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alloy lead use in ehv cable
  We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as Gravita Group of Companies. We are an ISO 9001:000 Certified Indian Company havin! o n #co$%riendly &ead manufacturin! 'lant at (aipur India) other 'lant at Colom*o $ Sri &anka) Ghana) +ddis +*a*a #thiopia , operations in various other countries across the !lo*e.&ead as one of the first materials to *e used to provide an impervious sheath on electric ca*les.+ &ead Sheath is availa*le on many types of ire and ca*le insulations. -his sheath is completely moisture proof and very dura*le. Where *oth mechanical stren!th and moisture resistance are reuired) a com*ination of lead sheath and armor can *e used. /nder!round ducts and et locations are typical areas here lead$sheathed ca*les are used.&ead has the maor advanta!e that it can *e applied to the ca*le core in unlimited len!ths  *y etrusion at temperatures hich do not dama!e even the most sensitive conductors 2optical fi*ers3 or insulatin! materials 2paper or plastics3. &ead is plia*le and so can ithstand the several coilin!) uncoilin!) handlin! and *endin! operations involved durin!the later manufacturin! sta!es and installation of the ca*le. + lead sheath can *e readily soldered 2a!ain at lo temperatures3 hen ca*le len!ths need to *e ointed or ne ca*les installed. With modern scre $type continuous etruders) un ointed len!ths of su*marine  po er ca*les as lon! as 100 kilometers have *een produced.Gravita !roup is pioneer in &ead and &ead +lloy. We offer this &ead +lloy for Sheatin! of #lectrical Ca*le. Gravita manufacture different !rade of &ead +lloy for Ca*le Sheatin!. -he material is supplied in the form of In!ots. -he material shall conform to thechemical composition as specified in *elo ta*le:$Chemical Composition of &ead and &ead +lloy for Sheatin! of #lectric Ca*les: +ntimony-inCadmium-elluriumSilver Copper 4ismuth5inc-otalother #lements 6a&ead2132327328323232;32<3293210321132132173 2183 6in6a6in6a6in6a6a6a6a6a6a 99.<=6in   Grade 1$0.1$0.1$$0.00$$$$0. >emainder  Grade 0.10.0.70.8$$0.000.000.00.00.000.1 >emainder  Grade 70.<00.9$0.01$$0.000.000.00.00.000.1 >emainder  Grade 80.80.$0.010.0.70.000.000.00.00.000.01 >emainder  We shall *e !lad to furnish your valua*le ordered reuirement of &ead +dvanta!es of adoptin! lead alloy sheath: ?@ A&'# insulated po er ca*le uses '*$S*$-in alloy 2# alloy3 as sheath hich is etruded *y the !lo*al advanced lead etruder.Burin! the etrudin! process of lead sheath) lead is liuation condition. Ca*le can have acompletely continuous sealed alloy lead sheath throu!h coolin! and etrusion pressure atcertain temperature. -here dont have sand hole in lead sheath *ecause of scre etrudin! and hi!her density lead alloy.&ead oide and various impurity is much smaller than aluminum) even some impurityinside) the impurity ill float on the surface durin! the fusion process. Smooth ti!ht leadsheath) inhi*itory action to the D ater$tree of A&'# insulated ca*le) it make ca*le canrun safely in the scheduled service life. +lloy lead sheath is a non$inclusion seamlesssmooth continuous lead tu*e. It has ecellent characteristics as hi!h density) hi!hstren!th) anti$vi*ration and *est airti!htness) etc. %urthermore anti$acid) $alkali) $salt properties are incompara*le ith other metals. +lloy lead sheath is flei*le) *endin!  easily and has !ood performances of creepin! and anti$fati!ue crack as ell as less heat$meltin! and heat$conductin! coefficients and relatively more current carryin! capacity.-he alloy lead sheathed ca*le is idely used in overhead lines) *rid!es) alon! ithrail ay) hi!h ay. It also can *e installed under river) lake and ocean. It ill *e preferentially used in *ad environment.
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