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Course introduction
  PSYC360 - Biopsychology Jason Snyder, instructor (Term 1)   Paul Cocker, teaching assistant  COURSE GOALS To understand how the brain orchestrates the various types of behavior. —perception (of lights, sounds, physical force, smells, tastes) —memory, planning & executing motor behaviors, addiction, sex-related behaviors, depression & stress-related behaviors, schizophrenia To understand the different levels of brain organization and how they cooperate —cellular & molecular !   circuits !   behaviors To understand the roles of various neuroscience research disciplines —humans vs animals, healthy vs disease To understand how research is performed, that biopsychology will always be a work in progress  When: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30 – 10:50am Where: Term 1: Buchanan A203, Term 2: Buchanan A102 Instructors: Jason Snyder (Term 1) Kenny Psychology Building room 3517 Office hours: by appointment Dwayne Hamson (Term 2) TA: Paul Cocker Kenny Psychology Building room 3514 Office hours: by appointment   COURSE ESSENTIALS  COURSE ESSENTIALS Website: See - Here I will post lecture outlines, the course schedule and any updates or changes, grades, supplementary links and readings. Check regularly.Textbooks: [required]   Pinel, J.P.J. (2010). Biopsychology, 9th Edition. --the course will largely be based off of the material in this text --online and supplemental components of this text are non-essential —use 8 th  edition at own risk (though appears similar) [supplementary]   Kandel, E.R. et al., Principles of Neural Science --I will supplement the course with biological and physiological content from this text --this text is very extensive, heavy and expensive. But older editions are cheaper and still excellent resources. Highly recommended if you have a serious interest in neuroscience.
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