Jas Ion Transport in Solution Part1

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  TRANSPORT OF IONS IN SOLUTION    Jaslin Ikhsan, Ph.D. Chemistry Ed. Department State University of Yogyakarta  Conductivity of electrolyte solutions  Strong and weak electrolyte  ã Mahasiswa dapat menjelaskan pengertian konduktansi dan konduktivitas ã Mahasiswa dapat menghitung konduktivitas molar larutan ã Mahasiswa dapat menjelaskan hukum  pengenceran Ostwald ã Mahasiswa dapat menentukan pKa dengan menggunakan hasil pengukuran konduktivitas  Conductivity of Electrolyte Solution  Ions in solution can be set in motion by applying a  potential difference between two electrodes.  The conductance ( G) of a solution is defined as the inverse of the resistance (  R):    For parallel plate electrodes with area  A, it follows:   G Rin units of      1  1 ,   G A L      Where , Κ  :  the conductivity, L :  the distance separating the plates   Units : G →  S (siemens)  R → Ω   κ → S m -1  Conductivity of Electrolyte Solution  The conductivity of a solution depends on the number of ions  present. Consequently, the molar conductivity Λ m   is used  C is molar concentration of electrolyte and unit of  Λ m  is S m 2  mol  -1    m C       In real solutions, Λ m  depends on the concentration of the electrolyte. This could be due to:  Ion-ion interactions    γ      1    The concentration dependence of conductance indicates that there are 2 classes of electrolyte  Strong electrolyte  : molar conductivity depends slightly on the molar concentration  Weak electrolyte  : molar concentration falls sharply as the concentration increases
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