KQP 16 Inspection & Testing Rev 04

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  --'l KAGA COMPONENTS (M) SdnBhd CONTENTS 1. Purpose 2. Scope 3. Responsibility 4. Reference Document 5. Definition 6. Procedure 7. Appendix 8. Quality Record 9. Revision Log QUALITY MANAGEMENT PROCEDURE lnspectlon & T$ting Efiective date: 27 Aug 13 REV DATE: 07 SEPTEMBER 2005 -t- FM.QAD,OOO,I.REV-OO  KAGA COMPONENTS (M) Sdn BhdQUALITY MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES 1.0 Purpose '1.'l To ensure lncoming materials are corect and rieet the requirements betore the maiedals a.e releas€d tot use in menufacfuring.1.2 To ensure that the cusiomer Equircments are met befoG producE are shipped to the austomer. 2.0Scop6 2.1 Applicable lo allthe direct matErials in Kaga Components (M) Sdn. Bhd.2.2 Appliaable to all manufactured and Fini6hed Goods, whicfi had been gone through all equired processes, inspection ancllesting. 3.0Responsibility 3.1 IQC Deparbr€nt3.2 OQC Departmer( IQC Engineer shall be r6ponsible. OQC Engineer shall be responsible. ,1.0 Reference Document 4.1 Bill of mate.ials (BOM) or pad list 4.2 Related Work lmtuclion 4.3 KQP 03 - Contol of Non-Contorming Product 4.4 Customer Specificetion / Wo*manship Standard- 5.0 Definition 5.1 tQC 5.1.1 Critical 5.1.2 Majo. 5-1.3 Minor 5.2 oQC 5.2.'l Critical 5.2.2 Majo. 5.2.3 Minor5,3 PRLR5.4 BOM5.5 DO5.6 CAR 57MRB - The Non-Conformance which having fundional failur€, sabty tailure, wrong part,parl not bllow producl design and / o. dimension oul of 3pecification. - The Non-Conformance which causing end p.oduct flting l6sue. - The Non-Conforming Meterial which having Appearance / Cosmetic Defect. - TIe Non-Conio.mance whidl oauBe lhe product having functional failllre, sa€ty failure and / or missing component (PCBA ). - The Non-Conto.rning productwhich having dimen6lon out otspecification, mi$ing procers idedmcaton anal / or missing component (mechanical pad). - The Non -Conforming produd whicfi having Appearance / Cosmetic defect.- P6rt Rejected Lot Report - Bill of Material- Delivery Order j Coreclive Action. Request- Meteriel Review Boerd Title lFpection & TestingProcedure No.KQP 16 Rev tll Revi3ion Date 27 Aug 13 REV DATE: 07 SEPTEMaER 2005 -2- FM-OAD.0001-REV-00  6.0 Procedurc 6.1lQC prccedure KAGA COMPONENTS (M) Sdn Bhd QUALITY MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES Titlelnspecffon & TestingProcedurc No. KQP.I6 Rev04 Revision Dato 27 Aug 13 DoteilgRaapon6lblllUgaDoc.rRet 6. 1 . 1 Develop the incoming material lnspeclionList IQC Engineer . lncoming Matedallnspection List,BOM lisi 6.1.2 To work wih Engine€ring lo developlncoming Work lnslruction based onproduci specifcation. IQC Engineer / Engineering . Woft ln6huction,Specification 6.1.3 Sarnple plan is based on ANS|21.,{-1993, normal sample size (level llD, AQL 0.,1for l\rinor de{ect ciassifcation and AOL 0. 1 for Critical or / and Major de{ect cla$ifcation unless otheMise specifi€d in .elaled work inskuction.IQC Engineer ANS|Zl.+1993 6.1.4 Sample size fur dimension measurement is 10pc5 / supplier delivery.IQC Engineer 6. 1 .5 Veriry supplier cartons label for conect part no / model end supplier Accept stamp bebre inspeclion. The lot will be rethed to receiving store if any di66epancy found.IOC lnspector . DO / lnvoice 6.1.6 Carry out visual inspection and dimensional measuaement ba6ed on esp€ctiv€ workinstruclion. All inspec{ion andmeesurement result are recorded in anIOC hspedor . Wo.k lnsfuclion, lncoming lrcpeclion Report 6.1.7 During the inspection, if any lot is found RejecGd ba6ed on lhe lot rejedion- sampiing plan, the folloving actions need io be canied out: i. All lhe effedod lot should be pasted wilh REJECTED' sticker on every Carton. ii. The rej€cted lot shall then be fansbned to d*ignated rejec{ed ereaiii. Raise Part Rejecbd Lot Reportiv. Rsinspection is canied out by inspedor after the MRB dispo6ition.IQC lnspeclor IQC lnspedor IQC lnspec{or IQC lnspeclor . PRLR(FM-CI]AD0029)REV DATE: 07 SEPTEMBER 2005 -3- FM.QADOOOl.REV.OO  I KAGA COMPONENTS (M) Sdn Bhd QUALITY MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES Titlolnspoction & T$ting Procedurc alo.KQP 16 Rev u Reviaion Date27 Ntg 13Defa s R6poisitilldss DOCJRSf, 6.1-8 Feedback to 3lpplier regarding tle rcjeded lot details and request Coreclive Aadion trom supplier (it necessary).IQC Engineer . CAR (FM-O4D0024) 6. 1 .9 The Rejected lot shall then subjed for MRBdisposfion by IQC Engineer. Thedisposition lesult shall be recorded inPRLR. 6.'1.9.'l ll ihe disposilion ls SORT/REWORKthe reieded loi shall be iubied to re- inspeclion, whenthe Re-lnspeclion result shou,s fail, the lot will be sublect to soRT/ REV\IORK again. lf the disposilion is Use As lt, the Carton boxes /package must be slided tlrih 'USE AS lT' kbel by IQClnspec{or.IQC Engineer . PRLR(FM-OAF0029)6.'1.'10 Once lhe so.ted/re*g*ed loi is accepted afier gampling in€pection, all the accepbd . maljerial 6hall be stanpwih'Aqppf onev€ry carlons. For safety pgrt3,A\sign shallbe slamped on every certons and lncominglnap€ction reporLIQC lnspeclor . lncomlng lnspedion Report 6.1.t'l AccepGd lol shallbe Stamped QC Accept and send to siore by IQC lnspec.tor, store fi€tedal handlers is r$ponsible to verify quanUty olthe lots.IQC lnspedor . QC Accept siamp REV DATE: 07 SEPTEMBER 2005 -1- FM.QAD,OOOl -REV-OO
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