,  Northanger Abbey  , and Persuasion  in the UKAmazon releases the Kindle, creating a new market for digital editions of Austen’s work  2008  BBC broadcasts a new three-part series of Sense and Sensibility  PBS broadcasts a “Jane Austen Season” consisting of the new adaptations of Mansfield Park  , Northanger Abbey  , Persuasion , and Sense and Sensibility  , as well as the 1995 adaptation of   Pride and Prejudice  and the 1997 adaptation of Emma  2009 BBC broadcasts a new series of Emma  starring Romola Garai  2010  PBS broadcasts the new series of Emma  in the US  2012  April  First episode of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” Web series, a contemporary adaptation of Pride and Prejudice , premieres on YouTube _. 14 11 8 JANE AUSTEN COVER TO COVER   Chronology  1775  December 16 Jane Austen is born in Steventon, Hampshire 1787–1793 Writes juvenilia 1795  Begins writing Elinor and Marianne , later published in a different format as Sense and Sensibility  1796 Begins writing  First Impressions , later edited and published as Pride and Prejudice 1798  Begins writing Susan , later published as Northanger Abbey  1801 Summer   Engages in a romance with an unidentified gentleman in a seaside town; the family later learns that the gentleman died  Autumn  Moves to Bath with her parents and sister Cassandra 1802 Receives proposal of marriage from Harris Bigg-Wither, a family friend; she accepts but then changes her mind the next day 1804 Begins writing The Watsons 1803 Susan  accepted for publication by Crosby & Co. but never published 1805 Father dies; moves with her mother and sister to cheaper lodgings in Bath 1806 Jane, Cassandra, and their mother move to Southampton to live with Francis Austen and his wife 1809  July   Jane, Cassandra, their mother, and their friend Martha Lloyd move to Chawton Cottage in Hampshire (now the Jane Austen’s House Museum) 1810  Revises Elinor and Marianne 1811 October    Sense and Sensibility   published; revises First Impressions 1812 Begins writing Mansfield Park  1813  January    Pride and Prejudice  published 1814  January   Begins writing Emma  May    Mansfield Park   published 1815 Begins writing Persuasion December    Emma  published 1816 Begins to feel the symptoms of her final illness  August   Completes Persuasion _. 14 11 #janeaustencovers  #janeaustencovers Her Own Darling Children ã 1811–1818 ã In November 1797 Jane Austen’s father, the Reverend George Austen, wrote a letter to the London publisher Tomas Cadell offering him “a manuscript novel, comprising 3 vols.” and inquiring about the cost of publishing the book at the author’s risk. Tat manuscript was a novel by his younger daughter Jane that she called First Impressions  . Despite Mr.  Austen’s hint that he would be willing to cover all related expenses, Cadell rejected the manuscript. Readers today know that passed-over best-selling novel as Pride and Prejudice  , and we are grateful for its existence.  #janeaustencovers THOMAS EGERTON FIRST EDITION SENSE AND SENSIBILITY   Jane Austen’s father died in 1805, after which the Austen wom-en—Jane, her mother, and her sister Cassandra—suffered a pe-riod of financial instability. Five of Jane’s brothers contributed  what they could (the sixth brother, George, had disabilities and  was unable to help), and it was not until the summer of 1809 that the ladies had a permanent home. Jane’s elder brother Edward had inherited three estates from a rich childless cousin, and he  was able to give his mother and sisters a cottage in the village of Chawton, in Hampshire. Back in the peaceful country that she loved, and within the security of a new home, Austen dusted off the novels she had written years before. Te first one, which she had srcinally called  Elinor and Marianne  , was retitled Sense and Sensibility  . Austen had her brother Henry approach a publisher he knew in London, Tomas Egerton, who agreed to publish the novel on commission. Using Charles Roworth of London as printer, he ordered an initial print run of 750 copies. Te novel appeared in 1811 as three volumes, as was typical for that time, and was sold for 15 shillings.
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