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dr. M. Arief Gunawan
  Effect of delayed versus early umbilical cord clamping on neonatal outcomes and iron status 4 months : a randomized controlled trial   Editor : M. Arief Gunawan Preceptor : Dr. Manan Affandi Sp A Dr. Rachmat Gumelar, Sp A  Introduction Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia are major public health problems in young children worldwide, and are associated with poor neurodevelopment. Delayed umbilical cord clamping has been suggested as a measure to prevent infant iron deficiency. 1  Young children are at particular risk of iron deficiency because of high iron requirements during rapid growth in combination with low iron intake.  Iron is essential for several aspects of brain development, including myelination, dendritogenesis, neurotransmitter function, and neuronal and glial energy metabolism. 5 6  Iron deficiency anaemia in young children is associated with long lasting cognitive and behavioural deficits. 7 8

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Jul 23, 2017
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