Liner Shipping and General Cargo Transport

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Liner Shipping and General Cargo Transport
  LIN RSHIPPINGand GENER L  RGO TR NSPORT   l The Economic Reseach Institute atthe Stockholm School of EconomicsAddress:Sveavagen65,Box6501,S-113 83 Stockholm tel.08-736   20 BasicOrientation The Economic Research Institute  EFl , at the Stockholm School of Economicsis devoted to the scientific study of problemsin management science and economics.Itprovidesresearchfacilitiesforscholarsbelonging tothese diciplines,training advanced students inscientificresearch. The studies tobecarried out by theInstitute are chosenonthe basis of their expectedscientific value andtheir relevanceto the researchprograms outlined by the differentsections of the Institute. ResearchDivisions: A Managementand Personnel  dministration B Financeand ccounting CManagerial Economics D Marketing Management -Strategy and Economic Structure FPublic  dministration G EconomicGeography IApplied Information ProcessingP Economic Psychology-Social and IndividualBehaviorSMacro Economics IndependentResearchProgram: Program forStudies of Participation and Organizational Development Division forAppliedResearchinBusiness  dministration  dditionalinformation about researchinprogress and publishedreportsisdescribedin our projectcatalogue. The catalogue canbeordered directlyfrom The Economic Research Institute Box6501,S-11383 Stockholm Sweden.  Christapher v Schirach Szmigiel LINERSHIPPING and GENER LC RGOTR NSPORT  l THEE ONOMI RESE R HINSTITUTE  STO KHOLM S HOOL   E ONOMI S  ADissertationfortheDoctor sDegreeinEconomicGeographyStockholmSchool   Economics 1979 ©EFl UDK 656 6656 614 2 ISBN91 i258 5 GOTAB Stockholm1979
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